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10 Clever Bathroom Shelving ideas

As a place that multiple users used, the bathroom tends to be messy. The clutter is usually scattered on the vanity which makes it look like a disaster area. You can find the toothpaste here and toothbrush there while the other bathroom essentials are in somewhere else, making a haphazard look.

If that’s the problem you are facing at the moment, then you probably need to reorganize your bathroom essentials with one of these 10 clever bathroom shelving ideas that will help you keep the space clutter free or at least minimize it.

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10. Use the Space above the Door
10. Use the Space above the Door via SimphomeUsing every inch available in your bathroom is one of the best ways to tackle the limited space. Now, look around and find the space that lies dormant and needs to be tapped into, just like the one above your door.

You might think this spot would be an awkward storage space as it is quite high and you might find it hard to reach it. Well, you can use it to store less-used items like extra towels so that they won’t take up a lot of space in your cabinets or drawers. To securely follow this idea, I recommend you to get a Folding Step Stool from Amazon or anywhere else. Or DIY them.

9. Repurpose an Old Ladder idea
9. Repurpose an Old Ladder idea via SimphomeHaving clever additional storage space does not have to be pricey. You can even get one on the cheap by re-purposing old wooden piece like an old ladder that you probably can find in your storage room or fetch from a thrift store.

With a little bit of your creativity, measuring tool. saw, sander, paint, screws, and also elbow grease, you can make or re-purpose an old ladder as a new storage solution. In the end, you just need to add or buy some trays made of wood planks or boards to host your bathroom essentials.

8. A Floating Wooden Crates idea
8. A Floating Wooden Crates idea via SimphomeWooden crates are very versatile. They are usually used as decorative items as well as additional storage solutions too. You don’t need to be a carpentry expert if you want to make some shelves out of wooden crates. All you need to do is just drying and sanding down the crates or wood surface so that you can apply your stain or paint easily. Then, screw your crates to your wall. To make your paint securely stick with your wooden pieces, use electric fan if you have to. More info in description area.

7. A Minimalist DIY shelving idea
7. A Minimalist DIY shelving idea via SimphomeThis shelf is an affordable solution to get rid of clutter. Besides, it can make your bathroom become more stylish. More importantly, it is extremely DIY friendly and affordable.

You only need two leather straps or old belt, a board, staple gun, leather hole punch, and scissors. You can begin with making a hole on each end of the straps. Place the board onto the straps and adjust it if necessary before you secure the straps to the board using a staple gun. Finally, hang the shelf on the wall by screwing the straps.

6. A Wall-Mounted Shelf with extra Toilet Paper Holder
6. A Wall Mounted Shelf with extra Toilet Paper Holder via simphome

It is normal to bring a book, newspaper, or even your cellphone along with you in the bathroom, when you are doing your stuff. However, awkward feeling occurs when you don’t know where to put them.
This simple storage solution comes in handy under said situation. To build one of this, you only need scrap wood, measuring tools, wood stain, polyurethane and paint (optional), 2 corner brackets to hold your new piece to your wall and a paper roll holder (one amazon seller sold them under $10).


5. A Foldable Shelving idea
5. A Foldable Shelving idea via SimphomeThis foldable shelf will fit in with your small bathroom. When you need an extra counter or vanity space to put on some makeup or just set down some grooming essentials, this foldable shelf will be your superhero.
The hinges enable you to fold and stretch the shelf out when you need extra space.
Once you are done, you can fold it back so you can still have much space to move through.

4. A Grooming Essentials Holder idea
4. A Grooming Essentials Holder idea via SimphomeA Pallet wood is as versatile as wooden crates. You can make chairs, bed frames, and even floating shelves from it. To build one you’ll only need basic woodworking material, skill, and stain or paint to secure it from moss.
Once the job is done, you can use it to accommodate your hair dryer, flat iron, and curling iron tidily. With this idea, you do not need to roll up the wire before stashing your hair dryer in the vanity anymore. Second, you only need to hang it on the pallet-wood shelf after you finish using it. And when you need your hair dryer again, you can take it in no time.

3. Turn your Old Door into a Corner Shelf
3. Turn your Old Door into a Corner Shelf via SimphomeWho would have guessed that an old bi-folded door can be turned into a rustic corner shelf? It is functional, optimized awkward space commonly unused, and also enhance the look of the bathroom.

To follow this idea, the first thing you need to do is remove the hinges of the door. Apply some distress stain or paint to the door, then attach the door panels to one of the corners of your bathroom. After that, you can attach the triangular shelves to the door. Finally, the shelf is ready to make your bathroom look more organized.

2. A Simple Hanging Shelf idea

2. A Simple Hanging Shelf idea via Simphome
My First Apartment

This is another worth-trying DIY project that you can do this weekend. This hanging shelf have a double duty. It can help you secure your toilet papers as well as adorning your bathroom. You can even display some greenery beautifully on the shelf.

To make this beautiful shelf, you will need some boards, ropes, and sturdy hooks. First, you need to drill two holes on each end of the boards. Make sure the diameter of the holes is the same as the width of the rope.

Then, you can begin to thread the rope. To make it easier, try wrapping the rope ends using masking tape. Secure the rope by tying knots and inserting dowels through the rope under the upper shelf. Then, you can hang the shelf to a sturdy hook that has been screwed to the wall.

Last idea number 1. Upcycle an Old Chair
1. Upcycle an Old Chair via SimphomeUpcycling is one the best and wisest way to give a second life to the old stuff, just like this old chair. It is a brilliant idea that will supply your limited bathroom with new space as well as a new centerpiece.

To follow this simple idea, you only need to flip an old chair upside down.
Then, screw it to the wall. Add some boards and nail them so they are sturdy and secure enough to hold your bathroom essentials and done.
Clever shelving ideas that eradicate clutter are not always costly. You can even find treasures around your home and turn them into functional shelving unit or new storage solutions. That what makes the ideas “clever”. Inspirations that will lead you producing something useful out of the things that are already available or abandoned.

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