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10 Minimalist Wardrobe Ideas

The Minimalist Ideas with Tons of Bonus insights inside

Having an extravagant wardrobe could be fantastic. However, it is not possible if you only have limited space. Therefore, you need to downsize your clothes so that you have enough room for the other furniture. Well, it is not a big deal, right?

It’s not always easy to pare down your possessions to a bare minimum, but it’s worth it. A lot of people find that simplifying their wardrobe saves time. Your closet can be simplified. Check out these ten minimalist wardrobe ideas that will cut the stress of figuring out what to wear every day.

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10. Use Neutral Colors

Colors are the most indispensable elements of certain types of styles, including the minimalist. If you want to carve out this style in your wardrobe, try sticking to neutral color schemes.
Neutral colors like white, black, and gray have always been synonymous with the minimalist style. They are simple, which is the ubiquitous characteristic of minimalism.

Besides, these hues are versatile. You can pair them with any other colors, but make sure you keep them down to a minimum. Another benefit that you can get by applying neutral colors, especially white, is to expand your small wardrobe visually. Thus, it will look more spacious than it really is.

Other relevant ideas you can try such as:

  1. Learn how to mix and match. Understand that clothing is not just for fashion. You need to add things that can express your personality, your lifestyle without looking overdressed.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations, and use wider fabrics on shirts, pants, suits for a modern look. (e.g., striped)
  3. Wear more accessories, giving you an extra element to your outfit (e.g., statement necklace).
  4. Use bolder colors on accessories and a minimalist wardrobe to attract attention to the lower part of your body. (e.g.: white top, black pants + belt).
  5. Never buy anything you do not need. Have at least two black or white T-shirts in your wardrobe. (No colored t-shirts)
  6. Try wearing solid-colored shirts underneath patterned jackets. (e.g., stripes underneath plaid, white shirt with patterns underneath black shirt)
  7. Try not to overdo accessories, which can look like you are trying too much.
  8. Try not to pile everything on your bed. It is easy to become overwhelmed in this aspect.
  9. You can add a decorative object if you think it will help you narrow the space’s visual space.(e.g.: picture frames).
  10. Use makeup to make you look more presentable. (e.g.: eyeliner)

9. The Simple Doors

The first thing that you notice when you see your wardrobe is the doors. They define the style that you are trying to carve out. Thus, you need to pay attention to them.

The critical point of streamlining is simplicity. Therefore, you need to invest in simple and sleek doors and avoid sophisticated accents like carved surfaces and trims.

Also, consider the following ideas to mark up your minimalist wardrobe door:

  • No 1. Use mirrors on the doors. This will allow you to see yourself better and make you look slim.
  • No 2. Use transparent doors on your wardrobe. It allows you to see what is inside your wardrobe without opening the door.
  • No 3. Hang your favorite accessories above the door or on the side of it. Do not forget to use a lot of hooks to be organized and stay stylish at the same time!
  • No 4. You can also paint the doors to achieve the look that you like. However, if you have beautiful wood doors, then do not change them!
  • No 5. You can also find minimalist doors online. However, you need to be cautious when you are thinking of buying them. It is usually fake because most sellers will not go through creating your door by hand. The best way is to buy from an established store that will craft your door for you!
  • No 6. Another option is to run out and buy a simple door but make it more unique by painting it yourself and decorating it with your favorite accessories.
  • No 7. Take a look at the door that you have now. If it is too simple, then make it more of a statement. As an example, try painting it in an abstract pattern and add a flower to the center.
  • No 8. You can also add simple accessories like mini mirrors or butterflies to your doors to give them an extra touch of fun.
  • No 9. You can also find minimalist wardrobe doors online from stores that sell minimal wardrobes and clothes for women.
  • No 10. You can also find doors that are currently in style for your minimalist wardrobe. This is a good idea, especially if you are not sure what you want to do with your closet yet. It is better to choose something already popular than something that you have not seen before.

8. Get rid of the Clothes that You haven’t Worn for Ages

Some clothes may bring back good memories you had a few years ago. It is the reason why you still keep the dress you wore on the prom night, although you never wear it anymore.
You can keep the beautiful prom pictures, but you need to get rid of the dress.
Why do you have to hang it in your wardrobe all the time if you never use it anymore?
You can just donate or sell it. This way, you give your dress a second life. Well, anything will do as long as you can ditch it out of your sight.

