12 Shared Closet Organization Ideas

Organizing your own closet is a challenge in itself, more so if you have to share the space. Even the most picture-perfect couple can turn the issue of closet space into the breeding ground for World War III.
Sharing a closet means that two personalities will have to co-habit harmoniously, and it’s inevitable that your preferences will (literally) clash on some occasions. Just thinking of your significant other’s basketball shorts beside your favorite cocktail dress may make you cringe!
Before you start preparing your 5-inch stilettos as ammo, know that it is totally possible to divide and conquer! The key is careful planning and assessment, communication, and the most challenging of all–compromise! A little creativity wouldn’t hurt either!
Check out these tips and tricks to successfully organize and share your space:
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12. Divide and Conquer

12. Divide and Conquer by simphome.comThe first thing you have to do is assess precisely how much space each person will need.
Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to split the closet equally down the middle, but usually, this solution doesn’t end too well. One person might have enough clothes to fit a department store, while the other only has a few essentials. Make your closet space a safe space for open communication, and strike up a friendly negotiation that will make both sides happy. The person with a more extensive wardrobe can get about ¾ of closet space, while the other can get more drawer space in return.
On that note, everything in your closet should be personalized according to one’s needs. The best closet is efficient and convenient. It should contain several storage features that target specific items based on their function and quantity. Imagine a custom tie-rack for Him and a custom jewelry compartment for Her.

11. Don’t Shelf that Idea!

11. Dont Shelf that Idea by simphome.comOrganizing your shared closet can be extremely difficult, especially if you don’t have built-in dividers and compartments. Since most closets are built with a single user in mind, you’ll likely have to customize your closet’s storage and organizational features for the space to work efficiently.
Customizing your shelves doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive. This DIY project used a pre-built Ikea KALLAX unit and some scrap wood they had at home. ¼” plywood was used to make the dividers. Wood glue and ¾ nails were used to attach the dividers onto the Ikea shelf. After a new coat of white paint, it looks like an elegant new cabinet!

10. DIY Storage Boxes

10. DIY Storage Boxes by .Don’t have much of a budget or space for decor? The best solution is to invest in functional decor, storage boxes! Storage boxes are the perfect functional decor to organize a shared space and eliminate unsightly clutter carefully.
This DIY project is perfect if you’re on a budget. Recycle sturdy cardboard boxes that are lying around your house. With spray adhesive or a hot glue gun, cover the box’s interior and exterior with a fabric of your choice. Make sure you give an allowance of about 1-2” of fabric to extend over the inside of the box. Decorate them to work well into your shared space, get creative, and use ribbons, pompoms, and other textured material. Et voila, now you have a space brimming with personality, and you even scored some additional storage!

9. Invest in Space-Saving Hacks

9. Invest in Space Saving Hacks by simphome.comMost closets don’t provide the luxury of space, which can be the most frustrating thing about planning a shared closet.
Consider investing in storage products that are specifically designed to maximize all available space. Let’s face it, and you’ll be needing all the help!
This DIY closet hack features the Closetboom, a compact closet organizer that can be the perfect solution to limited space and an overflowing closet. The hardware is slim but is very durable and can hold up to 20 to 30 garments, depending on the model. The product can be extended out from the wall for easy access. It can be attached to almost any surface, doorways, shelves, and hallways so you can maximize all unusable space!

8. A Grand Space for the Little Ones

8. A Grand Space for the Little Ones by

Teach your kids a thing or two about sharing by creating a closet space that will invite them to be tidy and well-organized.
Carefully categorize their wardrobe by function, then designate a specific space place for each category. Having a clear system will encourage the kids to be more independent when storing and finding their own things.
This DIY closet designates a spot for everything, creating a logical system that is easy to understand. The closet is cleverly split in the middle with stacked shelves and drawers. By installing wire baskets on the closet doors, you can maximize all available space. Add some wallpaper and personalized storage boxes to add character and texture to the room.

7. Creating Pandora’s Box

This next hack looks like something straight out of a detective movie!
Need a secure place to hide all your valuables (and secrets) in your shared closet? It’s incredibly easy to create a DIY false bottom storage compartment with just a few materials.
All you will be needing is a wood sheet, 8 wine corks, some glue, and an inconspicuous object that will serve as the handle! Carefully measure the drawer, cut the wood sheet accordingly, and then stick on 4 cork pieces along one side. Flip over the wood sheet, then stick on your secret handle. This is definitely more genius than hiding your piggy bank in your sock drawer.

6. Drawing the Line

6. Drawing the Line by simphome.comWhen working with limited space, you need to think about combining function and aesthetics. Adding an island in your closet space will make your closet feel more elegant and grand while serving many useful functions.
Adding an island in the middle of your closet draws a (literal) line that will make it easier for you and your partner to peacefully and equally share the space. Islands also have a lot of storage space that can perfectly display your accessories and most prized pieces.

5. Optimize your Small Reach-In Closet with this Idea

5. Optimize your Small Reach In Closet with this Idea by simphome.comWhen we say maximize all the usable space- we seriously mean that you should leave no space uncovered, including vertical and horizontal space!
This DIY project cleverly maximized the closet depth by switching the hanging rods to the sides. This created a sophisticated touch that made this small reach-in closet seem like a walk-in closet! High top shelves and hooks were installed to maximize vertical storage space.

4. Convenient and Streamlined

4. Convenient and Streamlined by simphome.comDealing with a shared closet means double the items to keep track of, clean, and store. Your washing machine will definitely be working overtime!
Spend fewer hours separating your whites and colors by investing in a divided hamper. This simple yet ultra-convenient unit will save you a lot of time and trouble, from laundry preparations to transportation to the laundry room.
With a three-section hamper, you can easily divide up your laundry with one section for you, one for your partner, and another for used towels and other general items.

3. Divide and Divide

3. Divide and Divide by simphome.comCan’t seem to make a peaceful compromise? Don’t feel guilty, and start talking about building two separate closets instead.
This would be easier done, of course, during the framing stage of your bedroom. Now you can carefully decide the storage system that will work best for each wardrobe. Consider installing storage units that will effectively store specific items of clothing and accessories. If you have more dresses and blouses, put up a lot of hanging rods. If you have a lot of shoes and accessories, prioritize shelving with a lot of dividers. Labeling baskets are also a great way to organize your closet.

2. Go DIY

2. Go DIY by simphome.comGoing DIY is definitely the best way to create the most personalized shared closet, from creating a customized shelf space and compartments to decorating some storage boxes.
For a one-of-a-kind space, consider using unconventional material, such as industrial pipes or maybe even something from your backyard (a tree branch, maybe?).
Using recycled and scrap material for your decorating and organizational needs not only saves you money but also frees up your home from junk and clutter.

Lastly, Number 1. Evaluate and Plan

1. Evaluate and Plan by simphome.comThe great thing about DIY projects is that you can create a space that works for you and your specific needs.
The best way to tackle your shared closet issues is to evaluate and draw up a plan carefully. The first thing you should do is to assess your storage needs based on the items you own and your daily routine.
To maximize every inch of storage space, it would be best to draw up a plan complete with all the measurements. Consider how much space you will need for each item and what track to take for storage and organization. It would help if you also consider your height when drawing up the plan to optimize reach.


Sharing a closet space doesn’t have to end in World War III. With careful planning, communication, compromise, and a lot of creativity, you and your roomie can successfully sign a peace treaty.
To address all your storage needs, the best way to go is to definitely create custom pieces with DIY projects. With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, we know that you’re ready to charge head-on into this daunting task!



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