10 Reach-in Closet Ideas

Some people are fortunate to have a walk-in closet. However, some others have to put up with small space to have a reach-in closet. If you are one of them, don’t be upset because it is not a dead end.
You can do many things to optimize the storage and make it look more appealing and organized. Look no further! We come up with these 10 reach-in closet ideas to make the most of the limited space. To reach more detail related to our current discussion, follow the link provided inside the reference area.

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10. Invest in More Rods

10. Invest in More Rods by simphome.comSince a reach-in closet typically lacks space, you may want to consider adding more rods. This way, you have the opportunity to hang more clothes.
Installing more rods is as simple as bringing the existing ones higher so that your closet has enough space for the new ones underneath. After that, you can screw a new bar inside your closet.
If you do not want to deal with nails or screws, you can hang the new bar from the existing one with a rope or chain. This way, you can create extra space for your clothes without breaking a sweat.

9. Hang More Belts

9. Hang More Belts by simphome.comWhere do you usually store your belts? Do you put them in the drawer? If you do this, you will likely find them curled up, which makes them lose their top-notch straight shape. Hanging your belts is your safe bet to keep them straight. Unfortunately, it can be challenging because it requires plenty of space.
Well, this idea can be a smart solution for your belts. Instead of storing them in the drawers, you can install some cup hooks on a hanger. Finally, you can hang them without taking up the valuable space.

8. Swap Swinging Door with Curtains

8. Swap Swinging Door with Curtains by simphome.comEvery inch is priceless when it comes to a petite bedroom. Therefore, a closet with swinging doors is a big no because they gobble up space and block the way when open. So, forget about installing swinging doors for your closet. Opt for curtains, instead.
Curtains are flexible. They allow you to store more things in your closet without worrying about bumping the doors. More importantly, they do not conquer the space since you draw them aside, not pull them outwards.

7. Put Smaller Items in the Box

7. Put Smaller Items in the Box by simphome.comSmaller items like accessories are prone to clutter. People tend to stash them away in the drawers due to their tiny sizes. Well, it might solve the problem temporarily because they can only find a clean and clutter-free closet or dressing table. But when they are in a hurry and need to find a bracelet, they find it hard to get one.
If you are dealing with this problem, you can try getting some boxes to organize them. You simply put the accessories in them according to their types. Attach a label on each box so that you know where to find what.

6. Labels to the Next Level

6. Labels to the Next Level by

Limited space is not the only problem that you usually come across in a reach-in closet. Proper organization is another obstacle, especially if you want to find a certain outfit for a specific occasion. If that is the case, labels can be your greatest bet.
Labeling allows you to find what you are looking for easily. It also helps you organize things better. For example, you can hang some labels over the rod to make several cloth sections. You can also store your seasonal clothes in some boxes based on the seasons. Do not forget to attach a label so that you know where to find your winter outfits.

5. Install Proper Lighting

5. Install Proper Lighting by simphome.comAlthough a reach-in closet does not allow you to stroll into it just like a walk-in closet does, you still need to illuminate it properly. You have many options to choose from. However, you might not want to opt for a large pendant light that usually creates a statement in a walk-in closet.
Since a reach-in closet lacks space, you may need to consider the size of the lights. Recessed LED lights can be a great option. You may also need to run ribbon lighting along the rod so that you can see your hanging clothes clearly. For a more contemporary look, try adding LED string lights at the base of your closet.

4. Modern Closet Ideas

4. Modern Closet Ideas by simphome.comAre you a big fan of modern flair? Then, this idea is yours.
The modern style is all about the sleek design with minimum accessories. Therefore, if you want to carve out this style in your closet, make sure that everything remains simple.
Instead of installing swinging or bi-fold doors to conceal your closet, you can try a pocket glass one. It allows you to see through it, and – more importantly – you slide it aside to open it. Installing recessed LED and string lights are your safe bet to accentuate the style while illuminating the space.

3. Incorporate More Storage Space with Shelf Dividers

3. Incorporate More Storage Space with Shelf Dividers by simphome.comA reach-in closet usually has some shelves to store bulky items, like sweaters and bedding. You can also display your purses there.
The problem you may encounter when storing things on shelves is that the items tend to overlap each other later. Besides, you can’t pile up your purses, can you? Therefore, you probably need some shelf dividers.
A shelf divider creates sections for each item. Furthermore, you can install it horizontally to incorporate more storage space for your purses.

2. Turn the Door into Jewelry Storage

2. Turn the Door into Jewelry Storage by simphome.comBeat the limited space by tapping into any inch, including the doors of your reach-in closet. You can hang a pegboard and some hooks there to host your accessories. This way, you will be able to grab the one that you need more quickly. Use the Simphome search bar to find more ideas related specifically to this discussion

Lastly, Number 1. Nursery Closet Ideas

1. Nursery Closet Ideas by simphome.comA reach-in closet is supposed to be functional and stylish, just like what you can see here.
The combination of lime wall and crisp white shelving makes a good team in this nursery room. Since the clothes are small, you can install more rods to hang them. Do not forget to tuck shoe racks in the corner for the footwear. Also, Invest some large baskets in storing bulky items like blankets, and put them at the closet’s base.
So, these 10 reach-in closet ideas have shown you that having a large cabinet where you can stroll into is not necessary. You just need to put up with limited space and make the most of it. Now, roll up your sleeves, and begin to re-organize and declutter your small closet.



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