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10 Clever Ideas How to Redo a Small Bedroom

In all honesty, even though planning to redo a small bedroom sometime frustrate us, it can be fun. And after applying right makeover advice and techniques, you can turn your small bedroom into a dreamy retreat.
Some say improving a small bedroom is a challenge, mostly because it is tough to know where to put anything. Well, brush your agony away because I’ve come up with 10 clever ideas how to redo a small bedroom compiled by With your brilliant mind and precious time, they will help you in revamping your room to its most complete potential. The best part about these next ideas are they are seamless for people on a budget. It sounds good, doesn’t it?

Let’s proof it.

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10. a Bohemian Style Bedroom idea
10 a Bohemian Style Bedroom idea via SimphomeAt first place, you can opt for Bohemian Style. When you choose a specific style, the decorative components will just fall into place. It integrates many different colors ─ usually warm earthy colors ─ patterns, painting ideas, and textures that deliver a distinct feel to a room.
Think about Bohemian furniture, lighting and accessories and finally, they pull your Boho-style room with stuff from your travels altogether. It offers you little modifications and left you with little rearrangement job.
Bear in mind, you are free to mix patterns and textures. You are able to use white, as an approach to bring a little visual space into the equation. The only rule is every item in the room should convey a story. And don’t forget to add a little bit touch of greenery.

9. A Space-Themed idea for Small Bedroom
9 A Space Themed idea for Small Bedroom via Simphome
We’re sure you have already known that the simplest ways to deliver a new look are repaint the wall and changing the bed-cover. Next, although painting is trivial, nevertheless, it is far better to have a themed small-bedroom in your hand. This one is a perfect example.
Outer space bundles a lot of astounding things and intense beauty that has succeeded to awe anyone. Your kids are not exclusion. If they adore the outer space a lot, just bring it to them by applying space-themed bedroom makeover ideas.
Limited area means a new space for your creativity to grow and return to our image,
this small bedroom looks terrific with stars, UFO(s), planets and some other planetary objects. They build a striking backdrop for sure.

8. Accent Wall to Headboard idea
8 Accent Wall to Headboard idea via Simphome
Do you love headboards?
Rather than wasting minute on installing a wooden headboard, you can swap a headboard with an accent wall. Just take a glance at this accent wall.
You may install an accent wall to provide a wider feel to your bedroom. As the final touch, mount a lamp on it and you’re done.
It also proves that poor room lighting makes all the difference, believe us!
BTW, to get cheaper version of this idea, you can choose peel and stick wood plank product from Amazon.

7. Try Bold Color Hues
7 Try Bold Color Hues via Simphome
Some people think bold colours wall just make a tiny room look more cramped. Well, that’s not always the case. If you can pick right hues and combine them with the right colors, they can make a dramatic impact to your small bedroom.
The point is the mix of colour and decor have to be able to add a personality boost to your bedroom. If you like an eclectic look that combines various kinds of colors, just go for it. If you worry, they will overwhelm your bedroom, try painting your ceiling white. Add it with vivid lamps. Intact.

6. Simple Wall Art for a bedroom idea
6 Simple Wall Art for a bedroom idea via Simphome

If you ponder that tiny things make complicated look, you need to alter your mind. With an appropriate wall art and small design accessories, your diminutive bedroom will only get better.
Take some pieces of paper with various colour, do simple cutting, and hang them on the wall. You get a well-improved look. As an addition, you are free to choose the shape. The symbol of love in the picture is just an example.

5. Incorporate Extra Storage Space above your Bed
5 Incorporate Extra Storage Space above your Bed via Simphome
Have you ever imagined adding an extra storage space above your bed? Aside from its basic function, you can also take some advantages. You may put on extra lamps and the light will get you a capacious feel.
Next, affix some of your favourite accessories on the shelf with bold colour pops. (Optional) paint your walls or the ceiling in distinctive shades. It will enhance the depth of the room and help your room to appear vaster.

4. Add More Wooden Element
4 Add More Wooden Element via SimphomeFor some reasons, bring the unfussy goods at its finest will compose the modern and sleek look to your small bedroom. When you can mingle the textures, colors, and materials faultlessly, you could deliver a strong and modern look statement without overcrowd your limited space with too many decorations.
One of them is adding new wooden elements. Not only decorative, they also give warm ambiance and make your small bedroom looks classy. Last, this idea is especially unflawed for men bedrooms as they declare masculinity.

3. Go Dark and Bold? Why Not?
3 Go Dark and Bold Why Not via SimphomeFor years, light colours are applied to get voluminous room. In reality, dark and bold colors are good starting points for small bedroom too. One thing for sure, you should apply it constantly and thoughtfully, so your small bedroom gets a spacious look and it enhances every spaces of the room.
To emphasize the wall dynamic range, use dark wall and embellish it with your favourite picture. With frame or without is optional. Arrange your picture suitably as they will be your focal point and you can also use palette wood utilizing dark colour if you want to emphasize any furniture pieces or décor items with lighter colours in your bedroom.

Last, Light is the key, hence, put on livelier colors in windows area to get good lighting. With more light, enlarging your room optically is entirely possible!

2. Dress up your Lighting piece
2 Dress up your Lighting piece via SimphomeSometimes enlivening a small bedroom doesn’t have to be pricey. You can even do it by dressing up your existing furniture like a lampshade.
This idea for example. If you have something similar like this item. To perk this lamp up, you will need a mason jar, a mason jar light kit, shabby chic flowers, curly ostrich puffs and flat back pearls (any size), 3/8” elastic, a hot glue gun and scissors.
First, measure your lampshade and use shabby chic flowers and curly ostrich puffs to cover it. You may wrap it around to get a fit size. Next, cut and attach it directly then place it onto your lampshade. If you have any excess, fold it over.
Repeat measuring and cut the shabby chic flowers. Tidy it and lightly sear the cut side of the mesh with a lighter to neaten it and prevent raveling. Repeat the step by gluing the newly cut row straight onto the lamp shade. Once more, fold over any excess and hot glue it to the inside lamp shade. Fill the Mason jar with feather puffs to add fun colors and texture to the base of the lamp. Mission accomplished!

1. Turn your Attic into a Cozy Bedroom
1 Turn your Attic into a Cozy Bedroom via SimphomeWith this idea, you can change an attic into a one-off cozy bedroom. Keep in mind that you have to let more-light in. It doesn’t matter what your lighting is, natural or artificial, in a minute space, less light is simply unacceptable.
A bedroom in the picture is a perfect combination of proper painting and lighting supplies. The owner treats the windows to a minimum by installing them on a roof to appeal more natural light. If you want to follow this idea but desire more privacy, you can cover your windows with frosty film or electric window blinds.

So, after you reading all these ideas, I am positive you could make innumerable possible combinations that will benefit your mind and space. Have fun creating your brand new style, good luck with that, and have fun with your new bedroom!
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