10 Small Garden Styling Ideas

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Having a wonderful and spacious garden in the yard is everyone’s dream. However, it is merely a pie in the sky for some people. They have to get by with the limited space.
Does it mean you cannot have an epic place to hang out outdoors just because your backyard is not spacious? Of course not! Check out these 10 small garden styling ideas to make the most of your tiny yard.

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To start or to modify your current garden style, you can consider these options:
Garden Style 1. Contain your garden. This idea is the easiest option to choose from. It implies that you don’t have to worry about a certain garden theme, such as a flower garden or vegetable garden, to plant in your space. Instead, you can simply pick out your favorite flowers and vegetables and plant them accordingly on the ground. In other words, you’ll just fill up your small backyard with flowers and vegetables placed randomly. Besides looking kind of wild and natural, having a haphazard flower or vegetable planting will give an impression of splendid sprawl.

Garden Style 2. Create a flower garden. This idea is a classic type of garden style that you should not even think twice about. It is a nice and simple way to beautify your small backyard. All in all, you will just need to pick out the flowers and plants you like best and design them in an orderly fashion. You can choose either to place them inside or outside of the house. If you place them outside, you can include some climbing plants as well as scented plants so that they will perfume your home with their fragrant smell once the wind blows.

Garden Style 3. Make a vegetable garden. This option will be better for those who want to grow their fruits and vegetables indoors or outdoors, whichever is more convenient for them. You will simply need to search for some ideas of what fruits and vegetables can grow the best in your small backyard and place them accordingly. Then, once they have grown big enough, harvest them so that you can cook your favorite dishes with your fresh produce.

Garden Style 4. Go for a small pond garden. Since we are talking about limited space here, having a water body in your garden will be another nice option to choose from since it will enhance its overall look and provide a nice view of nature.

Garden Style 5. Create a flower planter.
When working on a small scale, this garden style will be better for those who want to take advantage of their small space. You can simply create small containers and place colorful flowers into them. The containers are also known as planters specially made for gardening so that you can easily put your favorite flowers inside. For those looking for a small and cheap garden styling idea, this option may be ideal.

Garden Style 6. Create a place of recreation or relaxation in your yard. With limited space to spare, creating a nice spot to hang out with family or friends can be an ideal option when having a single-story house with many vertical dimensions.

Garden Style 7. Plant a garden for your pets. Having cats and dogs as pets should be one of the top priority decisions for pet owners. After all, dogs and cats are cute and adorable creatures that bring big fun to one’s life. If you can’t accommodate them in your house because of their small size, instead, you can make a dog or a cat garden inside your backyard so that they can play and frolic freely.

Garden Style 8. Go for a landscape lighting system in your yard. One way to enhance its overall appearance is by installing landscape lighting systems all around it. Landscape lighting is very useful in creating an illusion of an unlimited scape when used properly under correct conditions.

Garden Style 9. Create a flower garden with a baby gate. This kind of garden styling is perfect for those who have children of different ages. You can get small landscaping designs and include them along your fence. The design will work together with the baby gate to keep the kids from climbing over it and getting into the other side of your house. Besides being safe, your flower garden can also look very charming since it will help to create an illusion of a big space in your yard.

Garden Style 10. Create a beautiful bonsai garden in your yard. This style of garden styling may take a little time and effort to implement since it involves growing bonsais trees. However, the outcome will be worth all your hard work.

You can construct planters to grow bonsais. Then, you can get some pieces of driftwood and put them in a container filled with water so that they will look like mountains and islands surrounded by beautiful ponds and rice fields. The best part about it is that you can even sell the bonsais’ trees once they grow big enough and have some buds on them.

List Entries:

10. Add a Garden Shed

Just because your backyard is small, it does not mean you cannot relax in it. You can build a cozy patio or deck there so that you can hang out with your family or just enjoy some tea. Even better, you can invest in a garden shed.
The garden shed used to be a perfect storage solution for your gardening tools. You can stash away your shovels, rakes, pruners, watering cans, and wheelbarrow in it. But now, it can be more than just a place to store things.
You can turn a garden shed into an excellent outdoor retreat. Of course, you can! Just add some furniture, and you are ready to sit back and relax. It can also be an excellent home office where you can do your job without any disturbance. Isn’t that great?

To add a new garden shed for cheap, you can:

Step 1: Cut out an opening for your garden shed from the existing structure. Determine the size and direction of the opening before you start cutting.
Step 2: After you have the design, use your power tools to cut it out. Use a circular saw, jigsaw, and reciprocating saw to do this task. You can also use an angle grinder if you have one to make it cut through tougher materials like metal or wood.
Step 3: Paint or stain your shed as per your liking and nail it down for better stability.

