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10 Wardrobe Layout Storage Ideas

Do you intend to makeover your wardrobe or in search of ideas to build a new one? Whether you start from a clean slate or remodeling what you have, you need some tips to get a fabulous closet. And about the tips, we have summed up 10 wardrobe layout storage ideas you can copy just for you in the video.
Before starting the project, take inventory of your belongings. Calculate how much hanging or shelving you will need. This way, you can design and organize your wardrobe with ease.

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10 Wardrobe Layout Storage Ideas

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10. Prioritize Longer Hanging Clothes

10. Prioritize Longer Hanging Clothes by simphome.comDelicate materials like silk, satin, and lace are prone to wrinkling. Therefore, you have to hang them to maintain their A1 shapes. For this reason, planning the hanging section should be your main priority if you want to make a new wardrobe from scratch.
Make two lines of hanging rods to accommodate more dresses. One should be high enough to create sufficient space for the second rod underneath. Build separate sections and leave a room for hanging long apparel.
After that, organize your clothes based on certain categories. First, group your attire – shirts, jackets, pants, or longer items like dresses. Hang the similar size and type together.

9. Use Your Space Efficiently

9. Use the Space Efficiently by simphome.comArranging items in the wardrobe efficiently means that you can easily find things and keep your belongings tidy. One way to create an ergonomic closet is by building the shelves above the hanging space.
Ensure the depth of the shelves is no more than 14 inches, so you will not lose things at the back. Another way to make your wardrobe more efficient is arranging your clothes by type and by your routine. Designate sections in your closet for pants, shirts, accessories, bags, just like in a shop or a boutique.

8. Sort Things out

8. Sort Things out by simphome.comMost clothes organizing tips includes grouping the attire by categories. The easiest way to de-clutter your clothes is by separating them by type. Now let’s take a look at your wardrobe and take inventory.
Remember! Don’t toss all of them on the bed and create more mess. Sift through them and take one single category each time. This method is better because you can easily sort the ones you will preserve and the ones you want to get rid of.
Do this for each of the categories and place them in the intended space. You can donate things you don’t want to use anymore or store them elsewhere to free up more space in your wardrobe.

7. Consider Seasonal Storage

7. Consider Seasonal Storage by simphome.comFor those who live in four-season countries, sorting the seasonal clothes is like a ritual. You need to do this if you have a small wardrobe. Not only aesthetical reason, but it also ensures that your clothing will last longer. Here are some tips for doing it.
First, pare down your wardrobe. Get rid of clothing you will never wear, such as damaged, unfit, or out-of-fashion items. That way, you can create more space in your closet. Second, after selecting your apparel, wash and repair your clothes before storing them. Leaving them clean and completely dry can prevent moths and mildew problems. Third, use plastic containers and consider labeling them to make finding things easier.

6. Try Decoupage Doors

6. Try Decoupage Doors by

Make your wardrobe more interesting by covering the door with a decoupage design. Moreover, it is an easy project to do. Many materials are available for this craft, such as wrapping paper, wallpaper, fabric, or a paper napkin. You can even buy decoupage paper for this purpose. If you like this idea, here are the steps to make it.

First, make sure the surface is clean and dust-free. Then, cut your selected pictures. Next, arrange the pieces on the surface before gluing them. Tidy the edges with a craft knife if necessary. The next step is gluing them.
Wipe away any excess glue and smooth out any wrinkles. The last step is varnishing the picture. But ensure they are completely dry before doing this step.

5. Think about the Drawers

5. Think about the Drawers by simphome.comDrawers tend to be a messy place. However, with a smart organization solution, a drawer is an excellent place for storing apparel. Let’s get started by emptying them and go through the items.
Once you have selected your items to keep, use the ‘vertical’ or ‘file folding’ method to fold the clothes. This method keeps the drawer neat and enables you to see all of your items at a glance. The technique only has five steps.
First, fold the sides of the shirt to the center. Second, fold the sleeves down. Your shirt now should form a neat rectangle. Third, fold the rectangle almost in half. After that, fold it again in half or thirds. Last, stand the folded shirt upright. Do the same for other clothes and arrange them in a drawer organizer.

4. Wardrobe-Display Shelves Combo

4. Wardrobe Display Shelves Combo by simphome.comOpen shelves or cubby holes are great to display your favorite shoes or handbags. Positioning them between two similar wardrobes will make the room look more aesthetic and symmetric.
The open shelves in the picture feature lamps, so you can see things inside clearly. The background color is the same tone as the wall and in contrast with the wardrobe doors. You can custom made the wardrobe with built-in open shelves like in the picture. But you can also DIY it if you want it to suit your room design.

3. Be Flexible

3. Be Flexible by simphome.comBe flexible with your storing organizers. A shelving system in this picture enables you to adjust and readjust the height to accommodate your belongings. If you plan to install this shelving, locate the standards just high enough for you to reach. One thing you have to keep in mind, use strong screws to fasten them to wall studs if you are going to store heavy things.

2. Tap any Vertical Space

2. Tap any Vertical Space by simphome.comMake use of the blank space on the wall by adding hooks for hats and accessories. Moreover, after you arrange your collection, you will find new wall decoration on your wall too.
Before screwing the hooks, mark the spot with tape to visualize the area so they will work nicely with the size of your hats and the length of your necklace. Then cut three boards the same length as the wall.
Next, paint them with the same color as the wall or other color as long as it matches the room design. After that, attach the hooks to the boards.
Use different styles of hooks for hats, necklaces, and bags. Then screw the board on the wall on the marks you have put earlier. Now, they are ready for your hats and accessories.

Lastly, Number 1. Do not Compromise Style

1. Do not Compromise Style by simphome.comAlthough the primary function of a wardrobe is to store your apparel, it doesn’t mean that it goes without style. Creative organization and styling can lessen the cramped feeling of the space.
The closet in the picture looks more attractive with wallpaper and matching furniture. The wire shelving above is simple but stylish to keep the boxes for seasonal clothes.
Adding a rod under the upper shelving can make an excellent spot for hanging clothes. You can also cut the wire shelving to make smaller ones for hats or folded clothes.
To add more storage, you can add a small dresser and an end table with drawers to store smaller items. Finally, add a full-sized mirror in the closet to make it more functional,


When designing a wardrobe layout, there are several things to consider. First, you need to calculate the numbers of your belongings. Then, decide on the space for shelves or hanging rods. Next, you need to consider seasonal storage. Last, go with a style so your wardrobe is not only functional but also stylish. If necessary, recheck 10 wardrobe layout storage link provided inside the description area.



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