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10 Bedroom Wardrobe Renovation ideas

A lovely wardrobe is a must-have for many people. However, it can be dull and worn after years, making you think to buy a new one to replace it.
Renovating an existing wardrobe rather than buying a new one is easier than you think.
From changing the doors to adding more shelves to make it more functional, you can always find those brilliant ideas here. You can prevent the temptation of splurging out on a fancy wardrobe. Let’s have some conversation. Next, Here are 10 bedroom wardrobe renovation ideas that you can take to upgrade your space curb appeal to. As always, don’t hesitate to follow the link provided inside the reference area.

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10. Keep Things Open

10. Keep Things Open by simphome.comSome wardrobe design tips keep your things out of reach, which makes matters get worse. Save your items in an open place. It will let you take your items easily than have to open its doors.
Continuous bending can even cause knee pain. Avoid that by designing your wardrobe to be comfortable. Keep shelves above knee level and between hanging spaces.
Even the drawers can be more ergonomic. Its design is 12 inches deep and 8 inches wide. This way, you will have plenty of spaces to fold and store items, and they will not fall into the back of a drawer where you cannot find them.

9. Build around the Window

9. Build around the Window by simphome.comMaking built-in wardrobes can be a terrific idea. It will be better if you make a focal point between them, like a window. This bedroom shows you that a window flanked by wardrobes is an eye-catching view. You can even have a reading nook with hidden storage underneath, which allows you to keep the clutter at bay better.
Built-in wardrobes that serve double duty will help you cope with limited space. So, it is worth a try, isn’t it?

8. Wardrobe Wall Divider

8. Wardrobe Wall Divider by simphome.comTake advantage of this piece of furniture and provides its second function. For example, you could use a wardrobe as a wall divider between the bedroom and en-suite bathroom or in other ways.
Wardrobe wall dividers immediately make something out of nothing. They can turn a single-use room into double spaces with separation and privacy. They can also create an illusion that your room looks larger. More importantly, they incorporate additional storage space.

7. Built-in TV and Shelves

7. Built in TV and Shelves by simphome.comAnother option in renovating your existing wardrobe is by redesigning it. Instead of adding more shelves, you can try removing some of them so that you can have a spacious platform in the middle to hold your TV. By doing this, you can have both a wardrobe and a TV stand at once.

6. Sliding Glass Doors

6. Sliding Glass Doors by simphome.comIf you are dealing with a bedroom with limited space, every inch is precious. Therefore, a wardrobe with pull-out doors can take up your valuable space. Opt for sliding doors instead.
Sliding doors are great for small bedroom furniture because they don’t take up additional space and simply slide from side to side to open up the storage compartment behind them. Besides, a large unit covering an entire wall will look outstanding if it has large sliding doors.
Well, this type of door is beneficial for a small space. But if you have a large bedroom, a wardrobe with sliding doors will make it look more elegant.

Tip: Try installing transparent sliding doors for your wardrobe to carve out a more luxurious look.

5. Around the Headboard

5. Around the Headboard by simphome.comIn a minimalist bedroom, less is always more. Therefore, the fewer pieces of furniture you have, the better.
Instead of placing a bulky wardrobe in front of the bed, try making a walk-in closet behind your headboard. By doing this, you can store your clothes and accessories well without sacrificing more space.

4. Glass Divider

4. Glass Divider by simphome.comPlacing a wardrobe behind the headboard can be a great idea. But if you are not comfortable with every visible thing inside, try making a divider.
This bedroom has a very appealing design with a semi-open space. It features a glass partition that conceals your wardrobe or closet.
What makes it stylish is the vitreous glass. It is a luxurious option that will add style without compromising your privacy.
As a bonus, it helps to make a room appear larger as they reflect natural light around the room and prove your future bedroom style as it can fit into the most interior trend.

3. Small Built-in Cupboard

3. Small Built in Cupboard by simphome.comDon’t miss the layout and shape of your bedroom. Use any corner, cranny, and nook to your advantage. For example, this built-in cupboard wardrobe fits perfectly in the corner of the room. It offers sufficient storage without taking up much space.
Since this is a built-in wardrobe, it’s a great way to make your bedroom appear larger without losing priceless floor space. Moreover, you can adjust it to your needs.
After all, if you choose built-in bedroom wardrobes, you can install them yourself with even the most primary of DIY skill.

2. Sorting Stuff Out

2. Sorting Stuff Out by simphome.comWell, wardrobe renovation is not always about changing the design and giving it a facelift. Decluttering the stuff inside it can be a simple move that will not require any carpentry skills.
Start overhauling your wardrobe by dividing all your items into similar categories. For example, you can put dresses or skirts into one category because they have the same length.
Then you can decide how you will store such items. It is easier than keeping everything unorganized, making it hard to find the outfit you want to wear.

Lastly, Number 1, Store Shoes Smartly

1. Store Shoes Smartly by simphome.comMany people store their shoes under the bed in boxes or bags. A more sensible option is to keep shoes under the hanging rod of the wardrobe. Since you will have space at the bottom, why waste it?
You can do this by tucking a shoe rack under the hanging rod in your wardrobe. Eventually, you will have the chance to stash away your shoes without creating more clutter.
Keep things organized by sorting your shoes and putting them in the category where they belong.
Wardrobe designs are relatively easy for many people, but some might find it a bit challenging. Therefore, these 10 bedroom wardrobe renovation ideas are worth the try. They can give a new look to your wardrobe while making it and your bedroom become more functional.



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