9. Add a Lively Lift to the fence

If you lack space, tapping into the fence will be your safe bet. You can do many things with it. One of them is by growing some plants vertically.
The most popular vertical gardening is to grow some plants in containers and hang them on your fence. It is an effortless way to tackle the limited space you have. All you need to do is just investing in some flower pots, let the flowers or herbs thrive in them, and attach them to the fence. Even better, you can try making a living wall.
You can also try this green lattice wall.
First, make diamond patterns on your fence with 16 gauge-galvanized wire.
Next, you just need to grow a climbing vine, such as creeping fig, jasmine, trumpet vine, or bougainvillea, near the fence while training it to wrap around the wire.

Next instructions:

  • No 1. You should pay attention to the vine you are growing to climb. If it can clothe objects, then it will be a better option. If not, you should train it to wrap around the fence wire while pinning it from time to time.
  • No 2. The wire grid should stand at least four inches away from the fence so that the plants can wrap around them.
  • No 3. You can grow other vines such as clematis, ivy, and grapevine.
  • No 4. If you have a fairly small fence, make the border large to fill out the empty space. Use a cable to raise it as you want to extend the garden space.
  • No 5. You can also add a lattice wall on your fence using wood lattice strips and metal poles or threaded barley sticks in your garden. You can have a theme-linked green lattice wall with your current theme or design elements such as forest, natural terrain, garden landscape, etc.
  • No 6. If you want to grow a sturdy woody vine, then choose one that can pump out tendrils from its branches or trunk.
  • No 7. Make sure that the vine is well-grouped. Otherwise, it will look messy and out of shape.

Continue with:

  • No 8. Before planting, prepare your soil by mixing compost, peat moss, or sand into a spade of soil from your garden bed to enrich it with nutrients.
  • No 9. After planting the seeds or growing seeds in a container, lightly water them before placing them on the fence so that they are easy to be fixed onto the wire grid with wire pins or staples pins.
  • No 10. If the vine grows in the garden bed, you can choose a shorter vine such as sweet peas or morning glories. Morning glories are ideal for climbing along trellises and fences.

8. Freshen up with Water Feature

A water feature like a pond, a swimming pool, a fountain, or a faux waterfall has always been mesmerizing. Therefore, you should have one to style your garden.
Since your garden is not spacious, creating a swimming pool or a pond can take up valuable space. Still, you can experience the tranquility of a water feature.
Consider investing in a fountain or a water blade instead. It might not be too big, and thus it will fit in with your garden. Although it is small, it can add a significant impact on your yard.

To add a new water feature in a small garden or backyard you should pay attention to:
  • No 1. How to choose a model that will be compatible with your backyard
    A water feature like a fountain or a pool is mainly made of concrete. As such, you have to ensure the type of concrete you want for it to be compatible with the soil in your yard.
  • No 2. Consider whether you have enough space to place the water feature
    The water feature should not take up too much space in your backyard. Moreover, it should not block other areas from view. If you can’t find a place to install the water feature, consider organizing smaller fountains and other models into different corners in your yard.
  • No 3. How to make a water feature appear like you want it to
    As a small garden, the water feature will have a clear visual impact. Therefore, you should consider placing the water feature in another nearby area. You can do this by creating an artificial waterfall or an irrigation system that will provide water features in several locations.
  • No 4. How to protect your investment
    A water feature like a pond is more vulnerable than other garden items. Therefore, you should invest in a strong structure that protects it from outside threats. A fence is one of the most effective options to add security to your backyard.
  • No 5. How to get rid of mosquitoes in your water features
    Like any other backyard or garden accessories, a water feature is prone to mosquito infestation. Make sure you pick something that will not breed them in the first place. You can also opt for an ultrasonic mosquito repellent if you want no chemicals on your property.
    If you are looking for a cheaper option, then make sure you cover the water feature with netting and keep it clean from time to time.
  • No 6. How to protect yourself from possible algae growth inside the water feature
    Many people are not aware that aquatic life is one of the main causes of algae growth in their yard or garden pond. In fact, the environment for aquatic life is created when the pH level of your water is below. Therefore, keep the pond water level high and keep it clean.
    If you are looking for a cheaper option, then you can consider using UF filters to remove particles that can cause algae to grow.
  • No 7. How to get rid of dead fish you don’t need from your pond?
    Fish will not spend time in your small garden pond or swimming pool unless they are included from the beginning. In this case, pick a model with an automatic feeder system that will automatically add food and kill off any dead fish when they need to be cleaned or removed from the pond.