Alternatively, you can repurpose your unused garments for the following purposes:
No 1. Turn T-shirts into a Quilt
Have you ever thought of making a quilt out of your old shirts? Well, you can create one easily. All you need to do is separate the fabrics you want to be in the focal point from the others. Then, lay them all down and sew them together. Put two to three layers of fabric so it can last longer, and wear it every season.
The process is easier than it seems. You don’t have to be an expert seamstress for this project. Just take it to step by step, and you will be surprised by the result.

No 2. Make a Pillowcase
For a vintage look, cut off the sleeves of your old T-shirts or dress and sew them together along the seam to make a pillowcase. There is no need to use lots of fabric only for decoration purposes down at the corner of your pillowcase. Simply cut off the shirt that you don’t need anymore and turn it into beautiful throw pillows. Place it in your living room or even bedroom so you can set an elegant look.

No 3. Make a Scarf using old Sweaters
You can DIY a scarf out of old shirts and sweaters by cutting it up and sewing them together. You don’t need to be a professional seamstress for this particular project. Simply follow the following steps: First, cut off the sleeves from your old shirt, then cut it in half vertically along the seam.
Then, match the cut pieces together and sew them using a sewing machine. You can even use a gray color on the sweatshirt to create a vintage look.

No 4. Upgrade Your Bathroom Fixtures
There are times when you will need to get rid of the old towels in your bathroom. Instead of throwing them in the trash, you can simply reuse them for another purpose, such as:

  1. Add some colors to your bathroom using old towels.
  2. Cut them into squares using pinking shears.
  3. Fold them into a basket and store them for your next use.

If you want, you can put your old towels in an embroidery machine and create beautiful designs on them. You can use different color combinations to make it look unique every time you use the towel.

No 6. Use Old Jeans to Make a Headband or a Belt
If you have tons of old jeans in your wardrobe, be sure to save the following ones.

No 7. Create an Inviting Pet Bed out of Old Sweaters
Have you ever entertained the idea of creating an inviting pet bed in your backyard? The good news is that it is possible to do so without spending thousands of dollars. When you take care of your pet, it takes care of you as well.

No 8. Turn your Old Sweaters into a Quilt or a Coversheet
Maybe you have tons of old sweaters in your wardrobe. Have you ever thought of turning them into quilts or coversheets? Well, the best idea is to use old sheets and cut them in half vertically along the seam. Then, sew them together to produce exquisite fabric.
Afterward, place it on the bed or sofa so you can protect it with soft cotton. You can even keep it in your living room for extra warmth during cold seasons.

No 9. Make Garbage Bags
There are times when you need to clean your room, but you don’t have enough garbage bags. The good news is that you can craft your own garbage bags out of old shirts, pants, and socks. Simply cut them into rectangular shapes using scissors and sew them together in order to prevent them from leaking.
You can use the following materials:

  • Old shirts and pants
  • Old socks
  • Yarn
  • Embroidery scissors

You can even use a sewing machine to stitch the fabrics together. The idea is to prevent the materials from leaking, but you can also sew them together using a needle. It will take longer, but it will be better than using scissors. You can even twist the handles of the bags to create an attractive feature.
Don’t forget: Make sure that you put your garbage bags into your recycling box when you finish using them.

No 10. Create a Quilt Using Shirts or Tank Tops
Maybe you have tons of shirts and tank tops that you hardly use anymore. It might be time to make a quilt out of them. The good news is that you don’t need lots of fabric for this particular project. Simply cut the sleeves from the shirt and sew them together along the seam. Many people do the same thing by cutting off just above the elbow area, leaving out a triangle, and sewing it to make it stable.
You can even add a soft layer on top, if you want, to make it last longer and look elegant.

7. Keep only the Essentials

To begin a minimalist wardrobe, you have to change your mindset. Think about what you really need daily. You can start with asking yourself about who you are, what you do, and where you live.
If you dwell in an area with a hot climate, you will not need to store many gloves and scarves in your wardrobe, although they may look cute. You do not need many bow ties or stilettos if you do not go to parties or ballrooms quite often.

