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10 Bird Garden Ideas

Listening to beautiful songs of nature is such a blessing in life. Beautiful voices of birds are something to expect for a gardener, especially for bird lovers. A garden would be much livelier if it gets a visit from our little friends.
Every living creature will look for basic needs like food. Birds would also visit a garden when attracted by various plants in the garden. If you haven’t had the slightest idea of what to build or provide in your garden, experiment one or some of our next 10 bird garden ideas out.

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10. Use Native Plants | Thespruce

10. Use Native PlantsLike humans, birds would be delighted when surrounded by things they are familiar with like native plants, for example. They would love to have a food source and shelter in a garden where trees, shrubs, and such exist.
Those things are essential for them so as to make them feel like living in their real habitat. The good things about having native plants would give you tons of benefits as well in return.
They are suitable to local weather, which means it will likely grow well with less maintenance to keep them grow naturally. Not to mention, they elevate your garden looks.

9. Make an Ivy-Covered Fence | Diydoctor | Discoverwildlife Make an Ivy Covered Fence 2Birds will come to nest and lay eggs when nesting season comes. They would likely to build their nest where there is the least chance of people find them in order to keep their eggs safe.
You should be careful when pruning plants that may look messy as they might be brooding there under those piles of leaves. Make an Ivy Covered Fence 1Some birds such as blackbirds, wrens, robins, and dunnocks would love to nest under the protection of leafy ivy. Honeysuckle and clematis can be other options you can pick when trying to provide good foliage for nesting.

8. DIY Birth Bath Project idea | Homejelly DIY Birth Bath 1Besides food, birds need to drink and occasionally take a bath. They can be found dip their heads into a puddle to make themselves wet in the daylight under the sun. This can be an opportunity for you to set up a small birdbath for them. DIY Birth Bath 2

For this idea you will need:
• Hacksaw
• Clamp
• Ruler
• Sandpaper
• Serving bowl
• Scrap wood piece
• Table leg
• Drill
• Paint and brush
• Screw
• Waterproof glue, and
• Driftwood piece or branch
First, Clear the to of the leg such as a peg with a hacksaw, and sand it down. Drill a hole in the center of the table leg. Use any scrap of wood to be attached to the bottom of the serving bowl and fix them with screws.
Find the center of the bowl with a ruler. Glue them together, and let it dry. The last step would be to put it somewhere in the garden where you can pretty much enjoy observing birds.

7. Turn an Unused Plastic Bottle into a Bird Feeder | Tophousedesigns | Instructables Turn an Unused Plastic Bottle into a Bird Feeder 2Providing food in a bird feeder is one of the many ways to make your garden space attract lots of foreign feathery visitors.
Materials needed:
• A two-liter plastic bottle
• Bird seeds
• 2 wooden spoons
• Utility knife
• Scissors
• Tape
• String
• Paper funnel

Step By Step:

Draw a horizontal line on the lower part of the bottle with a marker. Flip the bottle and repeat on the other side. Cut along the lines with a utility knife. Now, you have two horizontal openings.
Then, insert a wooden spoon to see if it fits the opening. Draw a stretched out upside down “U” from side to side over the spoon. Cut them, and that’ll allow food to come out.
Repeat the entire step Number #1 but an inch above the spoon in the opposite direction. Draw horizontal lines. Flip the bottle and repeat on the other side.
Cut the horizontal lines. You’ll two more openings. Again, draw a stretched out upside down “U” like the previous step. Insert the wooden spoon.
Draw a small line on the cap bottle, and cut it down. Insert the string and make a knot. Remove the spoons and tap the openings. Use a funnel and pour in bird seeds halfway. Cap the bottle and flip it over. Take the tape out from the openings. Turn an Unused Plastic Bottle into a Bird Feeder 1Insert the wooden spoons back. Get the bottle back to its original standing point. Uncap the bottle and finish filling it up with bird seeds. Finally, hang it on a tree with the string.

6. Keep Your Lawn to a Minimum | Bbg | Thespruce Keep Your Lawn to a MinimumBirds are prone to predators. These feathered friends will try to find some thick bushes or plants to be used as a shield from any animals that prey on them.
If birds feel secure to come in one place, they would likely come back again and may consider having a nest there. Creating bird-friendly corridors and reducing some open areas on your lawn are a bold move that will ensure them to build their trust to come.
Keeping your lawn enclosed with various plants is also a good alternative for them. Rather than thick grass, it would be much better if you provide a wider flower beds with trees and some shrubberies.

5. No-Fuss Small Garden Plan | BHG No Fuss Small Garden Plan 2Having an attractive garden, although it might be small, can be a good mood booster. Who on earth wouldn’t get excited about seeing such a lovely lawn filled with beautiful flowers like this? Well, I bet you must be curious about the name of some of the flowers in this image.
This small garden isn’t likely to give you a hard time to re-produce. First you have tall appearances, hollyhock, butterfly bush, and Russian sage that leave a splendid background.
Here we also have tickseed, blazing stars, and pink coneflowers that stand out with their colorful looks. It’s even perfected with lavender, sedum, and aster. No Fuss Small Garden Plan 1With such a well-planned layout, this garden surely won’t only attract birds, but other creatures as well as butterflies or bees.

4. Build This Bird House | Ofdesign | Discoverwildlife | Frenchcountrycottage Build a Bird House 1A birdhouse is beneficial for birds. By building one around your house, you’re helping them by providing shelter, especially for those that are about to nest. Build a Bird House 1You can build it by making use of plywood or corks. Making holes on the front and sides of it with a Forstner bit or any equipment you can come up with. Add some bamboos or wood dowels on which birds would love to perch. Done, There you have a new birdhouse that complete your garden! Build a Bird House 2

3. Add Fancy Bird Bath | Followingthemastergardener Add Fancy Bird BathAs years pass by, some stuff will get torn or damaged by weather and time. It means it’s the right moment for you to buy a new one or you can just renovate it. This birth bath, for example, got a new face after it was given a makeover.
You should have a clear idea of what you’re going to make with birdbath first. After that, Pour the stepping stone powder down into a bucket. Mix it with water as the given instruction until they get thick.
You’ll have about 20 minutes before it gets difficult to work or manage. Apply it on top of the surface/birdbath and smooth it out.
Put the plate in the center and gently press it down. Spread the stones and slowly press them down halfway and let it dry for a few days or as needed. Get more info by following link provided inside description area.

2. Unused Lego Bird Feeder Project idea | Tophousedesigns Lego Bird Feeder 1Lego is such an interesting and educative toy, not only for kids but adults too. Each piece can be connected easily, which allows you to build anything you can imagine with it. Lego Bird Feeder 2It’s also possible for you to make a one of a kind bird feeder with the interlocking plastic toy as well. Challenge yourself or your children and see what kind of a birdbath you can create with your retire lego collections!

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Lastly number 1. Hummingbird Garden Ideas | Hummingbird-guide Hummingbird Garden Ideas 2Birdwatching is a fun activity to do. The problem is how to get the bird you would love to see them come to visit. This hummingbird garden plan idea should give you the answer to that question. Hummingbird Garden Ideas 1To get the attention of hummingbirds, you can start with narrowing your garden, curving flower beds, and creating a cluster of flowers. Layering blooms would even make it better from the tallest, middle to small ones.
So, reducing your stress level by listening to chirping birds is surely entertaining. Draw your feathered friends to come, sing, and dance on your yard with one of our 10 bird garden ideas you already learned.

Feel the sensation of living with angelic voices around your house and share your voice in comment area too if you could. One thing, to complete your learning experience, here I am giving you relevant inspiration exported from my sister site SBDHG.

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