7. Plan the Composition

Thoroughly planning the composition is the best way to style your garden. You have to think about the style that you want to carve out. This way, you can decide the plants you will grow and the hardscape you need to make.
Some experts say that you need to begin your garden with structural plants and infill them with flowers. The most common option is small shrubs like boxwood as the border.
If you have a petite backyard, you can try making narrow, low-planted beds as borders and containers. Besides, they can also be perfect seating.
Once they are ready, fill them with some beautiful flowering plants. You will be thrilled when it comes to planting. However, you have to resist the urge to invest in many kinds of plants. Sticking to five or six types and repeat the pattern would be much better to create a harmonious look.
If you have no idea what to grow, try lavender, Mexican orange blossom, or other evergreen scented plants. You can opt for creeping rosemary for a more dramatic look, as it will trail and dangle over the beds instead of growing upward.

6. The DIY Garden Planter and Birds Bath

Although not many birds drop by in your garden, you still need to consider having a birdbath because it will beautify the space immensely. You do not need to buy one, though. Try to make it yourself, instead.
To make this planter and birdbath, you will need to place an 8″ flowerpot for the base and rebar. Next, fill it with soil and thread the other pots. Do not forget to tilt them a little bit. Finally, place a large bowl on top.

To build a new garden planter yourself, your instructions are:

Step 1:
Cut a piece of cardboard and measure the size. The final size should be 11 1/2″ long x 14 1/2″ wide.
Step 2:
Cut the poster board to any size that will suit your needs. Draw a garden shape on one side, if needed; then, cut it out with an X-Acto knife.
If you do not have those tools, you can follow this instruction to build planter shapes.

  1. First, take a piece of cardboard and draw the shape on it.
  2. Second, cut the shape with an X-Acto knife.
  3. Third, bend the structure in half at a 90degree angle.
  4. Fourth, take two more pieces of cardboard and cut them to the shape of the top and bottom of your planter.
  5. Repeat step 2 until you have enough parts for your planter.

Step 3:
Lay the planter base on the floor or a workbench. Tip it to one side until you see the top of it sticking out. Line up the base with the stick sticking out and secure it with a couple of screws.
Step 4:
Combine two parts of your planter using your fingers. Fold them in half and then in half again. Create another small hallway by bending one of the parts at an angle, then fold it again so that it fits together. Repeat this step until you have enough layers to create a sturdy structure that will hold all your pots; then, you can go on adding layers.
Step 5:
Use a hammer and a nail to complete the base.
Step 6:
Create a small hole for drainage. Tip your planter and push the drainage hole up through the bottom of it to show on the front.
Step 7:
Assemble all of your planters in rows. Tip them to one side, and then make another one underneath them all, repeating steps 5 and 6 for each layer you create. When you get to the top portion, push out only what is necessary so that you are left with a very sturdy base; then, secure it with screws or nails.

5. Invest in Hanging Furniture

When it comes to limited space, floating furniture is always your greatest bet. The same thing happens in a small garden. By investing in wall-mounted or hanging furniture, you will have the chance to free up the floor space.
This small garden, for example, has a rattan swing chair that you can use as a cozy reading nook. It is super comfy and – more importantly – does not take up a lot of valuable space. You can also opt for a hammock instead.

4. Be Creative with the Lighting

Sometimes you might feel like enjoying the cool breeze in the garden while staring at the stars. For this reason, you need to pick proper Lighting for your backyard.
The most effortless Lighting is string lights hanging over the deck or patio or dangling over the trees. You can also try suspending some Mason jar lights from the branches of a tree.
If you are really into a modern style, you can invest in in-ground LED lights or spotlights to accentuate certain spots. You can also try to purchase these ball-like lamps.

When adding new lighting sets in your garden, pay attention to:
  • No 1. For string lighting, you should choose LED lights compared to the standard ones that require an excessive amount of electricity.

Lighting Tips:
~ The number of lights you need depends on the length of the garden. You should know that 50 lights for every 1,000 square feet are enough if your space is small. On the other hand, if you do not have many plants, 100-150 lights for every 1000 square feet are good enough.
~If you are not going to use a lighting set often, consider changing bulbs with blue or red ones to not attract bugs (and therefore mosquitos).
~Use a timer along with your lights if needed.

  • No 2. A small garden requires less light than a large one, so consider installing only the required number of lights.

