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10 Small Bedroom Office Ideas

Working from home has been a daily activity for many people since the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world. However, there are some benefits that we should be grateful for, for instance, it makes us close to family and it only takes several steps to arrive at the working area.
Some people have a backyard office or home office that offers privacy and far from kids’ disturbance, but some others don’t. So, if you don’t have your own private workspace, don’t worry because with one or some of these 10 Small Bedroom Office Ideas, you can create a working space in your bedroom.

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10. Fall Down Wall Desk Project idea | Morelikehome | Architecturaldigest Fall Down Wall Desk
If you own a small room, space must be a big problem to deal with. Luckily, we have this wall-desk idea that will benefit you a lot. It provides not only an adequate work surface but also built-in shelves where you can keep your office supplies or decoration. The other advantage of this desk is you can fold it up once you have finished working. It will save a lot of space.
To adopt this idea, you’ll need some cuts of boards, a piece of plywood, hinges, hooks, and chains. Start by making a rectangular frame for both the shelves and the desk. Next, using some boards, make the shelves and the divider then set the desk at the front. Attach the hinges at the bottom of the desk so you can fold it up and down. The last add hooks and chain or use adjustable lid supports to allow the desk to hang at your preference level.

9. Desk and Nightstand Combo | Apartmenttherapy | Timesofsandiego Desk and Nightstand Combo
An extremely limited space perhaps does not allow you to have your very own desk for a working space, so you must think about multipurpose furniture. However, if you don’t need a big workspace, you can make the nightstand do double duty as a working desk. This way you could save plenty of space and have less furniture to purchase. The additional mounting shelves over the nightstand offer extra space for your office supplies. By this, you can easily switch the nightstand into a working space whenever you need it. However, remember to keep your space clean from the office clutters.

8. Corner Workstation | Thespruce | Abeautifulmess Corner Workstation 1
The vacant room’s corner is often overlooked whereas it can be a perfect spot for a work station. Compared to a giant desk that takes up all the space, the desk corner keeps the center of the room free from clutter. As a result, the room will feel much spacious. Corner Workstation 2
This desk corner is constructed by pine boards that are cut in size to fit the corner. Before setting up the boards, some large shelf brackets are firstly attached to the wall as the support. This is a required solution to make your corner workstation secured from heavy office necessities you use. Relevant Ideas

7. Desk Under a Loft Bed | Blog.modsy Desk Under a Loft Bed

Are you a loft bed owner? Then you should be grateful for the space underneath. You can make the most of the space creating a cozy working space. By raising your bed a few feet off the ground, you’ll be able to have a cozy small office or study room despite the limited space. So, a petite bedroom is not a big deal anymore.

6. Try C Table | HGTV | Blog.houseofjadeinteriors Try C Table 2
If you need something simpler than a desk office, something that is enough for a laptop, try this C table idea. Many of C tables are made of iron and wood but you can make the simpler version one using PVC pipes.
You will need some elbow fittings, pipes, and a piece of wood to make this C table. Start by deciding the size you want then cut the pipes. Assemble the pieces and add some glue for more strength. Once you have gotten the C frame, attach the wood on the top base with glue and wait till the glue is completely dry. Try C Table 1
Due to its lightweight, you can move the table wherever you want. This is such an ideal table for a temporary work space.

5. Floating Shelves with Plenty of Storage | Papernstitchblog Floating Shelves with Plenty of Storage
When there is not much floor space left, vertical storage will be the best solution to try. A peg rail is hung over the desk, functioning as a shelf for documents, books, or other small office equipment. Meanwhile, some wooden dowels are added right under the shelf to provide more storage for hanging small items like necklace, hat, scarves, or necktie.

4. Hide it Away | Timesofsandiego Hide it Away
Somehow the presence of office space in the bedroom has the tendency of making a room look a little bit messy and stressful, so to hide it away when you have done working is a clever idea. One of the easiest and affordable ways you can do to hide it is by hanging curtain or screen. The curtain does not only put the desk out of sight but also separates the working area with the bedroom which is a relaxing area.

3. Place Your Desk in Front of the Window | Hunker Place Your Desk in Front of the Window
Natural light is essential to support us doing the job well during the day time while a great natural view often makes someone more productive. That is why placing a desk in front of the window like this will be a good idea to create a work space with a natural view. Who knows the view of greenery outside might bring inspiration to you for your next project. Check next link to learn
How to Build A Window Seat Made FROM IKEA STOLMEN

2. Use Daybed | Kangpardesign | Blog.modsy Use Daybed
Taking a break for a while is necessary although you work from home. Thus, the bedroom with an office is the best. However, if your room is super tight, consider using daybed instead of a full-size bed.
Just like a full-size bed, a daybed can be used for relaxing, napping, even sleeping during or after working hours. It is quite small compared to the full-sized bed. Nevertheless, it gives you more space to arrange some furniture inside. Such as a wooden table, cozy chair, or DIY products you produced after following one or some ideas I already mentioned.

Lastly number 1. Harness the Versatility of Pegboard | Fabricpaperglue Harness the Versatility of Pegboard
Pegboard is handy and multifunctional. It is the answer to almost every storage problem you have. It is optimizing your available space, simple, and easy to install. From small accessories to big shelves, you can hang almost everything there. It gives you the endless option in organizing all tools, supplies, wall decoration, even pots. Check link inside description to learn relevant idea such as 10 Storage Solution & Organization Ideas using Pegboard and more

SO, Those are 10 Small Bedroom Office Ideas that you can try at home. Remember to consider your bedroom size before executing. Stay safe, stay at home.

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