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10 Clever Ideas on How to Deal with A Narrow Wardrobe

The recent popularity of open closets is excellent news for those who live in cramped quarters. These well-structured closet organizers are perfect for showcasing your collection of garments, freeing up floor space, and hiding unsightly closet doors. They’re a no-brainer for people with limited closet space, but they’re quickly gaining popularity even among those with more room.

You may style your open closet in various ways to make it feel more streamlined and personal. If you want a more rustic design, you might try creating your wood parts, while you could achieve a more modern look by painting everything white. Open closets, including those inside a narrow space, require careful curation and styling to avoid looking cluttered, but luckily, you can find some inspiration in these lovely and functional designs.

Not being able to afford a bigger apartment is not a definite reason for you to feel miserable about your whole life. Particularly if you are a fashion enthusiast, having enough space for your wardrobe might be a big deal. But, honey, life does not work on your side forever. Someday you find yourself destitute; you may not always be able to get every single thing you want.

In the deep corner of your heart, you want a bigger apartment or even purchase a grounded house. However, when life only gives you certain corners in your apartment or house for keeping your fashion belongings because the other furniture has occupied the different corners, you may find this page useful as we present 10 ideas on dealing with a narrow wardrobe.

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10. Minimalist Wardrobe Design for Spacious Illusion

Having a modest wardrobe can help fool people into thinking you have more storage quota than you actually have. As a practical step toward realizing this concept, adding numerous shelves to the built-in closet is the first step.

Then, hang items in the closet’s center to add visual variety and improve efficiency. Those sneaker and heel collections of yours belong on the bottom shelves. Painting everything all white is another wonderful choice for adding a minimalist touch.

9. Cube Shelf Units to Store Accessories Tidily

You may need a cube shelf unit to store your valuables if your closet is already jam-packed to its max capacity with garments. This idea is the ideal choice we can offer to you if you prefer to keep everything neat and organized without a major renovation. Also, for a small fee, you may have a cube shelf unit made specifically for you. A cube shelf unit with eight cubbies would be a fantastic idea to separate your two wall-hanging garments. No longer will you have to fret over losing your valuable jewelry, handbags, and timepieces.

8. Add More Rods to turn your closet more functional

You may never imagine that you can install another clothes rod in your wardrobe instead of one. You may make the most of your limited closet space by dividing it into two sections, each of which can house a staging area for a different item of clothing from your capsule wardrobe.

Adding one more rod below the first one is an excellent solution to improve your closet accessibility. In addition, you can find the cloth pieces you need more easily if you put them in two staging areas.

7. Beyond Decorative purposes, install internal mirrors

Another trick for the narrow wardrobe space in your small bedroom is installing a mirror inside the closet doors. You will not only have space instead of a standing mirror in another corner of the bedroom, but you can also create an illusion that your tiny wardrobe is getting bigger through the mirror’s reflection. Also, you can save a little time to match every fashion item you wear today as the mirror is attached right in front of you.

You can find clever organization suggestions in the red closet David Kaihoi created.
1). Install mirrors on the interior surfaces of your closet doors.
2). Install hooks on the doors’ internal faces so you can hang more goods and arrange your outfits.
3). If you want to stay even more organized, use bins.

6. Transparent Shoe Bins to Ease Your Reach

This idea is excellent for working on your small closet if you are excessively interested in pairs of heels, sneakers, and boots instead of stacking clothing pieces inside your wardrobe.

You’ve probably thrown your shoes on the floor at the end of the day only to find them the next morning. Meg Jenkins of Neat by Meg recommends clear shoe boxes and plastic stacking bins for keeping floors clean of shoes.

The shoes inside are rarely worn and are labeled on the front, explains Jenkins. “The Like-it Shoe Space Saver is another one of our top picks. You can stack the shoes on top of one another to maximize storage capacity. These are perfect for a more comfortable and low-profile shoe option for everyday use.”

