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10 Beautiful Garden Paving Ideas

One of the most seen elements in a garden aside from the flowers, plants, planters, edging, include bird feeder is the paving design. It not only creates a stepped-on area but also forms the layout of the garden.
There are many paving choices that can be adjusted into your garden space and style, from the traditional to modern one. If the slabs are not trending anymore, try the travertine, bluestone, or gravel.
More about that discussion later, next check out these 10 garden paving ideas that will help you enhance the look of your beautiful garden.

Follow our previous cheap garden edging idea, this list is compiled and presented for you by Simphome. 10 Garden Paving Ideas Featured Image
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10 Beautiful Garden Paving Video

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LIST Entries:

10. Fantastic Bluestone Pavers Project idea | Houzz Fantastic Bluestone Pavers 2Bluestone is a name for different stone types around the world with bluish or gray color. It is now a popular paving material because the color fits various types of garden. It is also known for its durability and toughness which requires little effort to maintain its good condition. Besides for the pavement, the bluestone also fits the wall and ledges. But all these advantages are the reasons for the expensive price. Fantastic Bluestone Pavers 1In the picture, bluestone is selected as paving materials throughout the garden. Two types of shapes are used to distinguish each area, rectangular and flagstone shape. The rectangular cuts are installed as a straight path that connects the house to the brick-seating area that uses flagstone shape bluestones. In the end, the owner add bright colored wooden plank to his long seating.

9. Go to the Center | Thespruce Go to the Center 2A garden with a central point can be a brilliant idea for your home appeal. The midpoint is made circular as the meeting point of four pathways with planting beds among them. The pavers that form the circle pattern are small cobbles. What makes it interesting is the four pathways come in different styles and materials. The wooden stairway leads to the house. Another stairway is made from concrete big stones. Go to the Center 1And the circular center anchor them perfectly.

8. Chic Steppingstone Project idea | Houzz Chic Steppingstone 2

The pavement in your garden don’t have to follow the mainstream way which uses a single paving product and lay them down everywhere as much as you can. Sometimes, little details and simple twists can give character and uniqueness to your garden. Look at this beautiful pattern on the green garden. Chic Steppingstone 1Simple square pavers are used as the steppingstones which are set on a directional 45-degree angle. The first pattern pulls you through a circular lawn, and then the next farther out to a larger lawn.

7. Jazz your Paving up with Plants | DIY Jazz the Paving up with Plants 2Jazz up your boring paving with plants can be a great idea for you who plan to pave your outdoor space. Arrange the paving slabs here and there, this works great for square or rectangular paving, and leave gabs between them to add plants. No need regular-spaced pattern gabs, you can scatter the paving at random or at various angles or many other options of paving design. Jazz the Paving up with Plants 1For the plants, add low-growing herbs such as thyme, grasses, succulent and robust plants. These drought-tolerant plants need a little maintenance. If you want to personalize it further, you can also mix the plants with taller ones or if you have already grown trees, you are welcomed to pave around them.

6. Bluestone with Black Pebbles | Thespruce Bluestone with Black Pebbles 2The combination of bluestones and black pebbles in the garden will greatly match your modern and minimalist type of house. Simply arrange the rectangular bluestones in horizontal long rows and give regular gabs between the rows to spread black pebbles. You can also randomly provide vertical spacing between bluestone slabs for pebbles. Bluestone with Black Pebbles 1To beautify your garden, plant grasses, perennials, and succulent along the perimeter. This type of plant will survive along the year in all conditions.

5. Round Your Pavers with Gravel | Thespruce | Google Round Pavers with Gravel 2Garden paving is flexible, you can take various materials in any shape and texture. Same as the previous pavement, this idea uses interesting alternative of mixed materials, round pavers and gravel. This combination will make your outdoor space mud free when rain falls. Loose materials like gravel covers the soil perfectly. Round Pavers with Gravel 1You can find the round pavers in assorted sizes easily in hardware stores, or you can make it by yourself with concrete and pebbles. Making your own round pavers is a way to create art on your garden floor.

4. Place your Pavers Randomly | HGTV Place the Pavers Randomly 1Sometimes, being symmetric and neat can be very boring. The typical thing goes with pavement, a rectangular or square paving that lined up along the garden look mundane and stiff. Luckily, with the variety of paving materials, colors, sizes and textures, you will find a way to be more creative and personal. For instance, try this random paving placement in your garden for casual look. The pavers might seem pell-mell, but it gives visual interest. Place the Pavers Randomly 2To do this, in short, just spread gravel or pebbles on the paver interspaces rather than leave it bare soil. If you have some leftover paver from the previous project, experimenting this idea would be easier.

3. Garden with Travertine Pavers Project idea | Greengarageblog Garden with Travertine Pavers 3Expand your backyard space by transform it into a garden that is attached into the house. Consider using travertine as an alternative for the paver. Travertine is white or light-colored calcareous rock or limestone that can be used in a variety of ways for construction as well as landscaping. Installing them as the garden floor can give a luxury and opulence to your space. Besides the simple and easy installation, travertine is known for its strength and durability. Garden with Travertine Pavers 2It can withstand a variety of changing seasonal conditions. The color doesn’t easily fade even in direct sunlight. This natural product also resists the grow of mold, mildew, and grime. The porous nature of travertine functions as drainage and allow extra water to seep faster. That’s why it’s suitable for garden floor or pool deck. For all the advantages that travertine has, you need to dig deep into your wallet. FYI, First, Travertine is heavier than other paver materials, so make sure your space has enough foundational support to help with the extra weight. Second, Travertine requires sealing and ongoing care to maintain its appearance. Garden with Travertine Pavers 1And last, the choices of its color are also limited.

2. Herringbone Brick Pavers project idea | Designingidea | Thespruce Herringbone Brick Pavers 2This time, the garden paving idea is suitable for traditional type of house. The use of red brick as the paver materials offers a classic distinct look in the middle of green bedding. The brick walkways give attractive and elegant appearance. In the example, the brick pavers are laid out in herringbone pattern and framed with straight lines of bricks for emphasis. Herringbone Brick Pavers 1Brick is durable material especially when it is maintained properly. The bricks are easily repaired and recyclable for various functions. However, the brick pavers are known for its fairly expensive price when compared to concrete pavers. Second, it should be washed once or twice a year and sealed after each washing. Third, The design options are limited because the sizes are all rectangular, and last, their colors are limited to brown and red.

Lastly number 1. Free up Your Style | Redb Free up Your StyleThe stonework in your garden must not be the same as the rest of the street’s. Let it be personal by freeing up your style. Use more that two or three different materials. In the picture, pavers, gravel and cobblestones have been brought together in harmony to create a distinctive garden. The gravel is arranged to create a pathway that leads to a flat space covered by pavers. The owner used cobblestones as the perimeter of small pool fence or decoration. Free up Your StyleWith this last idea, you are allowed to play with the design such as wave pattern, swirls, zigzag or any other pattern that is not yet available anywhere but inside your brain.

So, Those are 10 garden paving ideas that you can copy and tweak to suit the style of your garden well. So, which one is your favorite?

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