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10 Small Living Room Styling Ideas

Small space restricts you from furnishing your living room. Thus, you tend to focus on keeping things down to a minimum because less is always more. Still, do not mistake this concept for a boring, plain entertaining area.
Living in a home with limited space indeed requires you to think out of the box. Instead of downsizing the furniture and decorations, you can make it more appealing with some smart move. Stroll into these 10 small living room styling ideas that are big in style. To keep yourself following on the right track, follow the link pasted inside the reference area


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10. Use the Lighting Smartly

10. Use the Lighting Smartly by simphome.comLighting plays a crucial role in any living room, especially a small one. It not only illuminates the space but also makes the area appear to be visually larger. Besides, lamps come in a wide array of designs that can embellish the interior.
When it comes to lighting a small living room, you need to consider several things. If you have a little extra space, a floor lamp sitting in a corner or behind a couch is recommended.
Also, sconces and pendant lights are best friends for a tiny living room since they do not take up floor space. Two wall lamps flanking a large painting or photograph would be worth the try too. They not only provide sufficient light but also accentuate the artwork stylishly.

9. Be Creative with Floating Shelves

9. Be Creative with Floating Shelves by simphome.comA small living room is usually prone to clutter. Therefore, incorporating additional storage solutions would be your ultimate goal. Then, you can take this idea further by styling floating shelves.
Floating shelves have always been everyone’s go-to storage when it comes to small spaces. Luckily, they come in various designs to meet your needs. However, if you cannot find the best fit, you can always make them yourself.
These floating shelves are easy to make. You just need to grab some plywood boards, cut them to size, and screw them to the wall. Feel free to harness your creativity and imagination to carve out the patterns you like.

8. Invest in a Large Rug

8. Invest in a Large Rug by simphome.comYour small living room might lack space, but it does not have to be void of style. Therefore, do not let it blah without any visual interest. For instance, give a large rug a try!
Large rugs come in various patterns and colors, which can make your small living room look appealing instantly. Besides, they tend to cover the floor nicely rather than breaking it up visually.
In addition to styling your living room with a bold pattern, you can also experiment with a large rug which also provides warmth to your bare feet. More importantly, it helps to anchor your furniture so that it looks united.

7. Opt for Light Colors

7. Opt for Light Colors by simphome.comHave you ever heard that dark colors can make a small room feel boxed-in? It can be true. Therefore, white walls have always been your safe bet when it comes to decorating tiny spaces.
Another trick you can do to make your small living room appear larger is painting the walls and ceiling white. This way, you can brighten up space and make it flow into one being.
If you think white is a bit mundane, you can opt for light, muted colors. For example, blush pink, pale blue or gray, and dusky lilac. These colors will not only make your small living room fresher, and cozier but also more inviting too.

6. Decorate It with Plants

6. Decorate It with Plants by

Nothing can beat the charm of nature. You do not have to live in the jungle, though. Just bring in the good vibes of it to your living room by growing indoor plants.
Plants always add a lively lift to space. Some of them, like snake plants, golden pothos, spider plants, and dracaenas, are renowned for being the best air purifiers.
FYI, English ivy is also an excellent organic air-purifying agent. Furthermore, you can also add the climbing vines. Not only healthy, but the climbing vine can also create a dramatic look in your living room as well. Just place it on a top shelf, and let your English ivy dangle over it. You will love it!

5. A Multipurpose Couch

5. A Multipurpose Couch by simphome.comSince a small living room lacks space, you need to use it efficiently. Thus, investing in a piece of multipurpose furniture would be a brilliant idea.
Take a look at this multipurpose couch. Besides providing a comfortable place to lounge on, it also features a built-in table that you can use it to do your homework or task.
With this built-in table and shelf, you can create a home office in your living room without taking up more space. Isn’t it wonderful?

4. Fish-Tank Coffee Table Idea

4. Fish Tank Coffee Table by simphome.comA coffee table is necessary for a living room because it enables you to set down snacks, drinks, or even your phone. You can find it easily in a furniture store. If you cannot find one that appeals to you, try making it yourself.
This coffee table is not only useful but also pleasing to the eyes. The fish tank underneath will draw the eyes instantly. You can buy it from a store or DIY it. it would help you save more money.

3. Go Rustic with Tree Stump Coffee Table

3. Go Rustic with Tree Stump Coffee Table by simphome.comIf you think combining an aquarium and a coffee table is arduous, you may want to opt for this rustic look.
To copy this look, you need to get some tree stumps. After that, dry them thoroughly. Next, soften the edges with a palm sander. Then, you can stain or paint them, which depends on your personal taste. Do you want to preserve the natural look? Applying two coats of sealer will be enough.

2. Be Elegant with Gold

2. Be Elegant with Gold by simphome.comAre you a big fan of the elegant look? This idea is for you.
This small living room for example looks stylish despite the minute space, thanks to the gold accents that embellish it nicely.
It comes with a gold frame mirror that makes a great focal point. It definitely steals anyone’s focus and DIY friendly.
It also comes with another gold accent that completes the floor lamp with an intriguing shape. The domination of gold accents is balancing other elements of the decor and not turning the little room becomes overcrowded. Something you can find in the cushion, chandeliers, and golden cart as well.

Lastly Number 1. Try a Swing Chair

1. Try a Swing Chair by simphome.comIf you are bored with the standard couches that tend to gobble up space, try a swing chair. It is not only comfortable but also fun and entertaining. No one can resist curling up in it and swinging. More importantly, it does not conquer the room since the owner hangs it from his ceiling.

So we hope you found new ways to embellish your little home. For more inspiration related to our 10 small living room styling ideas browse the website or link inside the description area.



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