Without investing in a commercial brand foreign to you,
You can also consider the new DIY project a try. To help you with that, we recommended our feature resource titled “10 Bedroom Storage Cubes.” Because of its nature, most of the ideas are straightforward.
Check it out, and with that said, let’s continue our countdown with

5. Different Allocation of Long and Short Items for Efficiency

It’s also preferable to have various hanging locations of varying sizes rather than having dresses folded in half or strewn across the floor. This will help maintain order in your closet by providing individual hangers for each article of clothing. The garments will keep much neater this way than if you folded them. You can also categorize your fashion items more efficiently based on their color, garment material, functions, or frequency this way.

4. An Open-Designed Wardrobe to Enhance Your Room’s Practicality

An inventive open wardrobe like this is a popular design choice. However, if you want to show off your clothing collection properly with the wardrobe style, you need to sacrifice your bedroom wall. The airiness that results from a closet’s open design isn’t just a side effect.

Having extra options for organizing your belongings might help you keep things neat and make what you need quick and easy to find. If there are empty shelves or drawers, you can use them to store your belongings or even some decorative items to give the area a new feel.

3. Optimizing Every Inch with Floor-Based and Suspended System

There is a wide variety of closet configurations available. The ideal way to maximize storage and establish order in a long, narrow closet or any other irregularly shaped room is to experiment with new storage methods. A drawer and shelf unit stand in the owner’s path as soon as she opens the long, narrow closet door.

It’s convenient to have drawers built into a closet for stowing intimates and other small goods. Items such as cherished keepsakes, woven baskets, and neatly folded garments find a home on the shelves. This bespoke design features shoe shelving along one extended wall of the wide closet. These shoe racks don’t use up too much vertical space, so you can still hang clothes on the opposite wall and still have room for a central aisle to get to the back of the closet.

  • Color: White laminate to visually open the space in this narrow closet
  • Contempo drawer front style
  • Pull-out valet poles
  • Oval hanging rods in brushed chrome finish
  • Square brushed chrome cabinet handles
  • Combination floor-based and suspended system

2. Building Walk-in Closet from A Single Closet Space

This time you are moving up one level from the standard open closet design for small bedrooms; the built-in closet niche provides a more substantial and concealed storage solution. With the tweak, you can mix and match open and closed storage here, such as shelves on top and drawers below. Curtains can be used in place of doors to conserve square footage and money, and you can also utilize a classic dresser to improve the closet’s aesthetic appeal further. One way to increase your closet’s storage is to make a basket hanger just for your door.

Can you imagine using the space between your sleeping area and the kitchen as the wardrobe? It might sound unimaginable, but clever. This narrow wardrobe style is innovative, so only a few people dare to make such a decision. However, this idea turns out as a significant investment as you cannot spare any space waste in your room to escalate efficiency.

1. Glass-Fronted Door to Ignite the Lighting Flow

Melanie Griffiths, the editor of Period Living, suggests replacing solid doors with glass-fronted ones in a closet with little room.
“They’ll reflect the light nicely, especially if you paint the frames white;” nevertheless, “the negative is, of course, you need to constantly maintain organizing a small closet to perfection with clothes hanging on fashionable hangers.”

Everyone may agree that having solid wooden doors in a narrow wardrobe creates a heavier impression on the eyes. Therefore, glass-fronted doors may be the more friendly option for visual convenience. Moreover, this idea also works to produce the illusion of having bigger storage spaces. The more substantial reason for selecting this design is because the glass will provide perfect light reflection throughout the room.

Also, the glass-fronted doors save the time and energy of searching for your clothes as you can see them crystal clear from the outside. Having a small spare space for your wardrobe is not the end of the world. You can keep loving the growing fashion industry and keep some masterpieces inside your closet, even if you have a tiny spot for them.

And with that, we hope this article has provided you with some new ideas for improving your wardrobe. These 10 ideas on dealing with a narrow wardrobe are specially curated to brighten your days and relieve your chest from clutters.



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