Lighting Tips:
If you have a large or tree-filled backyard, you can hang your string lights higher. If it is tiny and has no trees keeps the lights lower and closer to the plants. However, do not place them under the shrubs or trees as they might not be able to photosynthesize completely then.

  • No 3. The string lights should not be bright. They should create a kind of spotlight effect so that the garden feels like its own world.
  • No 4. You can hang Mason jar lights or put some plants inside them and place them on your deck or patio, as well.
  • No 5. Spotlights help you illuminate some specific areas of the garden; however, you need to consider their proximity to plants when picking one for your space. Some plants die from being in the direct light; thus, you should choose wisely to avoid wasting money and time on dead plants.
  • No 6. By hanging lights over your garden from a high branch, you can make it feel like it is an extension of the house and not a separate place.
  • No 7. You can make a little swing for your cat by attaching some pieces of rope to the trellis or placing some pillows on the swing’s seat.
  • No 8. Spend money on solar lights that you can place in different spots around the garden to give an ample amount of light in crevices and corners.

3. The Extravagant Entryway

Despite being tiny, your garden deserves an extravagant entryway. It does not have to be costly, though. It can be as simple as growing shrubs or installing some lights along the pathway to escort anyone to the door.

Also, to upgrade your small garden entryway, you can try the following options:
  • Option 1. For half the price of a front entryway, you can have it built using concrete pavers. It will give your garden a decent amount of dimension.
  • Option 2. If you’re on a budget, try putting up some wooden 4 x 4s to make a small pathway leading to your front door. Be sure to paint the door using wood stain or dark stain to not look too plain. You can also add some large pebbles around the edges to make the pathway look natural and inviting.
  • Option 3. Turn your front door into a garden entrance door by replacing the old wooden one with a new and antique-looking one. This option will also give you ample space to grow vegetables and flowers on either side of your door. For a more beautiful look, you can choose some antique-looking tiles as your flooring.
  • Option 4. If you have an old shed in your yard, why not put it to good use by turning it into a veranda or porch? This option is a great way to display plants that you are growing in the garden. And also to get rid of all the trash that is just taking up space within the shed. Instead, use these extra spaces for storage and equipment.
  • Option 5. If you come from a cold country, consider adding more potted plants to the front of your house. You can start off by filling the old windowsills with potted plants and gradually adding more as you get more seeds. These plants will be a constant reminder that spring is just around the corner.
  • Option 6. If you have a small patio, why don’t you have some plant racks placed there for your guests to put their shoes on? They are really simple to build and require less space than a traditional chair and table set. This step will give all your visitors places to sit instead of cramped by their feet in chairs that do not fit together well.
  • Option 7. Install some instant flooring in your garden. Make it easy for guests to clean their shoes before entering your home.
  • Option 8. You can use some concrete stepping stones for a more modern look and avoid tripping on loose stones or dirt for small patios.
  • Option 9. Your front garden should always have a pathway leading from the sidewalk to your front door. You can achieve this goal by adding stepping stones that you can craft from concrete or wood resting on top of the dirt. This pathway will help your visitors to find their way into and out of your house while cleaning their shoes before entering your abode, thus eliminating any mud or dirt from getting inside the house finishes.
  • Option 10. If you have a small garden, a simple wind chime hanging from the nearest tree can make everyone smile and keep the garden neat and tidy.
    The trick here is thinking outside of the box when it comes to styling your small garden. Not only does it look great, but these different options will also give you some great space-saving ideas.
  • Option 11. Creative Uses For Old Flower Vases
    Do you have an old flower vase lying around on your front porch? Hey, why not turn it into an elegant backyard planter? You don’t have to buy new potting soil or soil for the new plants you’ll bring inside to house in the vase.

2. Try Tropical Vibes

Tropical vibes always bring a distinctive charm to any garden. Thus, it is worth the try.
To create a tropical garden, you need to focus on large, lavish, and lush foliage like banana trees, philodendron, Alocasia plants, Dumb Cane, and Monstera. Do not forget to add some splash of exotic colors like Birds of Paradise, Canna Lily, and Croton.

You can also incorporate pops of colors by painting the fence or tossing some colorful furniture. To round out the tropical vibes, add a water feature like a small pond.