The point is you only need to keep what you are likely to wear every day. It does not mean you cannot keep your lovely dresses and stilettos, though. You can store some of them for the events that you look forward to.

Alternatively, you can tolerate yourself to improve your wardrobe by doing:

  • No 1. Parting with the clothes that you do not wear anymore.
    The first thing you have to talk about is getting rid of garments that you never wear. Once you identify some garments that you are likely to part from, place them in a giveaway bag and give them to your friends who can appreciate them.
  • No 2. Letting go of the clothes that are missing something.
    Another thing you can do is to check if your clothing has any missing elements, such as sleeves, buttons, buttons, pants, or even gear. You can get them fixed by a tailor or a seamstress. If you decide to do so at home, make sure you follow the proper sewing techniques and guidelines to prevent it from becoming damaged.
  • No 3. Letting go of the clothes that are damaged.
    The next thing you have to do is to get rid of damaged garments, including:
    Afterward, make sure you donate them in a giveaway bag and give them to charity. If your closet is overloaded with such garments, you have no option but to store them in the basement or guest room. That way, you can use them when you need to have a garage sale or if someone drops by for a visit.
  • No 4. Letting go of the clothes that do not fit well.
    If you have worn-out clothes but still look good, you can get rid of them as well. However, you have to be very careful in this situation. You know very well that buying new clothes can be expensive, so this does not mean that you have to throw away perfectly good garments.
  • No 5. Letting go of the clothes that do not match your lifestyle anymore.
    If you travel frequently, you can throw away or donate your clothing that is not suited for traveling. The good news is that you can buy more suitable garments after you return home.
  • No 6. Letting go of the old clothes that do not fit well anymore.
    Another important thing to remember is to get rid of jeans, trousers and dress shirts if they are too tight for your body. If you wear such clothes, it will be more likely that you will not feel comfortable.
  • No 7. Letting go of the clothes that make you look too old.
    When you are still in your youth, avoid wearing clothes that make you look older than you really are.
    For example, avoid keeping pants or shirts with tight collars. Never ever wear clothing with large logos and emblems, especially if they do not match your style or personality.
  • No 8. Letting go of the clothes that are not suitable for work.
    If you work in a corporate environment, make sure you toss away any garments that are too casual for the office. It is better to choose only the ones that will make you look more sophisticated and elegant.
  • No 9. Letting go of the clothes that do not fit your budget anymore.
    Some people have a hard time parting with the clothing they paid so much money for, but sometimes they do not fit into their lives anymore. It is already time to throw them away.
  • No 10. Letting go of the clothes that do not match your taste anymore.
    If you are about to turn 30, for example, you might want to part from the things you used when you were still in your teens, such as jeans with holes on the knees or old sneakers. If you think that it is time to be more mature and elegant, do not hesitate any longer. It is time to part from those things and keeps new ones instead.

6. Minimalist Wardrobe Ideas for Men

Have you ever heard anything about a capsule wardrobe? This system suits the minimalist style a lot. More importantly, it does not take up a lot of space, making it fit into an apartment studio.
A capsule wardrobe is not only for women but also for men. If you plan to have your capsule collection, here is the list of menswear essentials you need to consider.
The first one is the outwear. It can be two or three pieces consisting of a denim or bomber jacket, an overcoat, a moto jacket, or a trench coat.

Second, one or two black suits. Although you might not be on the formal occasion every day, having them in your wardrobe would be a terrific idea.
Besides, your suits can make you look stylish in a more casual situation. Just wear your blazer over a simple T-shirt and combine them with jeans, and you are good to go.
Third, button-up shirts. This one is a must-have item in your closet. If you think you only wear them at work, you are wrong. The truth is you can combine them with a leather jacket and jeans to look cool.

Make sure you have at least one white and one black button-up shirt in your wardrobe. You can also add a navy and a light blue or a patterned one for specific occasions.
You need to have other items in your minimalist wardrobe: one knitwear, two or three T-shirts, denim, a belt, and footwear.

