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10 Closet Alternative Ideas for Anyone with Tight Space

Some people have to get by with a small bedroom. They do not have enough space for a queen-sized bed, let alone a large wardrobe. Some of them even do not have any sufficient closets for their limited number of shirts and outfits.
So, are you one of those who have to live a life without any closets in your bedroom?
Well, it is not the end of the world, obviously. You just need to grab one of these next 10 closest alternative ideas for anyone with tight space. Let’s check them out! And as always, check out the link inside the reference to learn more about the following ideas.

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10. A Ladder Wardrobe Idea

10. Ladder Wardrobe by simphome.comIf you do not have any closet and you need one right now without spending a lot of cash? Tweak some wooden materials you can scrap around and activate your basic carpentry skill! It is not a big deal at all. You can still store your clothes and accessories well despite the small space in your bedroom. But you still need to invest in a wardrobe to get things organized. It does not have to be fancy, though.
This wardrobe, for example, could be your next greatest bet. It does not gobble up much space, easy to build, and will not cost you a fortune. To make this one, you will need two wooden ladders, a wooden curtain rail, and two plywood boards.
First, cut the boards to length. You are going to use them as shelves. Next, position the ladders. Make sure that the side rails are angled towards each other. It would be easier if you laid them down first.
Screw the longer and shorter boards onto the rung. Then install the curtain rail right on the top rung of each ladder. Finally, Secure it with pipe straps.

9. A Wall-Mounted Ladder Wardrobe Idea

9. Wall Mounted Ladder Wardrobe by simphome.comIt is another brilliant idea of tapping into an unused ladder. The previous one is a free-standing wardrobe, while this is a wall-mounted rack, which would be excellent for your petite bedroom.
You just need to grab an unused ladder and clean it thoroughly. Sand it down and apply any finish of your choice. You can paint it the color you like or stain it for a more natural look. Mount it to the wall with brackets, and your job is done. Or

8. Build a new Under-the-Bed Drawer

8. Under the Bed Drawer by simphome.comMany people think that keeping the bed close to the floor is the best way to add more space. Nothing could be further from the truth. Raise your bed a few inches, and you will get more room to store things, just like this one.
Did you know that you can stash away your clothes under the bed? This is how it works. Get a bookshelf and screw some casters onto its back. Then paint it and install two drawer pulls. Arrange your clothes and accessories in it, and put them under your bed. If you require more words to answer your curiosity, follow the link inside the description

7. Optimize the Rod with Chains

7. Optimize the Rod with Chains by simphome.comNow, you have a ladder wardrobe already. However, it does not provide much space for you to hang your shirts and dress. Well, shall we tweak it a little bit?
You can hang more clothes despite the limited space provided by the rod. Do you not believe it? Just grab chains, and you will see how amazing they could be.
Hang S hooks through the rod and suspend the chains from it. Place your clothes along with hangers along the chains. Problem solved!

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6. Hide It Away

6. Hide It Away by

If you do not have any closet, your chance will be mounting some shelves and investing in free-standing racks. However, it might result in an unorganized view, which makes your bedroom look inelegant.
You can overcome this problem by hiding your wardrobe away. The most effortless and affordable option to do that is by hanging curtains to conceal it.

It would be better if you hung the curtains that come with the same color as your bedding. This way, you can produce a flawless look as they seem to flow into one being.

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5. Display Your Treasure

5. Display Your Treasure by simphome.comHave you ever imagined that you possess a large walk-in closet with purses and shoes displayed on the racks? You might think it is just a dream because your bedroom lacks space.
You can have your very own walk-in closet, although your bedroom is short on space. You merely need to install some wood strips along the walls. Drive some nails or screw hooks on them so that you can hang your clothes and accessories.
Hanging your accessories and purses along the walls will serve you double duty. First, you have finally discovered a creative way to hold the clutter at bay. Second, they will act as work art. Or if that is not possible, consider the idea…

Number 4. Mount some Cabinets

4. Mount Cabinets by simphome.comIf you think that cabinets are only for the kitchen, think again! The truth is they can be anywhere, including in the bedroom. Besides, wall-mounted cabinets will be your top-notch choice when it comes to tiny space.
This bedroom, for example, is relatively small. It does not have enough space for a larger bed, let alone a closet. Therefore, four cabinets hang over the bed.
By hanging cabinets over the bed, you can save more floor space, making the bedroom look more spacious. You can also use them to organize anything, including your clothes.
It would be better if your cabinets had the same color as the wall to look unified. Choose the ones with clean-lined edges and minimalist design so that they can camouflage with the surrounding of your interior landscape.

3. Build This open Shelves and Bookcases

3. Shelves and Bookcases by simphome.comShelves and bookcases are incredibly versatile. They not only display knick-knacks and books, but they also help you banish clutter.
This tiny bedroom, for example, looks awesome with some white shelves and bookcases. It also features some black tension rods that look outstanding against the crisp white. You can use them to hang dresses, shirts, purses, scarves, including high heels.
You can also invest in some wicker baskets to sort your clothes by type or by season, or by reason. This way, you can organize things better while adding pattern and textural elements to your space. Do not forget to label them so that you can find what you are looking for easily. (

2. Stay Close to the Ceiling

2. Bedrooom shelving idea via .pngWhen it comes to a tiny bedroom, every inch is valuable. If you do not have any closet space, you can tap into the area right under the ceiling.
You just need to install some tension rods and shelves, and you have your open concept closet. Do not forget to add a ladder so that you can reach your clothes and easily clean them when necessary.

Lastly, number 1. Mirror with Storage Idea

1. Mirror with Storage by simphome.comThe mirror plays an essential role in your bedroom. It helps you double-check your look before hitting the road.
Instead of hanging a mere mirror, why don’t you try the one that features storage? This one, for example, provides extra space to store your jewelry. You can find it easily in a store. Even better, you can DIY it to meet your requirements. Google it, or check Simphome to find more clues,
if you’re lucky
Now, you know that the absence of a built-in wardrobe and closet is not a big deal. After all, with a bit of creativity and these 10 closet alternative ideas for anyone with tight space, you can have a significant impact on your bedroom storage needs.



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