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10 Built-in Bedroom Wardrobe Ideas

Beauty is part of anything, including a room. It means you should be able to present a lovely appearance in every aspect that you add to it, so is a built-in bedroom wardrobe. It makes simple storage that also fills the space.
A built-in wardrobe can have so many functions, not only for storing your garments. When applied well, it gives you some simple room hacks that help you create a comfortable and efficient room at once. At once, after the video ends, check out the link pasted inside the description area too if necessary.

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10. Create More Space

10. Create More Space by simphome.comA tiny room is a setback that can sometimes be a nightmare as you might want to put relatively huge things. But this idea brings a solution with a fitted bedroom wardrobe.
The bed fits just for one person, which spares some space to move freely. The middle room can be the canvas that allows you to play with color and contrast to create beauty by having a rug to add some interesting stuff. It helps prevent the room from looking dull.

9. Decorate Your Wardrobe

9. Decorate Your Wardrobe by simphome.comWhen you want your bedroom wardrobe to be practical, you can take this one as an example or inspiration. It looks stunning with the huge glass that functions as a mirror. It stands tall from the floor to the ceiling, taking advantage of the not so high room.
The glass also differentiates the wardrobe from other things around it in neutral tones. A wide window exists to leave an airy feel as the room isn’t that high. The bed comes with a unique headboard that looks like stairs when you look at the window.

8. Add a Curtain

8. Add a Curtain by simphome.comThe bed is nicely in the middle of a wardrobe and a cabinet. Under the bed is a space that you can use as a hideout to store books or magazines.
Arranging furniture can define your room as it can pretty much affect the whole layout. It can only bring a new ambiance when you put it according to your desire.
As the bedroom has enormous windows, having a curtain installed next to your bed is the right choice when the sunlight blinds you.

7. Mirror and the Light

7. Mirror and the Light by simphome.comMirrors make a room appear larger. The wardrobe is enormous, with glasses on each panel, making it stylish and classy. This wardrobe could be anyone could dream of. A spacious room that can hold lots of stuff shows a pretty layout in the front and the back.
The wardrobe is transparent, and it elevates the view of the room for sure. It’s on the right side of the bed, and there’s a gap in between you can walk on. It’s spacious enough to facilitate some doors.
The headboard makes a great panel that separates the room. This concept brings a free atmosphere with its stylish and spacious room.

6. Add Greenery

6. Add Greenery by

Decreasing the bed’s size is an ultimate way to have some more space. As long as you feel comfortable with your choice, it shouldn’t be a problem. It will work if you’re single because you’ll be in trouble if you have a partner.
You can add a plant or flower when there are only a few colors in there. You can add some improvement to your room by creating one or two small counters facing the sunlight.
It can help you enjoy your morning while taking a sip of your coffee. You can add a blind if necessary if it’s too bright.

5. Get Creative

5. Get Creative by simphome.comWhen your headboard it’s relatively high, you have the chance to use it as a room divider or a place where you can hang some shelves. It might be small, but the wall partition allows you to hide your outfits and shoes.
This open wardrobe is another way to deal with cramped space. It looks tidy and straightforward with just using iron fixed on to the walls.
Having an open wardrobe would give you a good idea about what to wear so that you can save some more time. It would be perfect for you who often spend a lot of time picking up which dress suits you best.

4. Make Good Use of the Slope

4. Make Good Use of the Slope by simphome.comNot all rooms have square or rectangular shapes, especially the attic. With a slipped side in the bedroom, you can have your wardrobe installed innovatively. It’s somewhat organized by having your clothes in there.
You can turn the slope angle into a beautiful side that becomes the center of attention in your room, as seen in this picture.
You can even build shelves and drawers to store some stuff as well. If the ceiling is high enough, you may need a ladder to get you there. But you should think of finding a way to store it.

3. Beautiful Room with Coordinated Design

3. Beautiful Room with Coordinated Design by simphome.comThis almost all-white bedroom is just splendid with a beautiful panel ceiling. The doors have a retro design that matches the theme. The wardrobe is relatively short and beautiful in a white tone and has drawers that nicely line up.
The windows are a perfect blend with the ceiling design and the doors. Everything that comes in pair makes the room pleasantly comfortable. The bed has a space below that allows you to clean the floor easily.

2. Add Shelves

2. Add Shelves by simphome.comA tall person wouldn’t have a problem reaching the top of the wardrobe. For storage purposes, a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is a great choice.
But if there’s some space left above the wardrobe, you can put some boxes or shelves for additional storage.
A wall is an object where you can add anything to it. If your room isn’t too crowded, installing some shelves on the wall would adorn the room slightly. Remember to keep them stay organized and not no to make a mess in your room.

Lastly, Number 1. Upgrade Your Privacy

1. Create Privacy by simphome.comSeparating two rooms can help you give a clear border between them. And, yes, a wardrobe can undoubtedly do the job.
When you’re using the bathroom, water could splash into your bedroom. Therefore, the partition wall is there to prevent it. Be sure that the wardrobe is waterproof, or it will become a spot where mold grows.
The wardrobe could also give you some privacy when you have a guest and you’re still in the bathroom, thanks to its vast size.
Built-in bedroom wardrobe ideas are more than just storage to complete your room, as you’ve seen on the list above. They are also changeable when you think they’re outdated as time passes by or when you feel like having some new vibe in your room.



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