10 Modern Home Makeover Ideas

Every homeowner will do anything to make their home become the most comfortable place to dwell in. Thus, some of them regularly experimenting new home makeover project to make their home comfier as well as pleasing and inspiring.
Today, you’re going to learn another inspiring project samples dedicated for those seeking for modern style home improvement. This is 10 modern home makeover ideas by Let’s begin our countdown.

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10. A Minimalist Bookshelf storage idea

10 a Minimalist Bookshelf storage idea via simphome

If you want to add a little bit of modern touch in the existing décor of your home, you can begin with adding a piece of less fussy furniture, just like this simple bookshelf.

As you can see here, this shelf is basic and barely showcase any decorative element.
It does not mean you can’t use it for decorative purposes, though. The absence of sophisticated accents and curves has made it a perfect choice to utilize modern style home makeover.
To follow this idea, you can repurpose wooden crate or treat pine plywood from home depot. After you acquire your main material include your measurement and metal frame from overstock or anywhere else, grab some stain and polyacrylic for the finishing touch.

9. Mix and Match

9 Mix and Match via Simphome

Many people think that if you want to swap the old style of your home for a more modern style, going with monochromatic color hues is the key. Well, that’s not quite true. You can still add a few other colors as long as they add a personality boost to your space.

Mixing and matching furniture and colors is a common way to embellish your living room. However, you have to keep in mind that everything should remain simple as it is a modern style choice.
This living room, for example, composes different colour hues like seaweed, gray, and burnt orange. Although it doesn’t feature monochromatic colors, the modern style can still be seen from the clean-lined furniture and the absence of window treatments.

8. Invest in Minimalist Wall-Mounted Shelves

8 Invest in Minimalist Wall Mounted Shelves via Simphome

Being minimalist does not mean that you have to give up your creativity in adorning your living room. Instead of making a wall-mounted shelf that is a dime a dozen, try making these honeycomb shelves.
To make these shelves, you will need some wood planks that have been cut in 30-degree angle, sandpaper, wood glue, staple gun, and the wood finish that you like. Once the pieces are ready, you can assemble them to form a hexagon. Attach the pieces using wood glue, and reinforce the joints using staple gun or screws.

7. Be Creative with your Lighting Fixture

7 Be Creative with your Lighting Fixture via Simphome

Another easy home makeover that you can do to renew your décor choice this weekend is by replacing the lighting of your living room. Lighting fixture is not just about shedding some light to the space and eradicate darkness. It is also about style.
For a modern style, you should skip installing crystal or antler chandeliers that entail fussy design. Keep the light simple or minimally encased but still aesthetically pleasing, just like these pendant lights. It cost little space and the design itself mimic the shape of the side table legs, bringing a sense of unity.

6. an Open Concept Kitchen idea

6 an Open Concept Kitchen idea via Simphome

Open concept kitchen may ring a bell to you as it is not a new thing anymore. This idea is widely used in contemporary or modern homes due to its minimalist style.

The concept is simple. You only need to get rid of any barrier like doors or walls that separates one room with another, and fill it with furniture pieces or clean-lined cabinets.
This kitchen, for example, loose its barriers that separate it with the living room and dining room, expanding the space immensely and making the design look simpler and direct. Big windows and lots of natural light give extra light to the room and lowers power consumption. That’s positive thing you need to reconsider if you plan to skip this idea.

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5. Invest in Furniture with Sleek Surface and Clean-Lined Edges

5 Invest in Furniture with Sleek Surface and Clean Lined Edges via Simphome

The point of a modern kitchen is the use of sleek and clean lined furniture. Everything has to be kept down to a minimum. Therefore, make sure your kitchen doesn’t have any trims. Just like sample image in this post.
If your kitchen space right now is completed with a hanging shelving over your kitchen island, remove them, and re-optimize your kitchen cabinet to store kitchen utensil you usually hang outside.

4. Keep your Floorspace Clean

4 Keep your Floorspace Clean via Simphome

Do you want to make your small bathroom look modern? This is my next recommendation. Accommodate your bathroom with mirrors and eradicate any sophisticated furniture (if any). and replace it with simpler one.
This small bathroom for example. Look minimalist but still stylist with a built-in shelf that isn’t mounted outward, which creates more space in this bathroom. The sliding mirrors do a double duty well and a vanity that is mounted on the wall give extra space which expands the bathroom storage capacity to a whole new level.

3. Bring in Neutral Colour Palette

3 Bring in Neutral Colour Palette via Simphome

Neutral colour palette is a familiar item used to enrich a modern style bedroom. And it usually comes with white wall or white hues which are versatile and compatible with any colour palette and choice.
This bedroom, for instance, is decorated with neutral colour palette like white, beige, and grey, which makes it look simple but is still elegant. The furniture features simple designs with minimal to none curvy edges or fancy carving. And on the floor, you’ll find a soft beige carpet assemble from a furry or a simple-style Persian rug.

2. Let Natural Light basks your Room

2 Let Natural Light basks your Room via Simphome

One of the most common elements in a modern bedroom is large windows.  If you like this idea but struggle with your space, trick your problem with floor-to-ceiling windows. Next, take down your wall art (if you have any) and let your room enjoy more empty space.

Also, avoid installing fancy shades, blinds, shutters, multi-colour or ombre curtain.  Keep it simple and if you are worried about the glare of the sun or prying eyes, you can change your windows glass with smart glass or regular window shade.

Lastly number 1, Keep your design Simple

1 Keep your design Simple via Simphome

Is a modern style always about sleek design? Well, not really actually. Incorporating natural element like wooden floor and walls can also make your modern bedroom look epic too.
This bedroom for instance is a product resulted from a combination of modern and rustic style décor choice.  The use of simple clear-cut wall-mounted bed and cabinet denote the modern style and the vibrant red hue makes a great accent wall for the modern backdrop perfectly.

So now you know that altering your home style into a modern style is not that hard. By implementing these modern home makeover ideas, you’ll get the style with ease.

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