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10 Centerpieces for Family Reunion Table Ideas 10 centerpieces for family reunion table Featured image

Some people come from a big family. And thus, they hold an annual event like a family reunion to gather and catch up. Besides delectable foods and beverages, you need to think about the decorations thoroughly, including the centerpiece.
Centerpieces for family reunions can create an interesting and meaningful event. Furthermore, making a centerpiece for a family reunion is not difficult at all.
Even sometime It can be fun to do.

Next, check out these 10 centerpieces for family reunion table ideas which will rock your family reunion. 10 centerpieces for family reunion table Featured Pinterest Image
10 Centerpieces for Family Reunion Table ideas poster

Same as 10 Graduation Backyard Party list and video I published earlier, this list, bonus ideas, and next awesome video below are also compiled and presented for you by Simphome.

10 Garden Ideas for A Small Yard

List Entries:

10. A Floral Pen Flower Pot Project idea | Repeatcrafterme Floral Pen Flower PotFlowers are the must-have item in any event, including a family reunion. Instead of arranging a flower bouquet from some real flowers and foliage, try making it from some pens.

Short Instructions:

To craft this floral pen flower pot, you have to prepare pens, silk flowers, floral tape, small pot, glue gun, mod podge and chalk or acrylic paint.
Cut off the end of the pens. Cut the flower stem, leave a little stem to be inserted in the pen.
Put a little glue at the end of the stem and insert it to the pen.
Wrap the pen using floral tape, start from the end of the flower to the tip of the pen.
After you are finished, apply mod podge on the pen to make it less sticky.
Then paint your pot. Use chalk paint if you want to write on it.
You can use this part to write the family name who sit in the table.
Once it is dry, arrange your flower pen in the pot.

9. A Burlap Floral Centrepiece Project idea | Kenarry Burlap Floral CenterpieceIf you have unused big mason jar, you can turn it into burlap floral centerpiece. After cleaning the jar, then wrap it with square burlap. The burlap should be long and wide enough to cover the jar and left the corners over it. Put the jar in the center and gather all corners on top. Tie a ribbon around to secure the burlap in place. Then you can arrange flowers in it, and enjoy the rustic look of it.

8. A Family Tree centrepiece project idea | Santabarbaradesignhouseandgardens | Karlascottage Family TreeIt is not easy to remember the names of your big family.
A family tree centrepiece will help you know each other, even your late family members.
Choose a branch with many twigs.
Paint it according to your reunion theme.
Print out photos of each family member. If necessary, write down their name on the photos.
Hang the photos on the twig. Hang the older members’ photo on top.
You can add ribbons or garlands to decorate the tree.
Put the tree on a mason jar or a pot. Fill the pot with something heavy to make the tree stay in place.
There are two advantages of this centerpiece.
First, the family can get to know each others name.
Second, you will know who are still alive and who have passed away.

7. Photos in the Jars Project idea | Momof6 Photos in the JarsMemories can be used as a centerpiece. The versatility of a mason jar jar will do the job nicely. If you don’t have any mason jar, you can use pasta sauce jar. Tie a ribbon around the top. Choose a pair of photos. Roll the photos and fit them into the jar. And finally, put an electric candle or lamp in the jar if you want to make it glow.

6. A Tissue Box Flower Vase Project idea | Cremedelacraft Tissue Box Flower Vase

The idea of recycling is always good. Tissue box can make a beautiful flower vase for centerpiece table.


Pull out the plastics on top of the box. Spread glue over the surfaces.
Then wrap it with old newspaper, magazines, or any paper you have.
Next, paint the entire box. Put ribbon around the box.
Insert cups inside the box. The cups should fit the box snugly.
And last, Arrange silk flowers or real flowers.
If you choose to use real flowers, don’t forget to put water inside the cups.

5. A Lace Water Bottle project idea | Carolynshomework Lace Water BottleThis white vase will spice up any event like a wedding party or a family reunion. To make lace water bottle, you will need a very tall bottle, lace, mod podge, and silk flowers.
Apply mod podge on the bottle and wrap it with lace. When the lace is completely stick to the bottle and the glue is dry, apply another coat of mod podge over it. In the end, Fill the bottle with water then arrange flowers in the bottle.

4. A Eucalyptus Garland Project idea | BHG Eucalyptus GarlandThis centerpiece is simple yet elegant. Take several varieties of eucalyptus branches (silver drop, seeded, and silver dollar eucalyptus). To make the greenery stay fresh, prepare the centerpiece an hour or two before the gathering. Lay two large branches over the table which stem facing each other.
Then arrange the smaller branches along the large ones.
Work until you reach your desired length. Finish the eucalyptus base by tying them using floral wire. After the branches are secured, decorate the garland with seasonal flowers and candles.

3. A Simple Centrepiece Project idea | Countryliving | Weddingtips101 Simple CenterpieceDon’t have much time to prepare the centerpiece? Don’t worry. One-off fall candle and fall flowers will make your table look good for the gathering.
Spread white table runner in the middle of the table. Arrange the candles in the middle of the runner. Keep several inches from each candle.
Using small bottles as vase, arrange flowers such as carnation, dahlia, chrysanthemum, peony, rose, or gerbera daisy. Flowers which easily found in the garden and arrange them around the candles.

2. Balloons and Photos Project idea Balloons and PhotosA lot of people like to use balloon as decoration in any events. Simply print memorable photos of your families. Tie each of them with balloons. Let them float above your table. The balloons can highlight the theme of the gathering. The floating balloons create the effect of chandelier. Since the centerpieces are floating, the table can accommodate more food and drink.

Lastly number 1. Wooden Box Centerpiece With Pumpkins And Eucalyptus | Momalwaysfindsout Wooden Box Centerpiece With Pumpkins And EucalyptusPlanter box can also be transformed into centerpiece table. Combining it with eucalyptus and white pumpkin will make the table look fresh.
Paint the planter box with grey as base. When the paint is dry, paint the box with white. Paint it carefully so the white paint doesn’t cover the grey completely.
Now fill the box with brown kraft paper. Fill it all the way up, almost reaching the top of the box. Arrange eucalyptus leaves on top. If you are using real one, tie the stem of the branches using wire to make them stay in place. For faux eucalyptus, bend the wire as needed. Then lay the pumpkins on the leaves. And in the end, Put each of them a few inches apart.

So, creating centrepiece table for family reunion is easy when you consider the resources around you.
Just ensure that the decoration is the one that will suit the reunion theme or simply choose one of 10 centrepieces for family reunion tables you already learned or studied.

Bonus Ideas:

Next, I present you relevant bonus ideas exported from my sister site SBDHG that you could bring in your memory before you leave this post. “Which is probably going to be forever”
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