12 Living Garden Ideas to Lift Your Mood and Impress your Guests

Decorating your house with displays or artificial plants is boring, but beautifying it with ornamental plants will undoubtedly be an incredible sight to impress your guests. They lift your mood and bring freshness into the house.
It isn’t always necessary for plants to live in an outdoor environment. Thus, with creativity, you can have a living garden for indoor or outdoor decoration.

Since there are endless plant variations, you will also have many options. Check out these 12 living gardens to lift your mood and impress your guests. As usual, Simphome presents you with the list.

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12. A Copper PVC Planter

It is a delightful and unexpected way to display plants in this copper PVC planter. The materials used are ½ inch piping with various measurements, including ten elbow fittings, one elbow fitting with one side threaded, two crosses, and a red valve. The pipes are assembled in 3 parts, then put all together according to the picture above.
Next, paint the PVC with metallic copper spray paint. Fit the valve into the bottom elbow connector. Using nails, mount it to the wall. Finally, add your plants. You can use soil as the media or pick air plants or succulents for non-soil ones.

11. An Elegant Planter for Your Porch for less than $25

This DIY high-end planter is merely from a trash can with a swing lid and a patterned rubber rug.

First, glue the rug onto the can tightly with the help of a clamp and ropes. Once the glue dries, drill holes at the bottom of the can for drainage and paint spray the can. Now move on to the lid. You should tape the swing cover to glue it easily from the inside. Next, put the soil in the lid, arrange the plants, and put the planter on top of the can. Putting a large rock inside the trash can is important to prevent it from falling off due to the heavy plants on top.

10. Create a Sign with Plants

Unlike other planters using chicken wire, this giant letter planter creates mini planter rows, so you can replant them easier. The K letter is 4 ft x 4.5 ft x 5 inches deep. You need a cedar with various measurements. First, build the backside of the letter using 1×12’s. Then use the 1×4’s to complete the sides.

Next is the 1×3’s for the front trims. Using 1×6’s, install the inside slats at a 45-degree angle with 7 inches gap. Secure all these pieces using brad nails and wood glue. After the slates are complete, drill small holes in the bottom. Then, it’s time to plant your babies.

9. Turn A Lampshade into a Plant Stand

With a skillful hand, the abandoned vintage wire lampshade frame can be a fabulous industrial-style plant stand. Vintage product is known for its robust quality as this lampshade has welded spokes, making it strong enough to take the weight of a plant and ceramic pot. To start, strip off the old material from your lampshade. Remove the internal wires until you get your desired look, then paint it with enamel spray. Next, attach a gorgeous olive wood chopping board as the top of the stand using all-purpose glue.

8. A Hanging Herb Garden Idea

This DIY vertical herb garden is perfect for your small kitchen. Firstly, get a 1200 x 180 x 18mm timber board and mark five circle holes with 10cm diameter and 10mm holes at each of the four corners.
Next, cut the circles using a jigsaw blade, then sand the whole board to get a smooth surface. To hang it on, start drilling four holes in the ceiling to attach a hook to each one.
Just thread a strong cord through each hole in the corners of the board. Then, make a loop at each end then put the loops over the hooks in the ceiling. Now you can add fresh herbs.

7. A Simple Terrarium Project Idea

A terrarium is a no-fuss way to carve out a mesmerizing look in any room. They come in various designs, and this one is the easiest to make from an old jar. You also need small stones or pebbles, soil, activated charcoal, and decoration. Small tools like pencils/chopsticks, little trowels, and long spoons will help you a lot.

To set your terrarium, put the pebbles about 2-3 cm as the base layer and drainage. Next, scatter the charcoal and add enough soil for the root to sit comfortably inside. You can place the plants after this. Use stones, moss, or sand to cover up the soil. Put in some decorations if you want.

6. A Succulent Wreath Idea

The holiday is coming! Ditch your artificial Christmas wreath and replace it with a DIY succulent one. It is eco-friendly and sustainable. You need a metal ring, sphagnum moss, flexible wire, and succulents.

Start by moistening the moss in a bucket of water. Then, stuff the metal ring full of moss. With the flexible wire, wrap the moss to the ring to ensure it holds tightly. Now start designing your succulents on the wreath. You must leave it for at least six weeks until the roots hold. Keep it lying flat, and don’t forget to mist it with water daily.

5. How to build a Succulent inside a picture frame?

This living succulent vertical garden will add interest to your wall home. First of all, you have to make the box. Then, prepare a frame and apply some glue on the back of it. Stretch a piece of garden fabric and stick it on top of the applied glue. It will prevent the soil from falling out of the front.
Now, attach the box to the frame with the cloth in between. Then, fill the box with enough damp sphagnum moss and cover the back with the remainder of the board. You should paint the frame before planting the succulents.

4. The Old Towel Planter Idea

Concrete Planters create a striking contrast and enhance your outdoor garden or porch during spring, summer, or fall. One of the unique looks is a cement planter made from an old towel.

To create this planter, you need to dip the towel in a cement mixture made from two parts of cement, with one part peat moss and one part pearlite. The perfect mixture composition is neither too thick nor too watery.
To set up the shape of the towel, place the cement-draped towel over a bucket and swirl it in your desired shape, then leave it dry under the sun. Once completely dry, you can paint it or leave it as it is for a natural look.

3. Book a Succulent Planter to Spruce up your Coffee Table

Book succulent planter will be a lovely green refreshment for your work desk. Get yourself a thick hardcovered book and slather a good coating of Tacky Glue onto the outside pages. Be careful that you’ll leave the outer jackets. Once it dries, glue the last page to the book’s back cover. After that, cut a rectangular hollow out of the book’s center closer to the back cover.

Then using a glue gun, coat the book’s inside with 2mm plastic cloth. Before closing the front cover, cut the exact rectangular shape as beneath. Now, you can plant your succulents and cover the soil with gravel.

2. A Beautiful Planter made of Tire

Like this gorgeous old tire planter, many options exist to reduce, reuse, and recycle. You’ll need one old tire, a wooden board cut to 3 with 12″ long pieces with 15-degree angles at each end, 200′ sisal rope, ¾” plywood, or the end of the wooden spool. Start with lining up the spool on the tire, then drill four holes through the plywood and into the tire’s sidewall. Next, attach the rope around the tire from the bottom edge of the wood base.

To attach the three legs, position them in a triangle and place them at the center of the wood base. Glue them down, then attach them using 2″ pocket screws. After that, you can grow your favorite plants or flowers.

1. Simple Rocky Planter

Who would have thought this coastal-inspired planter was a DIY project from a metal bucket covered with river rocks? Look at the cool texture! The basic materials are a sturdy metal can, two sheets of 12″x12″ river rock mesh tile, thin-set mortar, and grout. First, you must punch holes for drainage because it is a planter. Then, apply the thin-set mortar thickly to adhere to the river rock mesh tile on the outside of the bucket. This step will be easier if you turn the bucket upside down. The next day, add some grout to fill the rock tiles.



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