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10 Inspiring Crate DIY Shelving Projects

That Will Make Your Home Look So Much Better If You Succeed

You’ve probably got old, dusty boxes sitting around your house or in the store. Rather than watching them pollute the air or your valuable space, why don’t you reuse those old boards or turned them into shelves outside today and created something functional and beautiful?

The steps are easy to follow and wouldn’t likely give you a hard time building them.
It is 10 inspiring crate DIY shelving project ideas that will show and enlighten you on turning wooden boxes into valuable shelves. If you, by any chance, need assistance to build a shelf out of wood, then you came to the right place. As always, Simphome present you with the list

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10. The Floating-Wooden Crate shelving idea

First thing first, get your crates,
Next, lightly sanded the crates and then stained them. It is easiest to stain the insides of the crates first and then work your way out. Once you had finished staining them, dry off any excess stain with a paper towel. Next, put two screws in each crate: one in the middle of each slat on the bottom of the crate. Then, secure the crates to the walls and then put things in them!
You can create and put them in the bathroom to save towels and stuff you need. You can cut, take the parts you need, and leave the pieces you don’t want. Sand them and fix them on the wall.

9. A Simple Crate Shelf Idea

The more things you have, the bigger shelf you have to build. Worry not. You have so many advantages by using wooden crates. You can place them on top of each crate. Join them and pain them with any color you want.
If you think the crate space is too spacious, you can give a divider in it. It would provide another room which you can use to put an item in it.
Gray is an appropriate matching color for a blurry or pale-colored room. Place it around the corner or somewhere in the room that you find comfortable for you.
To connect the crate, you can also use some door hangers to enjoy a more flexible and versatile storage piece.

8. The DIY Crate Bookcase Idea

Organizing books can be tricky when you lack space. Here comes the solution. This bookcase needed six crates to make, and you can construct them with conventional tools.
You can arrange your books however you like. Pay attention to which crates are in which positions. Sometimes stickers are stuck on the outside of a box. To hide them, you can position one of the stickers facing inward so it doesn’t stick out.

7. The DIY Wall Long Shelf Idea

These kinds of shelf ideas will work if you have long crates. If not, you have to join two pieces of wood.
Each shelf is about 8 feet long. They are suitable for storing towels and items commonly brought in the bathroom.
A lone glue will not be strong enough to hold all items on your shelves. It is essential to also put a second layer of glue or use clamps.

Once the glue has dried, screw each bracket to the side of a 4-foot piece of wood. With three 1-½-inch screws at both ends. Tip: To prevent the wood from splitting, predrill with small holes, and while drilling, insert screws.

6. A Simple DIY Woden shelving Idea

A simple shelf wouldn’t be too difficult for you to install. But it can provide you what you need for small storage. If you find a crate isn’t thick enough, you can double it up and glue it.
You can just pick up two straight panels out of a crate, cut and sand them. Give them a nice color and fix them up on the wall. Sometimes, people don’t really need storage. They just want to display something.
Enriching or deepening the color of your wooden crate shelves is a great way to add a new layer of style. To do it, before the stain sets, you may want to wipe it off already with a cloth. This is done in order to achieve a more vintage and natural sense of the bales of wooden crates.

5. The Wallniture Wall mount storage Idea

The more, the merrier. You can’t go wrong with having some more shelves on the wall. You have a spacious room, and it allows you to get them installed there. Some people prefer to have them in their based look. Others would like them to get painted.
Varying the sizes will help you enrich the look of your room. You will also need to arrange them meticulously. This way, you will get not only handy storage but also wall decorations. For more creative arrangement ideas, follow the provided link inside the description.

4. The Inspiring Cocokelly wall mounted shelving idea

Storing your accessories in the closet is a great idea to get rid of clutter. Unfortunately, it is full already. Stashing them away in the drawer will not solve the problem since you have to scrabble in it for a pair of earrings later. Therefore, the best way to overcome it is by creating additional storage.
Crates can make great storage for your accessories. You just need to sand them down, apply any desirable finish, and install some hooks to hold your necklaces.
You can store your rings in one or two small bowls. Install chains to suspend them from the hooks. Take this idea more creatively by hanging a framed mirror in the middle, and you have your own dressing table.

3. Keep the Original Form

There are ways to order things. It’s either to make it orderly arranged or to make it slightly look like a mess. They are both appealing and exotic in their own way, for sure.
The crate shelving arrangement idea, by the way, still have everything in their original forms. The crates stay the same when you get them in the first place. In your situation, you probably have to sand them a little bit and coat them with paint first before the installation process began.

Organize the crates until they form something you like. Like for example, an arrangement that resembles a flower or a clock.

2. Beautifully upgrade your new shelving project with lockers

Start with attaching the stained support pieces to the ends of the crates, working your way up until you have all 3 crates attached.

After the locker units had been assembled, move on to attaching the doors. Next, attach the crate hinges with the screws you have prepared. However, you can opt to use wood glue to attach them instead of screws if you desire.

Even though the glue had not yet dried, small clamps will hold everything together.
Once you fasten the door, add aluminum numbers,
You need to drill view holes in the wall before the screws can be attached with glue. Use decorative brads to conceal the holes or other flaws. Fasten the door latches using glue to hide the screw heads.
For the painting project, you have the option to leave it the way it is

Lastly Number 1. Turn Crate into a Cupboard

When you can save some more money by making good of crates, why bother buying a cupboard? You see an opportunity when there are crates left unused.
Turning them into storage would be great. A crate is basically a box, and you may save things in there. You can trim parts of the crates that are necessary, sand them, and clean them. Find studs, and fix them on the wall.
One thing you have to keep in mind, Wood is prone to water. Therefore, you should dry plates, cups, or bowls first. You should also consider the weight of stuff you put in there.
When you have no idea what to do with crates, these 10 various inspiring crate DIY shelving project ideas should be a handy guide to help you out.



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