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10 Small Patio Garden Ideas

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Small patio gardens are perfect for your creative expression when you don’t want to get too carried away with gimmicks. And some ideas will have a considerable amount of impact on the overall look and feel of your backyard oasis when done correctly. You might be surprised how a little creativity, a bit of time, and just some simple tools can turn your 20’x25′ area into the perfect retreat from reality.

Here, we present you 10 small patio garden ideas that might please your eyes and anyone who used to feel unfortunate with your garden situations. As always, Simphome offers you the list

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10. The Raised Heaven Idea

It’s nice to have a stunning view around the house. This elevated small patio garden shows you that limited space is not a significant obstacle to carving spectacular landscaping.
A raised patio garden brings a unique appearance to your house. Fill some areas with soil and shape them. You can use wood and rocks to hold the soil. They can also transform your backyard into a lovely place you can enjoy.

If you don’t want to have a large flower bed in your small patio garden, an evergreen tree could be the place where you could plant some big colorful flowers. In addition, they tell many different stories about your personality: for instance, the red-flowering cherry is known as the symbol of everlasting love; golden rain-tree is said to bring good luck for newlyweds; while white blooms of rosemary are associated with joyfulness and many other feelings.

9. The Hidden Patio Idea

Building a small patio would benefit you. For example, you won’t find dirt after the rain because of the hard surface. Kids can still have fun on it without being dirty. It can also be a great place to hang out at home and throw a little party there.

This patio has two areas with different types of seats to distinguish their functions. Fences surround it to give protection and offer some privacy to keep unwanted people away. Greenery and palm trees grow along the borders to make them look more attractive while ensuring you get the ultimate privacy.
To upgrade it, give some flower beds that would improve the overall coloring of your home.
If possible, frame your flowers with wood fences and painted them white. Next, complete the area with hanging wrought iron gates on the track to make them slide when you open and close them.

8. Asian Vibe Garden Idea

The Asian vibe garden will give you the impression of a cozy and relaxing place to spend your time with family members or friends.
Around the table, plant some bamboos as an alternative to what you see in the picture. To get a unique look, place them in containers and paint them in some different colors. It will help make a space that seems like being in a zen garden area.

The rest would be to set the seating where you can sit or even have lunch with family in the backyard. Finish it off with a fire pit or a birdbath in the middle as the garden’s centerpiece.

7. The Minimalist Garden Idea

Look how beautiful this garden is! It’s a lovely combination of hardscape and softscape in creating a minimalist look. The transition between the lawn, the white fences, and the concrete produce clean-lined edges, which is epic.

FYI, minimalist garden owners usually feature low-maintenance shrubs like boxwood and Dwarf Alberta Spruce inside their garden. But if you want to bring in a splash of vibrant color, why not? Hydrangeas or Stewartstonian Azalea will add a spark of joy to your green garden. Do not go overboard, though.
Tip: If you want this garden to look gorgeous without giving you extra chores, try opting for artificial turf. This way, you can have a green carpet look without the hassle.

6. The Little garden idea

It would be best to choose a relatively flat area for this project and clear out the grass for a good foundation.
Second, for the plants, you can consider:
One: Start with some fresh herbs like basil. They’re always in demand but difficult to come by.
Two: Make a rock garden by adding some moss and stones.
Three: Try planting some fresh flowers like marigolds, petunias, impatiens, dwarf impatiens, or bulbs such as crocus.
Four: Plant your vines like grapes and grapevine espalier.
Five: Try planting your mint.
Six: If you’d instead plant some vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, or herbs, that’s fine too. Just make sure that whatever you pick is at least 2 feet away from any existing structures.

5. Enrich the Texture

This garden features lush trees that surround it well, creating spectacular landscaping while offering privacy. It also has wooden pathways that will escort you to the seating area.
Along the pathway grows some shrubs with different heights and colors to please your eyes. Some stones and gravel are placed between each path to enrich the look.
You can choose to either build your own garden set or opt for some wooden deck chairs for the seating. If you’re afraid of the weather, then consider making a covered area with vinyl.

4. The Low-Maintenance Garden Idea

The best way to have a new low-maintenance garden is to start with minimal preparation. A great way to keep maintenance low is to choose plants that don’t require much care. For instance, succulents and cacti will survive in almost any condition. Perennials like the ones in the picture make for a great addition because they come back every year without any work on your end!

Additionally, you can add seating, firepits, and other no-fuss plants such as succulents, boxwood, and juniper.

3. The Mini Oasis for the Urban gardens

This garden is fantastic because of its excellent design and because the owner made sure to take a lot of time and effort to create this mini oasis for the family (complete with a swimming pool).
The combination of wooden brown and green in this space sparks interest in the eye. Meanwhile, you can quickly identify the various seatings by using different colors that make the place stand out even more. Also, it would be best to add some tall trees around the area to create more privacy and give shade whenever required.

2. The Bamboo Screening Idea

This garden gives off a Japanesque miniature feel. You can either choose to forgo some of the bamboos and use stone, but in that case, you’ll have to make some adjustments because it would be best to keep the space open. Also, you could add a few plants among the stones to give it a little more color and texture.
For the seating, use wooden deck chairs with seats made of bamboo as an alternative.

You can combine bamboo with potted plants and other plants as well. The wooden stairs and edging are the ideal option. Another alternative you can use is wooden planks. If you want to make this garden look brighter and more vivid, you can mix in some yellow shrubs such as jasmine or redberry.

Lastly, Number 1. The Sunken Patio Idea

To lower cost, you should build the garden around existing structures because it would be easier for people to use the platform from outside. It can cost much less than an entirely new structure, and your neighbors won’t have too much work involved with making their gardens just as beautiful as yours will be. You can even go for a material like vinyl or wood instead of stone.

You can apply a sunken garden if the area doesn’t get affected by heavy rain. A particular region with this idea mightn’t be popular.
It is because excessive water could destroy the plants in the garden. But it is a beautiful garden when you live in an area with good weather that supports a sunken garden.

What do you think of our small patio garden ideas? You can adapt some of these ideas in your backyard if it has the same size and landscape.



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