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10 Bedroom Closet Remodel Ideas

Almost all closets require regular maintenance, and depending on how well your closet is organized; this makeover could take days or be completed in a few hours. Although this selection could appear overwhelming, it’s really fantastic. You can choose how much work you want to expend and choose a closet makeover that falls within your effort budget because there are many possibilities available.

Do you need some assistance getting going? The following closet renovations will provide you with plenty of ideas, enabling you to design a closet makeover that is just as simple—or as difficult—as you desire.

When remodeling a closet, you must understand what you need most. Whether you want to purchase more storage items or renovate the existing space, you must consider your resources.
To prevent you from overbudgeting, start analyzing what you have and need. How big will the closet be, and what additional do you need to buy or DIY? Doing this will make it easier to conduct your closet remodeling project.

The next step is to plan the design based on your analysis. Many ideas available for you can give some insights into remodeling your closet. We have collected 10 bedroom closet remodel ideas you can adopt. Enjoy reading or watching and get inspired. For more detail, follow the links pasted inside the reference area that will lead you to the sources.

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10. A Boutique Inspired Organization

10. Boutique Inspired by
Remodeling a bedroom closet to look like a boutique is something you can do with a minimum budget.

  • First, categorize all of your clothes – seasonal, color, or gender.
  • Stow clothes and accessories that are out of season or rarely used elsewhere.
  • Now, you have the clothes you usually wear to arrange.
  • Then organize them by type or color – shirts, dresses, pants, or shoes.
  • After dealing with clothes, you don’t want your belts, ties, or jewelry to look messy. To keep those ties, belts, or accessories tidy, you can hang hooks on the wall or dividers if you put them in the drawer.
  • Display your prided shoes in a rack and store the others in the shoebox.
  • To add a boutique feel, put a coat rack in the corner to hang bulky items or a mannequin to display your favorite outfit.

9. Opt for Bypass Doors

9. Opt for Bypass Doors by
Replacing the usual door with sliding or bypass types is a good idea for a built-in closet. It gives you easy access to either side of it. No more doors bumping into each other. What is more? You can easily do it yourself.

  • First, you need to take measurements – the wall and closet’s width and the ceiling’s height to make this kind of bypass door.
  • After that, cut then assemble the wood for the frames and sideboards.
  • Then attach them to the rail on the wall, one on top of the other.

As you can see, the doors use a rail on top and wheels on the bottom. It makes them slide at ease.

8. Level Up with More Rods

8. Level Up with More Rods by
Adding bars for hanging your clothes can double up your closet space. Moreover, you can store more clothes in it. It is a simple way to do it. Besides, you can do it in no time. Remove those shelves.

Leave one up high for stacking hats and bags. Later,

  • Add two level rods for hanging your clothes. This way, your closet will be free from cramped feelings.
  • Add a mirror in the back and a chair on one side to make it less bare. You can add hooks on the side for small items like purses or belts to add more style.

7. Play with Color

7. Play with Color by
New paint can give your closet a different look without changing the design. Bright colors bring happiness and make the room cheerful. You can use different colors for each space or feel separated by painting the frame with a lighter tone.

When you open the bi-fold doors, you will see that this built-in closet also doubles as a workspace. Since the closet organization matches perfectly with room decoration, you will not feel that you work in a closet.

6. Install Pull Down Hanger

6. Install Pull Down Hanger by

You will love this pull-down hanger system if you have narrow and limited space. You will find no more benches or stairs to take or put clothes high. With this special hinged pull-down fitting, you can change your closet for easy access.

Just grab the attached rod, and your outfits are within arm’s reach. Make sure you don’t give it too much weight. Otherwise, it will bend. This kind of rod usually holds around 25-35 pounds. Although it will make your life easier, it sometimes hits cabinets’ hinges or gets too low, which is annoying.

But there is one tip to prevent it from happening. Try mounting a small block of wood on each side of the pull-down arm.

5. Make Them Tidier with Dividers

5. Make it Tidy with Dividers by
If you intend to stack your clothes, you will need dividers to prevent them from creating havoc. They will also keep your outfits tidily folded while separating from one pile to the other. Using moveable dividers will be more advantageous because you can change them to fit your folded items.

Keeping the clothes in place and the partitions can make your bags more organized and neat. If you intend to buy some, there are many shelf dividers available at the store. You can choose models and materials you like that fit your shelves and, of course, your style.

4. Invest in A Fold Out Ironing Bar

4. Fold Out Ironing Bar by
This walk-in closet features a fold-out ironing board that you can store away in the drawer when not in use. With iron close at hand, you don’t have to go to the laundry room to make your shirt free from folding lines.

It will save you time from walking here and there—no more crumpled outfits when you emerge from your closet. Since the closet has this pull-out system, the room’s center should be free from big furniture. So, nothing can block your movement while ironing your crumpled clothes.

3. Install Lights in the Closet

3. Install Lights in the Closet by
Other than painting the closet in bright colors, installing lights will also add brightness. Installing lamps on the shelves allows you to see and find items such as shoes or bags easily. You can opt for some string lights or install an LED bulb.

You can even find chandeliers that fit into your closet as long as they can bring more light into the room. The disadvantage of this remodeling idea is you have to spend more on electricity each month.

2. Adjustable Racks

2. Adjustable Racks by
There are many closet systems you can incorporate into your own. Wall racks can fit small things like jewelry, belts, or ties. Combine the racks with boxes or other storage units, such as a board for organizing your odds and ends.

As shown in the picture, adjustable racks give you the advantage of quickly changing the layout whenever you want. Moreover, you can turn them into extra storage for your clothes by adding rods or boards.

Lastly, Number 1. Max Your Frugal Storage

1.Max Space by
Lastly, don’t worry if you have a small closet. You can maximize it with more hooks on the back of the door for hanging belts or ties. If you don’t have space for hanging clothes, add extra shelves. Keep your things on the shelves tidy with boxes. Transparent plastic boxes will help you find what you need.

So, it doesn’t matter to have a small closet because you can use it to the maximum with some hooks, extra shelves, and boxes. To make it more functional, you must take out things you rarely use or are not in season. Store them away in a box or luggage.

How you remodel your bedroom closet doesn’t have to over budget yourself. You can change the closet’s layout by purchasing simple items such as hooks and boxes. There are many DIY projects you can incorporate into your own. The last takeaway, put your most-used items at eye level, so you can easily find them. Don’t be afraid to innovate new ideas, including experimenting with one or some of the remodel ideas presented in the countdown.

Talk about innovations,
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