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10 Closet Adaptations for Cheap

The adaptation that will blast you to the past too

Looking at the same closet when you try to find the best outfit is a bit mundane. It happens because you have not changed it for ages. If you think you get bored with it, you may need to do a makeover project as soon as possible.
You may have run into a lot of makeover ideas on the internet. They are brilliant but cost a lot of money. Do not worry! We have summed up 10 closet adaptations for cheap so that you can get an efficient and beautiful closet without draining your cash. As usual, Simphome present you with the list

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10. Invest in Wire Closet Organizers

If you want to makeover your closet layout, you need to think about the materials. Hardwood may be pretty and elegant, but you will have to spend more money and time to install it. Another option that will not cost you a fortune is wire shelving.
The wire shelving unit is relatively less expensive than hardwood. Furthermore, it is easy to install and adjustable. All you need to do is just attach the racks and rods on the wall with screws, and that’s it!
Suppose you have a typical 4’x8β€² closet. In that case, you will require horizontal shelving rails, shelves, vertical shelving uprights and brackets, closet rods, corner pieces, end caps and rod supports, and fasteners and hardware.

9. Add Pattern with Wallpaper

An easy way to add a spark of interest to your closet is by painting it with vibrant colors. Even better, you can simply hang wallpaper to incorporate both colors and patterns without breaking a sweat.
Wallpaper comes in various colors and patterns, making it easier for everyone to give a fresh look to space in no time. You just need to hang it to the wall with wallpaper adhesive.

8. Save a lot of Space with Curtain Hooks

Shower curtain hooks can be an excellent addition to your closet. They are inexpensive, yet they can provide a significant impact by saving more space.
The first thing you can do with shower curtain hooks is organizing your jeans. Instead of folding and stacking them on the shelves or drawers, it would be much easier if you simply hung them over the closet rod.
To do this, you will need one or two hangers with some shower curtain hooks on them. Then, use the belt loops of your jeans to hang them on the shower hooks. This way, you can save a lot of space while making them visible.
Besides jeans, you can use shower curtain hooks to hang tank tops or jewelry.

7. Invest in a Runner

Not all people are pretty lucky to have a spacious and extravagant walk-in closet. If yours is long and narrow and does not have any windows, try incorporating warmth into space with a patterned runner rug.
A runner rug with a fun pattern can add some sort of style and visual appeal to your closet. It also creates an attractive focal point that draws attention away from the undersized room.
It also provides an elegant pathway that guides you to the end of the closet. Besides, a runner rug will keep your bare feet warm when you stroll to find the best outfit.

6. Sort Your Outfits

Sorting out your clothes and arranging them in specific zones will save a lot of your time in the morning or when you are in a rush.
The way you arrange your clothes should be efficient, too.
Make sure the clothes that you tend to wear on a daily basis are within your reach.
Meanwhile, your makeup, wallets, purses, bags, and any other personal items that you use every day should be at a comfortable waist height, so you can see and grab them easily.
You can store your seasonal apparel, such as sweaters, fleece, and winter attires, in bins with labels. After that, place them on the top shelves since you do not use them quite often. Other less used items like suits and cocktail dresses should stay in the corners.
What about the footwear? You can simply place the frequently used pieces at a reachable and visible spot. On the other hand, occasional shoes may nest on top shelves.

5. Place a Narrow Dresser in the Center

Placing the dresser strategically in the closet allows you to use the available space efficiently.
If you have a minute closet, you can try placing a tall, narrow dresser in the center along with shelving units that flank it on its sides. This way, you can create a symmetrical look that adds visual appeal to space.
Use the dresser to stash away miscellaneous items like accessories, underwear, and socks. You can also hang a mirror and pendant light over it so that you can try on some accessories and see whether they perfect your OOTD.

4. Go Vertical

If your closet lacks space, try going vertical. It does not mean you can stack an abundance of clothes carelessly, though. What you have to do is to make use of any available space in your closet.
You can install some shelves right under the ceiling to store the items that you do not wear all the time.
Going vertical also means you can try tapping into the closet doors by installing some hooks or racks. This way, you have plenty of space for your scarves, ties, belts, and accessories.

3. Incorporate More Storage with DIY Industrial Hanging Rack

The most incredible thing about doing a DIY project is making anything that meets your requirements very well, just like this industrial rack.
To make this hanging rack, you will need some galvanized pipes, tee fittings, 90-degree elbow fittings, and floor flange. You can try using different heights to hang more clothes within one spot.

2. Use Curtains to Conceal Your Closet

Every inch is priceless in a tiny bedroom. For this reason, you need to consider swapping your swinging closet doors with sliding ones. Even better, you can use curtains, instead.
Curtains do not take up much space. Yet, they can work as well as sliding doors. As a bonus, you will not have to struggle with carpentry stuff, especially if you are not really good at it.
The point is you need something that hides your closet away. Thus, hanging a curtain will solve your problem while allowing you to save more space.

Lastly, Number 1. Do not Forget the Lighting

Another crucial thing you should not miss is the lighting. When you try to pick a dress for a party, you need to clearly see what is in your closet. You can achieve this goal if you install lamps in it.
You can install any type of light you want, depending on the style that you are trying to create. If you want a modern design, running LED string lights along the shelves or rods can be a good idea.
Anything will do. Just make sure you do not place the lights behind you. Otherwise, you will cast a shadow, which does not allow you to see things clearly.
You will also need to consider the heat. Incandescent bulbs can be hazardous in a small and enclosed closet. If you look for a safer option, opt for fluorescent lighting.
Doing a makeover does not have to spend a lot of money. These 10 closet layout adaptations for cheap will allow you to get efficient storage solutions without making you broke.



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