12 Unique Ideas to Handle Closet Chaos

An ever-growing mound of clothes, a pile of shoes, and a handful of accessories–all haphazardly discarded in your closet. Does it seem like a bomb was just dropped in the middle of your closet? If this is what greets you each morning, you should seriously consider organizing this space.

Organizing your closet may seem like a daunting and impossible task. We want you to know that you’re not alone! Regardless of closet size and budget, homeowners can beautifully redecorate and efficiently organize their closets with just a few ingenious hacks! For more detail, follow the link provided inside the reference area.


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12. Off-the-wall Solutions

12. Create a Floating Cubby Wall Instead of a Classic Shelving Unit by simphome.comThe organization does in no way mean dull and boring. There are a million ways you can show your personality without having to buy unnecessary and distracting decor. Think of your clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories as functional decor.

Instead of going with your standard cabinets or open shelves, opt for more creative storage units like a floating cubby. Aside from making a space feel extremely spacious, it also doubles as the perfect place to showcase your favorite accessories.

11. Make an Entrance

11. Install Bypass Doors by simphome.comWhen you think of a solution for quick access to all your clothes and accessories, you might immediately choose to go with open shelving. The problem with open shelving is that it may make space appear more cluttered. It’s definitely a continuous process to religiously keep your closet tidy with everything on full display.

The next best thing is to install bypass doors. Simply slide down the doors, and you get full access to your closet, no more digging around!

Much like open shelves, bypass doors offer convenient access without having to expose everything! If you’re thinking of a quick solution to your closet, bypass doors are quite easy to install as a DIY project.

These chic bypass doors used only a few and affordable materials. Premium 1 x 3’s were used for the outer frame, while cheaper 1 x 2 board for the interior. For the underlayment, 4 x 8 wood sheets, which were pre-cut in the hardware store, were used. When buying lumber, remember to get a piece that is closest to your ceiling height.
For a rustic yet industrial feel, use a metallic pipe for the sliding tracks and some eye hooks. You will also be needing some fixed rolling casters for the sliding doors. Remember that the weight of the doors is supported by the fixed wheels, not the pipes.

10.  Nothing to Hide

10. Keep It Clear by simphome.comMake the most of your clothes and accessories by using them as decor! Put your favorite items on display by hanging them on walls or open shelving.

Acrylic dividers and holders are extremely convenient to install and can add a clean and sophisticated touch. These are also a perfect solution to easily finding your favorite pieces when you’re in a hurry!

9. Re-creating Narnia

9. Home Office Closet Room within a Room by simphome.comA closet is a magical place that offers endless possibilities–take it from those kids who found a whole new universe just by stepping inside a closet. All kidding aside, use your childlike imagination to recreate your closet into a functional new space!

Do you spend a lot of your time picking clothes and getting ready? Buy a small vintage vanity to transform your closet into a mini-dressing room!
Don’t have any extra rooms to set up your home office? Add a desk and some storage units to transform your closet into a practical home office that you can easily tuck away by closing the doors.

Personalize your space with a careful choice of color and material—et voila, a brand new room.

8.Let it Slides

8. Building Drawers and Overcoming Crises by

To make your closet even more organized and convenient, consider installing some sliding drawers.

If your closet doesn’t have built-in drawers, there’s no need to worry!

Sliding drawers are one of the easiest DIY projects you could start. Simply measure around your cabinet space, cut some plywood. Remember to cut the plywood about an inch smaller than the shelf width. Then screw on the drawer slides. If you’d like a more secure drawer, add some trimming to each drawer’s back and sides. Finally, customize and paint to fit your design style!

7. Just Roll with It

7. Nordic Garner Rolling Wardrobe Organizer by simphome.comOne of the most convenient storage units you can invest in is rolling containers. Say goodbye to having to stick your head inside small and suffocating spaces–this is the perfect solution to keeping everything easily accessible.

If you’d like to make things even easier, opt for storage containers on wheels. Simply wheel all items to your workplace for a quick and convenient solution.

6. Reach for the Sky

6. Reach The High Shelves with a Rolling Ladder by simphome.comThe most obvious solution to maximizing your storage space is by building floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets. Tuck away rarely used items on high shelves and your everyday essentials closer to the ground.

