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It’s important to keep your workspace tidy. A pile of paperwork, scattered pens, and empty coffee cups can potentially make such a mess. It will surely stress you out. The chaos on your desk causes a feeling of being overwhelmed over your head. This will result on your working performance.
Maintaining a tidy and organized workspace help you boost productivity, mood and performance.

Here are top 10 desk organization tips that will make your workspace tidier. When you maintain an organized desk, you are creating the best environment for accomplishing your everyday tasks. As usual, this list is compiled for you by Simphome.com

10. Mason Jar Pen Holder ideas

10 Mason Jar Pen Holder via SimphomeA line of standing jar pen holders can take up valuable space on your work desk. Alternatively, you can stack your jars to save up space. Provide five mason jars and glue them together in two lines of 2 and 3 jars.
Tip on the side once they are dry and now you can organize small pieces you have according to their types. Such as pens, pencils, staples, eraser etc. Colouring the jars can be a good advice to upgrade them. If you want to color them, you can try applying two coats of acrylic craft paint first. Next, Let the paint to dry overnight before you apply acrylic sealer.

9. Cereal Box Drawer Dividers
9 Cereal Box Drawer Dividers via Simphome
Drawers are everyone’s go-to storage space. Ironically, they don’t get rid of clutter at all. They just help you hide it away because everything used on the desk are usually being tossed right into the drawer, which makes it a messy mess.
Under this circumstance, drawer dividers can be a problem solver. You may come across stylish drawer dividers in stores, but why do you have to splurge on them if you can make ones on the cheap?
To make some chic and inexpensive drawer dividers like this, you need cereal boxes, pretty papers, regular tape, and double-sided. First, Cut the boxes according to the height of the drawer. Wrap the boxes with pretty papers and arrange them to fit in perfectly in your drawer. Then, arrange your stuff in the new brightly-coloured cereal box drawer dividers.

8. Corkboard Desk Organizer idea
8 Corkboard Desk Organizer via Simphome
Investing in a desk organizer is an easy way to keep some of your supplies in check. Even better, you can grab them in a jiffy. And this DIY cork board desk organizer will help you organize your stuff better.
This desk organizer features three open boxes that host pencils, pens, sticky notes, and many others. It also has a pin board made of cork board to hook your important lists, receipts, memos, or reminders. It is freestanding which means no nails in the wall.
If you like this desk organizer, you can make it yourself. To make this desk organizer, first, you need wooden boxes, 10mm wood sheet, 5mm self-adhesive cork sheet, painter tape or washi tape, spare paper, white spray paint, and strong wood glue. Once it is ready, get out your drawing pins and start adding your reminders and pieces of inspiring quotes.

7. Clipboard Mood Booster idea
7 Clipboard Mood Booster via Simphome
Think outside the box and get inspired by this unique clipboard wall art idea. They are affordable and give you tons of creative space. The hanging clipboards can be used to attach anything like calendar, notes, reminders, important bills, to-do-list, even motivational quotes. With a right condition, the quotes on the big clip board can boost your mood. Also, it can keep you on track and focus on your goal of achievements. All you need to prepare is brush, some paint, pretty papers and your imaginations.

6. A DIY Desk Tray idea
6 DIY Desk Tray via Simphome
Desk trays are one of those all-over-the-place organization tools that fit onto all types of desks. If you like something other than a standard plastic or wood trays, make your own a surprisingly beautiful tray from cardboard. First, Adjust the size of the tray to your desk so it will fit snugly without taking up too much space and begin your crafting. You can use this desk tray to keep your go-to stationaries or your personal belongings in one place. You can decorate the tray with a special patterned paper, brush paint, and even spray paint. To upgrade it, you can use plywood instead of cardboard paper.

5. Repurpose an Ice Cube Tray idea
5 Repurpose an Ice Cube Tray via simphome
Who would have guessed that an ice cube tray would fit your work desk drawer? The tiny compartments are the perfect size to gathering up small office supplies, like paperclips, thumb tacks, rubber bands and other small office items. Go to your kitchen cabinet after this video end, get your own ice tray and upcycle it. Have fun with it and let’s check our next idea.

4. A Chalkboard Accent Wall idea
4 Chalkboard Accent Wall via simphome
If the desk surface and drawers are all used up, use your wall space as a new organizer board. Try a chalkboard accent wall as a work board to jot down your notes, or even as a work of art to draw your creative doodles.
Here is how to do it: paint a desired section of a wall with chalkboard-style paint. Install trim around the painted section to make it looked like framed and done. Lastly, provide chalk and eraser.

3. Try a Shelf Riser idea

3 Try a Shelf Riser via simphomeShelf risers are handy tools usually found in the kitchen. They are also used for TV or computer monitor to give a little boost of height that people need. But have you ever considered of using it in your home office desk as an organizer? First, It doubles the amount of desk space you have and provides you extra storage space for other storage solutions. To DIY this idea, you’ll need a measurement or leveller, wood or plywood, wood cutter, some screws or nail. As always, for a quick fix, go to amazon and search “Shelf Riser”.

2. Pegboard storage solution for a working space
2 Harness the Versatility of a Pegboard via Simphome
Pegboard is a versatile solution for almost every space in your house. You can use it in your garage to hold tools and hardware, in kitchen to store your kitchen utilities, in a living room to reserve your decorative pieces and in your working space to accumulate your sewing supply and keeping your mini arts. Just like seen in the picture.
First, measure your space, get your pegboard, include some pegboard hooks or pegboard holders, do some painting if you want, and secure them on your wall using a drill and some screws. Your job is done now and next, you can try last idea in this list.

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Lastly number 1. Cart Storage idea for Extra Space
1 Cart Storage for Extra Space via simphomePick for rolling cart storage to deal with your very limited space. A little rolling cart goes a long way in a cramped room. The wheeled unit comes equipped with three or four spacious storage baskets that will give you extra-large space for your office stuff, books and files.

Visit link to get DIY version of this idea. It will cost you around $60 and little fuel charge to get yourself to Ikea Store.
So, having a clutter-free table is as important as any other goal we’ve made this year—not only to create more work room but also have a clean space to allow our creativity to flow while working. Tidy desk, tidy mind, right?

10 Desk Organization that will Make Your Workspace Tidier via Simphome com Pinterest Featured ImageCredit:
10. Mason Jar Pen Holder | Life Hack
9. Cereal Box Drawer Dividers | i Heart Organizing
8. Corkboard Desk Organizer | Sugar and Cloth
7. Clipboard Mood Booster | Organization Obsessed
6. DIY Desk Tray | Fashion Magazine
5. Repurpose an Ice Cube Tray | One Crazy House
4. Chalkboard Accent Wall | BHG
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