5. Opt for Multipurpose Pieces

When it comes to minimalism, versatility is the key. Instead of keeping many different clothes to anticipate special occasions, it would be better to have fewer pieces that also work the same. This way, you can save more space.
Just think about some pieces that can go with any shirts, fitted tees, sweaters, bodysuits, and jeans you already have in your wardrobe.
Other relevant ideas you can consider or experiment with such as:

  1. Invest in a suit that matches various of your casual outfits.
  2. You can wear a pair of trousers to the office and make them look like fashionable jeans.
  3.  A t-shirt that is not only for your gym but also for a casual dinner or date night out.
  4. Invest in blazers and cardigans that are versatile and appropriate for various events, parties, meetings, etc.
  5. Invest in jackets, skirts, and shorts that are versatile enough to go with any casual or formal outfit you have.
  6. Consider buying shirts that can be worn with colored blazers and cardigans.
  7. Consider buying a white shirt that is easy to match with any casual or formal outfit you have at home.
  8. Buy a long cardigan that you can wear during summer and autumn for a more mature look in an informal setting such as parties, gatherings, or casual dinners.
  9. Consider buying a couple of versatile pieces such as knee-high boots, thigh-high boots, rain boots, and lace-up sandals that are easy to match with your favorite clothes
  10. Invest in a swimsuit that can work for any beach party or pool party.

4. Go for Timeless Styles

You may think that investing in some trendy clothes is a must so that you can stay up to date. Is it really necessary? You will just add more clutter to your wardrobe. Why don’t you just buy timeless clothing instead?
Timeless clothing allows you to look great anytime. Sleek trenches belong to this item. They have roamed around the world for decades. Yet, they never get obsolete, and people still love to wear them.

Other timeless ideas you can try for your wardrobe such as:

  1. Invest in a trench coat that you can wear for formal and casual events. It is timeless, classic, and never gets old.
  2. Invest in a moto jacket as your fall outerwear can go with jeans, trousers, or leather pants.
  3. Invest in an overcoat that works well with your everyday suits, so you don’t have to spend money buying more expensive coats every two years.
  4. Buy a menswear-inspired dress shirt that is versatile and appropriate for various events, parties, meetings, etc.
  5. Buy trousers that are timeless and appropriate for various situations, such as casual or formal.
  6. Consider investing in one pair of black jeans that are versatile enough to go with any casual or formal outfit you have at home.
  7. Buy a heavy leather belt that you can wear with any pants at home, whether jeans or suits.
  8. Buy a leather bag that can be used for various purposes.
  9. Buy a pair of boots that can complete your look at informal events.
  10. Buy a leather jacket that can be worn with different types of pants and tops.

One thing to remember, However, Don’t Buy Clothes Just Because They Are on Sale.
Retail therapy is not what you need to keep your mind off from the routine boredom. You know what I mean, don’t you? If you think it is impossible to resist the temptation of low prices, just leave your credit cards home when you go shopping.

3. Match the Hangers

Uniformity is a part of minimalism. Therefore, you have to think about everything meticulously, including the hangers you will use.
Matching the hangers is necessary to get a harmonious look. If you plan to use wooden hangers, get rid of the ones made of plastic or stainless steel. You also need to make sure that they come in the same colors and shapes.
Other than hangers, you can also consider:

  1. Buy hangers that are easy to slide over the clothes in your closet. Those that have big holes are best for you.
  2. Buy hangers that are made of lightweight, durable material and are easy to clean.
  3. Reduce the number of hangers in your closet without compromising the style. If you don’t need all those hangers, consider transferring some of them into other parts of your house or using simple clips instead.
  4. If you have large or bulky clothes, consider using a hanging system with more hooks and spaces.
  5. Consider investing in a clothes rack that is not only practical but also looks stylish.
  6. Invest in one or two bins that can hold all your clothes and accessories.
  7. It is also necessary for you to have a plan for your closet
    For example, consider style, color, and storage. Think about the flow of each item inside your closet. One size does not fit all. With those things in mind, you can start off with different types of organizers if you need more than one hanging space in your wardrobe.
  8. Consider investing in hangers that can hang on the wall to avoid taking up too much space in your closet.
  9. Purchase a clothes rack or a hanging system that can hold more than a dozen clothes at once.
  10. Buy a space-saving dry-cleaning bag instead of the one that you use for washing laundry.

