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10 Wardrobe Behind Bed Ideas

There are few essential furniture pieces in a bedroom, and a wardrobe is one of them. Can you imagine a chamber without it? No? The next problem is, it occupies the most space.

So, how do we crack it? Easy-peasy. Explore these 10 wardrobes behind bed ideas to answer it. When you apply this plan, you get an elegant and stylish closet. Besides, you save space and add extra storage.
Keep on reading.

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10. Install Drapery

10. Install Drapery by simphome.comWe begin with the simple one. Create your own wardrobe space by installing a floor-to-ceiling drapery. Remove your closet wall to add an extra area. Then, choose a set of suitable drapery to match the color. Install it! This way, you cover up your mess, if any, in an instant.

If you want to be a little creative, you may use it as a decorative element. You know, the first area we see if we want to sleep is behind the bed. Try to custom your drapery design.

9. Give it Matching Furniture

9. Matching Furniture by simphome.comIt works best in medium to large bedrooms. Place two matching things to fill the area behind the bed. Let’s see. Here, a wardrobe and a dresser provide more functions. They take a role as a fake dressing room. To grab it, you need to put them in the same zone.

Place the master bed in the center. It allows space for a dressing area. It is better to have a king-size one with a solid headboard, as you can see there. Next, position the dresser behind the headboard. It does not matter if it faces the closet or as a freestanding unit.
Tip: Provide space between the dresser and closet doors (vast rooms only).

8. Keep it Transparent

8. Going Naked by simphome.comAn all-see-through concept, the glass sliding doors allow you to get an incredible view. The wardrobe inhabits the space behind the headboard seamlessly and leaves an open area abundantly. The shiny and clear glass gives a touch of glamour and chic style into the bedroom. Modern bedrooms have an airy area, and this one is a great example to follow.

Put some smart stash option inside it and conserve unlimited organization ideas. Then, install some `proper lightings to help you find your items, plus deliver a spacious feeling.

7. Or Semi-Transparent

7. Semi Transparent by simphome.comIf you don’t want to be too open but still want to display your behind-bed wardrobe, seize this. Pick a glass divider, and you‘re done. It stands between directness and reticence. Instead of going full, it is only part of it made of glass. As a result, it shapes a semi-transparent space behind, very interesting.

Furthermore, it parks in the middle of the room. It means You can go into it from both sides. Set two drawers to frame your bed and provide places for the most frequently used items.

6. A Natural Theme Concept

6. Natural Theme by

Enough with glasses. Let’s try something else. Design a wall divider from wood, or at least something identical. Ensure it is high enough so it will not disturb anyone who walks through the closet. Calculate it well, so you get a slight but adequate walkway behind. It offers more secrecy when you walk inside it.
When you have a slim way, play with the lightings. Install some ceiling lamps to make the space brighter and grander. If it is possible, plan shrewd storage for your clothes, shoes, and handbags.

5. Walk-in Closet Concept

5. Walk in Closet by simphome.comA walk-in closet temptation is always difficult to resist. You can put hangers, boxes, a mini-island, well, anything. All of them make it an ideal modern design.
Even though it is close to the previous one, this has a far smaller space. To work it out, think about capitalizing on space and storage. For example, a dark hue for the divider is okay, but bring in several vivid accessories.
Then, drawers are advantageous to keep small items safe. Aside from the lamps, which is a must, install a big mirror. It spread light without consuming energy.

4. A Layered Bedroom Concept

4. Layered Bedroom by simphome.comIt is a faultless solution for a bedroom that is tremendously long but not very wide. Thus, it is almost impossible to place a closet on the walls on either side of the bed. If you happen to live in an apartment, you might think of a wall. Hold on, use dark glasses instead, play them as a divider to utilize space.

They allow a minute of privacy without surrendering the openness and incessant flow. To finalize things, some flowers on both sides will invigorate your worn-out body.
Bonus: the reflection on them creates an illusion of a layered room without exchanging the storage space.

3. Wardrobe Idea for Unisex (His & Hers) (Mars and Venus)

3. Dual Sex His Hers Mars and Venus by simphome.comColour is something you have to recall when creating your dream behind-bed wardrobe. It is an effortless yet amazing way to fabricate a specific and personalized ambiance.

You can pick a particular color, whether it is motivating, attractive, feminine, or manly. Have a look. This bed and stowage offer a feeling of “his and hers.” Two diverse colors, then an alluring flowery motif, separate each part. It continues with a selection of comforters and bedframes. With these characters, they preserve minimalist style aptly.

2. A Shelving Wardrobe Idea

2. Shelving Wardrobe by simphome.comIncorporating shelves and dual wardrobes to frame the bed behind is more than ideal for your books and favorite items.

A simple model is great to pose valuables brands, quality novels, or elegant artworks. Make sure they emphasize your character, taste, and up-to-the-minute as well. The lights come to an end the page. Embedded with the blend of two, it needs no additional decoration on the other walls. Otherwise, you will get a cramped cave.

Tip: For the best result, call a qualified carpenter to help you out.

Lastly Number 1. Make Radical Transformation with Colourful Accessories

1. Colourful Stuff by simphome.comAre you ready for a dramatic change? Colorful hanging clothes in this all-white room take the role of a closet-headboard. There is space above them to put boxes or baskets.

Place a charming bed cover, cozy rugs, and beige throw on top. If you love details, a big beige throw is a clever move. One thing for sure, forget it if you only have several pretty and rich-colored outfits, with limited models and patterns. Just don’t.

Finally, we reach the top of our journey. We hope you enjoyed this post and took some precious ideas to make your dream behind-bed-wardrobe come true.

Those are 10 wardrobes behind-bed ideas that are worth copying. Keep in mind. You are always free to alter some lay-outs. It is your cavity anyway. All the best!



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