10 Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinet Upcycled ideas via Simphome

Renewing home interior pieces require time, money, and energy. However, instead of wasting your money out for a brand-new furniture, why not give your old ones a new life?
Discarded bedroom furniture such as wardrobe and cabinet are usually abandoned at the corner of your storage room. Be a little creative and upcycle them into a higher quality one. Upcycled furniture project is good for our environment and can add a unique touch to our house. Next, get inspired by one of these 10-bedroom wardrobe and cabinet upcycled ideas by simphome.

Take home at least one of them and let’s start our count down

10. A Reading Nook idea

10 A Reading Nook idea via Simphome 1A gigantic wardrobe can be transformed into a reading nook for your little one which you can fit in their playroom. Start out by repainting the wardrobe and pull out the drawer to create a new space. Decorate it by patching a wallpaper, laying a throw, putting a lantern pendant light, or adding a comfortable bench cushion.

Anchor your wardrobe to the wall using an anchor kit to keep it from tipping over when your kid gets inside and you are good to go. This idea allows you to have a secret hideout reading nook inspired by Narnia that will turn to be a regular wardrobe unit after you close its door.

9. A Closet Office idea
9 A Closet Office idea via Simphome com
If your closet is not utilized to fill its full capacity, transforming them into a simple and efficient home office corner will add more value to your house. First, determine your needs because space is going to be a premium in a case of a closet office. Research and classify elements of the closet office in categories such as office equipment, decoration and design, so that you can select the best combination out of them.

I recommend you to select a desk which is full open underneath so that you can push in your office chair whenever you’re not using it and last, you can cover your new corner office with a curtain too if you want to keep it inconspicuous when you serve a special guest in your house.

8. A Closet turn to a floating reading nook idea
8 A Closet turn to a floating reading nook idea via Simphome 1This upcycled idea is suitable to maximize a tiny playroom and it allows you to turn your closet into a floating couch for kids to hide, play, and read books. All you need is one sheet of thick plywood with cuts and measurements according to your closet size. First, determine the height of your floating couch in the closet and mark it off.

Measure and cut your plywood to a rectangle frame and attach it to your wall. Then with screws and drill, secure your plywood to the frame. Next, build a ladder and attach it to the rectangle frame. Last, paint and decorate your new floating nook with pillows, toys and books.

7. Redecorate your Cabinet with a nautical theme and new trim
7 Redecorate your Cabinet with a nautical theme and new trim via Simphome 1
So, are you bored with your plain wooden cabinet? Repaint it and redesign it with white nautical theme and new trims. First, choose a design plan you want for your cabinet doors then remove its doors and drawers.

Cut a wood trimming and attach them to your cabinet doors by following your design. Then paint your wardrobe white by sanding it first. Add a little nautical touch to your white wardrobe after it is dry by gluing blue sea shells washable wallpaper. For the handles, you can choose sailor rope handles to complete your theme.

6. Beautiful Ikea Cabinet Doors
6 Beautiful Ikea Cabinet Doors via Simphome 1
A glass door cabinet displays all your stuff so you can see them easily. But some people don’t like it because it exposes all the things they stored in the cabinet. If you are one of them, do something with your cabinet’s door.

Instead of buying new doors or removing the glass, cover the glass with fabric from the inside. Cut fabric you want and staple it on the inside of your cabinet using staple gun. Then, pull the fabric tightly, and fold it over on the edges. And Done. it is a super cheap and an easy! Besides, the fabric will add more pattern to your cabinet doors. As alternative, instead of fabric you can also use paper wallpaper or light emitting wallpaper too.

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5. A Corkboard Door upcycling idea
5 A Corkboard Door upcycling idea vs 1
Do you need more storage in your room but lack of space for additional furniture? Try using up the door of your wardrobe. You don’t need to buy a new one, though. You just need to give your existing wardrobe a simple makeover by adding a corkboard to your door.

First, you can begin with painting the wardrobe white (optional). Next, attach a mirror to the one side of your door so you can double-check your look before hitting the road. Adhere a roll of cork board to the other door and then trim and cut it down to your door size. Last, now you can add some hooks or thumb-tack pins there to hang accessories, memos, or your kids’ masterpiece.

4. Turn a Cubby into a New Cabinet idea
4 Turn a Cubby into a New Cabinet idea via Simphome 1
This idea allows you to get a neat clothing cabinet from a single IKEA cubby unit.
The original shelf comes with 4 equal size cubbies and no legs.
First, remove one of the horizontal boards so the shelf consists of one long shelf. (right or left is your option)
In the same area, install extra wooden rod to accommodate your clothes, and use two other shelves for anything else. Add new backing plates onto the bottom shelving then, screw four wooden leg units there. To add new doors, install door hinges as shown in the picture
Last, install door handles before you set your new doors to your new cabinet and add magnets to upgrade locking mechanism of your new cabinet

3. Upcycle a Pine Wardrobe idea
3 Upcycle a Pine Wardrobe idea via Simphome 1
Upcycling a pine wardrobe can be done in two ways. First, you can change the function from a wardrobe into a pantry to facilitate your kitchen utensils and you can beautifully organize your cooking ingredients inside some shelves, baskets and spice racks fixed to the inside of your doors.

Or second, give your wardrobe an exterior makeover. It can be done by repainting it with your favorite color, or replacing the handles with new design you want.

2. DIY Wardrobe idea for Toddler from IKEA’s standard chest of drawer.
2 DIY Wardrobe idea for Toddler from IKEA’s standard chest of drawer via Simphome 1
According to Montessori Method, putting together toddlers’ room in such a way is a great idea to foster their independence as they grow. For that reason, give your toddler’s their very own personal wardrobe.

First, take a standard chest of drawers from IKEA and construct a custom wardrobe with a tall shelf on one side to hang clothes and two sets of double drawers on the other side. Put on small and fun door handles from small plastic dinosaurs and buy small kid sized hanger for their clothes. Last, you can also attach fun wallpaper to the back of their wardrobe.

Lastly number 1, Ikea Pax Hack idea
1 Ikea Pax Hack idea via Simphome 1
Instead of dreaming a fancy walk-in closet, figure out a way to get one in your house with a non-custom budget. Ikea Pax is known as the most common, highest-rated, and budget-friendly closet system.
Lots of people have hacked their IKEA PAX to create a built-in look to meet their needs. You can do the same thing with some critical upgrades for a full custom cabinetry look. Purchasing Ikea Pax online would come in handy. Once you have it in hand, assemble the Pax units, install the lighting, baseboards and floor.
Then wallpaper the backs of the wardrobe units. Last add finishing touches to your walk-in closet. More info in credit area.

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So, I hope some of these ideas will help your next furniture restoration projects. They cut your expenses and at the same time they give you a reason to return to my channel in a near future.
10 Bedroom Wardrobe and Cabinet Upcycled ideas via Simphome Pinterest Featured Image
10. A Reading Nook idea | Blesser House
9. A Closet Office idea | She Knows
8. A Closet turn to a floating reading nook idea | Buzz Feed | 55 Least Design
7. Redecorate your Cabinet with a nautical theme and new trim | My Shabby Moments
6. Beautiful Ikea Cabinet Doors | Kreativk
5. A Corkboard Door upcycling idea | Domestically Speaking
4. Turn a Cubby into a New Cabinet idea | The Sorry Girls
3. Upcycle a Pine Wardrobe idea | Tidy Away Today
2. DIY Wardrobe idea for Toddler from IKEA’s standard chest of drawer. | Of The Moon
1. Ikea Pax Hack idea | IKEA Hackers

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