2. De-clutter Your Wardrobe Every Three Months

You might think that you have paid careful attention to your wardrobe already. However, some things may come up, like you wear your pink dress once in a blue moon.
That is why you need to de-clutter your wardrobe every three months so that you can swap the less-used items with other pieces.

Or alternatively, you can consider these ideas:

  1. Clean your closets and drawers to remove unnecessary items.
  2. Consider buying an empty shoebox to use for storing special occasion dresses and accessories.
  3. If you have lots of nightgowns, consider donating them as a fundraiser at your workplace so you can save on storage space and money.
  4. You can also sell or donate some of your clothes that you don’t wear anymore as well.
  5. Pick out your clothes from the closet and hang them on the hangers. Ask yourself whether you will wear them again soon.
  6. If you have some money left, consider investing in some new clothes for your new season.
  7. Consider buying an over-the-door shoe organizer that is easy to slide and can hold all the accessories you have at home.
  8. If you still have some hangers left, consider buying a few more so that your clothes can breathe and be exposed properly.
  9. Buy a few board games with your family to get rid of the boredom and de-clutter your mind at the same time.
  10. You can also buy a few storage boxes for different types of items such as scarves, socks, hats, etc. if you want to keep things tidy in your drawers and closets

Your Takeaway: Start Small

It can be overwhelming to de-clutter your wardrobe completely if everything seems about to fall apart. However, you don’t have to do it all at once; instead, start with one or two areas of your closet first.

1. Less is More

Finally, the crucial thing about creating a minimalist wardrobe is displaying fewer clothes to get a more impressive look. You only keep what you really need.
Try to keep 30 to 47 items in your wardrobe consisting of blouses, skirts or slacks, casual and professional dresses, casual pants, casual tops, shorts, a light jacket, a winter coat, cardigans, swimsuits, sneakers, heels, and flats.
Choose the items with a neutral color palette to combine them, which creates countless possible styles for different occasions.
Or go further with:

  • No 1. The Rule of Three: Choose one or two colors without mixing them in your closet or drawers. For example, choose a few basic black, white, gray, navy blue, and purple items for each season to make your wardrobe busy without getting lost.
  • No 2. If you are always wearing the same color combination, consider changing your shirt style or buying a new one that can go great with it.
  • No 3. Keep the clothes that you often wear in one drawer and start with the ones you don’t wear as much on the next.
  • No 4. Consider keeping an extra pair of shoes, such as flats or heels, in a small bag to keep things tidy.
  • No 5. If you don’t have enough space for shoes, consider using clear boxes or open containers for them so that you can easily see what’s inside of them.
  • No 6. If you have a lot of clothes, consider buying hangers made of lightweight and durable plastic to hold many items without breaking.
  • No 7. If you like more than two pieces in the same color, consider buying some small accessories to complement your wardrobe.
    No 8. If you use a shoe rack or shoe compartment, make sure that it has enough space for all your shoes.
  • No 9. Choose colors and items that go well with each other so that you can mix and match them when the seasons change.
  • No 10. Consider choosing a few items that can go with many other pieces in your closet. For example, consider buying a few cropped or long-sleeved tops and skirts so you can mix and match them with many other clothing items in your closet.
  • No 11. Consider buying stylized tops that you can pair with any bottoms to create countless possible styles for different occasions.
  • No 12. Consider a neater look for your wardrobe by putting everything on the same hanger.
  • No 13. Consider storing your jeans and pants with the rest of your clothes instead of keeping them separate.
  • No 14. Use a hanging system to keep less-used clothes at the bottom of your closet so that they will not be seen as easily.
  • No 15. If you are bored with the idea of having just two types of items in your wardrobe, consider buying more clothes that are available in stores for special occasions (e.g., all sorts of heels or jackets) or buy a few more accessories such as scarves, hats, etc.

Being simple is not that bad. It can be awesome, instead. With these ten minimalist wardrobe ideas, you can beautify your wardrobe while simplifying your life.



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