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10 Cheap Garden Bed Edging Ideas

Garden edging is needed to make the flower beds tidy and neat. Even some of them can emphasize the look of the garden as long as you can find the best materials to construct the edging.
A good garden edging does not always entail fancy materials. You can purchase a ready-made one, or ─ even better ─ make it yourself. It depends on your style, creativity, and budget. If you are looking for an inexpensive and low maintenance one, follow or experiment one of these 10 cheap garden bed edging ideas.
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10. Bottle Edging garden idea | Bobvila Bottle Eding IdeasDo you have a collection of wine or beer bottles? Using them to make garden edging is both creative and low cost. Upside-down wine bottle edging is a refreshing feature for your garden. They dazzle up the garden when the sun shines through them.
To get this look, you just need to dig down a trench along the flower bed. It has to be wide and deep enough to arrange your bottles. Put the bottles upside down, side by side. Fill in the dirt around the bottle. Tamp down the dirt to secure the bottle firmly.
To give a whimsical aspect, you can place them at random height. It will look even better if you line up your bottle edging along an existing pavement, brick or concrete.

9. Rock Edging Project idea | DIYmorning Rock Eding IdeasRocks give a classic look and natural feeling to your garden. Besides, they are eye-catching, cheap, and easy to install. You can simply lay the rocks around the garden bed. Arrange them as your imagination work.
Consider using the rocks that complement or contrast to your flower bed to make them appealing. You can try big river rocks as they add natural and informal look into the garden. They add height to the flower bed and create a walled effect.
You can also dig a trench along the edge, and fill it with smaller rocks. Pack around the rocks with soil to hold them firmly. It will create an edging as well as a pathway.

8. Brick Edging Project idea | Thisoldhouse Brick EdgingBrick is the most popular option for garden edging because it creates classic and polished look. It clearly defines the boundary between grass and garden. To make the movement of a mower easier, bricks are laid flat on the ground. They are cemented in place to reduce unevenness and movement.
To make this kind of edging, first draw line to mark the edge.


dig a trench along the line. Make sure it is wide and deep enough to lay the bricks. Spread the paver base in the bottom. Use trowel to cover the paver base with mixture of stone dust and cement. Lay the brick one at a time and tap them down with rubber mallet. Place the bricks close enough but leaving space for the sand. Fan them slightly to make a curve. Pour polymeric sands over the bricks after setting them.

Next, fill in the gaps by brushing the sand into the spaces between the bricks. Use rubber mallet to set them in place. Finally, hose off the leftover sand gently. The sand will set while absorbing the water.

7. Cinder Block Garden Edging Project idea | Homesthetics

7. Cinder Block Garden EdgingAs a double duty garden edging, cinder block is perfect to create a second layer of flowers. It last longer and easy to put in the practice. The raised flower bed it creates will draw eyes.
It is easy to construct cinder block edging. Lay them so that the holes are facing up. Arranging the cinder block in a curved line gives the garden an interesting look. Fill the voids with compost or mulch to make a raised flower bed.
They could be painted to complement your house or garden. To make your garden look more vibrant, you can plant color coordinated flowers. Combined with cobblestones outside, your cinder block edging will look stunning.

6. Go Rustic with Timber | Countryliving Go Rustic with Timber

Simple and easy to make, timber gives your garden beds the rustic feeling. Laying them horizontally gives a natural and simple look. It naturally creates curving path between garden beds.
Timber has special way of adding charm into the garden while it is cheap and easy to install. However, timber tends to rot and quite tricky to shape as you wish. You need to cut the wood into section to fit your garden bed. To prevent rotting, you can treat the timber with shellac or pressure-treat. You can also try using tougher materials such as cedar, cypress and redwood.

5. Upcycle Your Old Plates | 33barefootlane Upcycle Your Old PlatesDon’t throw away your cracked dinner plates. They can be a wonderful edging to cheer up your garden. Half bury them along the edge of your flower bed. This unexpected border infuses whimsical effect and add personality to the garden.
You can use the same sized crockery to define the flower bed boundary. In a new and novel way, different sized ones make the garden looks wonderful. It is visually appealing as the decoration of the plates give more colors to the garden. If you worry about your safety, follow next idea.

4. Scrap Wood Edging | Bobvila Scrap Wood EdgingScrap woods or pallets are great choice if you are short on budget to maintain your garden edging. You can even recycle old fences, decks, or building rejects. It is easy to cut, so you can customize the wood as you please.
To bring vintage feeling, paint them randomly and sloppily. Add more appeal to them by painting them in different colors. Dig a trench along your flower bed. Arrange them vertically. You can combine different length and put larger wood horizontally to keep the scrap wood in place.

3. Living Edging | Bobvila | Veranda Living Edging 2To infuse softness and natural touch to your garden, living edging is one of the best choices. It is a great way to add color and fragrance into the garden. Besides, it is always refreshing to enjoy the soft flow and movement of plants in the garden.
Mixing different plants for edging would make it worth looking at. You should consider the type of the plants to combine and their requirement of water, soil and sun, though. Thyme, sage, rosemary, or ornamental grass are a good choice if you want to add shape and texture in your garden. To brighten it, oregano and catmint will do. Living Edging 1However, living edging needs more time and energy to maintain as you will need to prune them periodically and clean up the unwanted weeds and grass.

2. Saw-Tooth Edging Project idea | Pavingexpert Saw Tooth EdgingThis edging is using bricks as well, but this one is arranged diagonally to create a saw tooth look. This design is attractive and easy to be put in the practice.
Prepare a trench deep enough for about half length of the brick. Add some coarse sand for keeping the brick in place. Lay the brick diagonally. Then fill the remaining space with soil and pack it firmly. To upgrade it a little bit, check first idea in this list or save your time by following related ideas scattered inside this post.

Lastly number 1. Terracotta Pot Edging | Homesthetics Terracotta Pot EdgingTerracotta pot for edging is stunning. Painted pot clearly draws lines between grass and garden bed. It is an interesting feature in your lawn worth looking at. Arranging them in an artistic way transform old planters into a garden showpiece.
You can arrange them upside down, bury them, or lay the pots with stones spilling from them. In this case, the pots are stacked and laid horizontally. To improve it, you can add more color by painting them too. It is absolutely an Easy and great idea to recycle the disused pots.

So, it is not difficult to find cheap way to create stunning garden edging. Best to take inventory of the resources you have and work your imagination to make edging that fit your personal taste and your garden landscaping. Keeping your garden visually appealing with low cost maintenance is a challenge, but I believe it is not hard to achieve.

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