Instead of adding a standard stepladder, elevate the room by installing a rolling ladder to fully use all available vertical space.

Installing a rolling ladder is now extremely convenient. Rolling ladder kits are available online–these already include the ladder, track, wheels, and mounting hardware. Easily customize the ladder with your choice of wood, hardware, and paint.

This DIY rolling ladder looks absolutely elegant with the choice of material. 3 x 8 lengths of solid maple wood were used to make the side rails and the rungs. If you’re on a budget, you may use other types of wood or even some scrap pieces. For a small master closet, the ladder stands at 80” tall and 15” wide with the rungs at 13.5”. To save floor space, the ladder was installed more vertically than the usual rolling ladder.

5. A Real Basket Case

5. Linen Closet Overhaul by simphome.comInvest in storage containers like woven baskets and cloth boxes. Aside from helping you stay organized, these containers will easily keep junk and clutter out of sight.

When displayed properly, storage baskets can instantly add style and character to your space. Use baskets that are made of natural materials such as rattan for a warm touch.

Transparent baskets are a great choice that provides easy and convenient access to all the items in a full closet.

4. Dive in Deep

4. Experiment and Find new solution from this DIY CUSTOM CLOSET SHELVING FOR DEEP CLOSETS by simphome.comDeep closets can be tricky to organize. There’s nothing worse than having to dig into your closet, resulting in an even bigger mess in the process!

To effectively organize deep closets, make accessibility your top priority.
Designate a specific spot for each item based on how often you use them. All the frequently used items should be in the front and within arms reach, while seldomly used items should be in the back and on higher shelves.

Make it easier to reach for items by installing pull-out drawers or a lazy Susan. Drawers and baskets can easily be stacked to maximize storage space.

Lastly, consider using clear containers and labels for easier and convenient access to all your items.

3.Take it Up A Notch

3. Upgrade your cheap looking wire linen shelving by simphome.comHave some tacky wire shelving in your closet? Elevate the space by creating faux floating shelves. The choice of wood shelves gave this once cold and dull space instant elegance and warmth.

Simply measure the available space, then secure your choice of material with glue. A quick coat of paint or stain makes a huge impact on your closet’s overall look.

This DIY project instantly transformed into a more luxe storage space with just a few affordable materials. A piece of ¼” plywood was cut to fit over the wire shelves. A 1 x 2 pine board was cut to cover the front of the wire shelves.

2. Coming-Out of the Closet

2. If You Dont Have Any Real Closets in Your Home Integrate Storage into Another Room by simphome.comDon’t have any actual closet space? It’s still possible to find a functional spot to store your wardrobe!

It’s exciting to think of a blank canvas! Choose a spot where you can seamlessly integrate your storage space with a combination of shelving, cabinets, dressers, & a hanging rod. Then mix-and-match these storage options to create a space that will suit your needs. These are all extremely easy to install and mount to maximize all available vertical and horizontal space.

If you want to create the illusion of a separate closet, hang another rod for curtains to tuck away your clothes and accessories. Your choice of fabric color and pattern is a great way to add character to the room.

Be resourceful and leave no space wasted. Use storage boxes on open shelving and drawers. You can even use the underside of your bed.

Lastly, Number 1. Brighter Possibilities

1.Install The Lights in Your Closet So You Can Find Old Clothes Hidden in The Back by simphome.comAs the saying goes, “Lighting is everything!”

Especially when you’re getting dressed, lighting is important to improve the overall functionality of the space.

If your closet wasn’t blessed with ample natural light, install some LED lights. This is an easy and quick solution that will definitely give your closet a dreamy ambiance. LED lights are also a budget-friendly option as they are long-lasting and don’t consume much energy.

LED strip lights have an adhesive backing, making them pretty easy to install and customize your closet. These LED strip lights from Ikea conveniently snap together. Each piece is about 10” long.

You don’t have to live with a cluttered closet forever. With a few smart and clever solutions, you can instantly reinvent this once unusable space into a functional room that will make your everyday routine much more efficient.

The solution doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive, either. Easily customize your closet according to your needs and everyday routine with achievable DIY projects.

There are millions of organizational ideas for every space and budget. Try these tips and tricks to (literally) open the door to a sleeker and more convenient lifestyle.



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