You can also add tropical touches into your small garden for cheap by following the next options:
  • No 1. How about adding some brightly colored garden pots filled with bird-of-paradise plants to create an exotic look?
  • No 2. If you have a yard with enough space to grow tall plants, try growing some Dwarf Palm Trees. They are perfect for small yards and only need 12 inches of soil to thrive.
  • No 3. You can also make some compacted plant beds using coconut husks to create the look of a tropical backwater paradise in a small backyard and save yourself from buying new soil every time you want to plant something new.
  • No 4. The simple act of putting some leafy plants near the ground can help make your garden look more tropical than ever.
  • No 5. If your garden does not have enough room to grow tall plants, why don’t you try filling the gaps with little pots instead? You can use a mixture of potting soil and sand to fill the gaps or even just use mulch bags to fill in space.
  • No 6. If you do not have a yard but still want a tropical feel for your backyard, consider growing an Alocasia. It only needs 18 inches of soil and is very easy to maintain.
  • No 7. The most ideal way to grow bananas is in containers and place them somewhere near your front door so that they catch the sun all day long.
  • No 8. How about planting some small trees in pots near your front porch? You can use either pine cones or cuttings from tropical plants. These pots will look good and give you a tropical-looking edge to your porch without having to go all out with tons of palm trees everywhere.
  • No 9. If you happen to live on a busy road, why not try planting some Bird of Paradise plants right beside your house? They are extremely easy to grow and are lovely additions next to any pathway.
  • No 10. You can also try growing some tropical plants in your window planters as well. The combination of de-cluttering your house while adding a beautiful touch to it will make everyone fall in love with this small tip.
  • No 11. Finally, if you do not have any space for a water feature, why not try adding a few extra pots and plants to create the illusion of a water feature? It may not be real, but it still looks great and adds a new dimension to your garden.

The best thing about tropical vibes is that they are easily accessible to all of us. You do not need anything special or expensive to create them; all you need is some imagination, and that’s it.

1. Create Some Levels

If you lack space in your garden, creating different levels can be your solution. By doing this, you can define the functions of each area. Besides, raising some areas a few feet off the ground will allow you to open up more space to place more containers.

To add more garden plant containers and garden appeal, you can consider the following options:
Option 1. The first thing you need to do is get rid of the old and leaky pots. You can dispose of them in the yard or backyard waste.

Option 2. Plan for a planter box
Choose potted plants that can fit your space and match your style. By selecting the right plant, you can make a small garden more functional, easier to maintain, and attractive at the same time.
Planter boxes provide beauty and function: they organize plants and act as mini-greenhouses in winter, keep bulbs from freezing and sheltered from the wind and add shade during the summertime.

Option 3. Garden planters from recycled materials
In the tiny garden, you can use recycled or second-hand materials like broken and old pottery, bricks, concrete blocks, and old cement containers; they can be used as ornament planters.

Option 4 . Planters from conglomerates
In different countries, you can get planters made from conglomerates, which are commercially colored and painted to look like real plants.

Option 5 . Make some simple steps for your small garden planter
The following changes can help increase the functionality of a small garden:

  • Add a bench or two to your planter. By doing this, you save space and create more functions. Of course, you can also use it as a place to sit and have a rest.
  • Add hanging baskets or pots with plants inside them on the sides of the bench. By doing this, you add more interest to the bench and make it look more functional at the same time.
  • You can also use the planter as a room divider. It provides privacy while allowing the air to flow through the different parts of your yard.
  • The best thing about using a planter as an outdoor divider is that you can easily change its composition by adding or removing plants and repositioning the pot or pot in another place.

Option 6. Ornamental garden wall
After seeing some pictures of ornamental walls, you might think that these are too hard to make and expensive to buy. However, it’s not true! You just need to do a little research on how they are made and what materials are required for their construction.

Option 7. Use 3-tier planters
If you want to add height to your small garden, you may need to purchase a 3-tier planter and put it in the middle of the yard. It will make a nice focal point and give you an extra source of shade and privacy and something nice to look at.

Option 8. Plant a tall tree
You do not have to plant a huge tree in your small garden. You can plant one or two tall trees around 10 or 12 feet high that will create shade and privacy for you. Not only will they add beauty, but they also give you security while still be within your budget.

Option 9. Use an old tire as a planter
You can use old tires to place pots in your small garden. You may have to replace them every year or two, but they will last long enough to serve you for several years before you need to get a new one.

Option 10. Add benches and furniture around your garden
Another way to make your small yard look bigger is by using benches, tables, and chairs that are also made of wood. By doing this, you can create various functions like eating, sleeping, reading, or just running around in the yard and play in it as much as you want.

Having a tiny backyard is not a dead end. It can be a blessing, instead. With these ten small garden styling ideas, you can create beauty and coziness right in your house.



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