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10 Ideas on How to Deal With a Small Bedroom And Office Combo

Do you ever have to work from home and have a small bedroom? Well, we know the struggle of having a cramped office space — and it can get worse when you’re working from your bedroom. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to efficiently maximize this tiny space in order to not only fit everything in but also make your home office experience more enjoyable. Here are 10 ideas on how you can deal with a small bedroom and office combo.

Key Points:
1. You can start the project with the small space you have now.
2. You can minimize the supply of furniture in your home office to fill up the space.
3. You can utilize both a niche and a desk area to save on space.
4. You can make a whiteboard to write important notes and reminders you may forget at home.
5. You can prepare a glass door that allows you to view your garden or yard while working on the computer at home (great for expansion).
6. You can keep a small side table for your keys and wallet.
7. You can add a drawer to your desk to store paperwork and letters.
8. You can add a shelf for books or plants, whichever you find more beneficial for the look and feel of the room.
9. You can tie all of your electronic devices like a printer, computer, etc., with an organizer that contains drawers or shelves. This way, you’ll have everything in one spot instead of multiple areas around your home office.
10. You can make your room more personal with photos, decorations, and more to help you feel a sense of pride in your home office.

Niche Ideas:

  • No 1. Get smart with a task lamp. If you have a side table/desk area, find one that is portable so you can use it as an office light or bedside lamp when it’s not being used as a home office light. This way, you won’t be wasting space on useless objects that are just taking up room.
  • No 2. Use your windows to add a bit of life to the room. If you have large windows in your bedroom and/or office, add plants and other decorations that will bring warmth to the room. This is great if you’re home most of the time or if you have a passion for gardening.
  • No 3. Add chairs under your desk. For those who work from home, having chairs by the desk is perfect for guests who may want to stay and chat in your office. It’s also great if you have family members who enjoy hanging out at home — they can use it as a hangout spot while you get some work done without bugging them too much at their age-appropriate social hours.
  • No 4. If there’s a window in your home office, add blinds. Nothing is worse than a bright area (especially at night) when trying to work. If you have a window without blinds and want some privacy, you can always add curtains to the sides of the swag to get more privacy when working.
  • No 5. Create an interior focal point that is both artistic and personal in nature. A great way to do this is by adding fabric-based artwork on the walls or a creative painting that you’ve created yourself (if you’re artsy).

Some people do not enjoy the privilege of having a dedicated room for the workspace due to the limited space. As a result, they have to make their bedrooms work harder by doing double duty.
Creating workspace in a bedroom is not a new thing. Nevertheless, the problems remain there.

Some people say that they cannot get a good night’s sleep because piles of documents sitting on the desk keep haunting them. Some others complain that their bedrooms become more cramped due to the bulky desk.

If you enjoy working at home and dream about having a decent workspace despite your tiny house, check out these 10 ideas on how to deal with a small bedroom and office combo. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

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List Entries:

10. Consider a Murphy Bed As a replacement

A murphy bed is a perfect space-saver for any multipurpose room whose space is limited. Thus, it has become a dorm room staple for years because it can provide a good night’s sleep while maintaining a spacious workspace.
Murphy beds come in various designs. Most of them are a part of built-in shelves, which is also great for additional storage for your books and files.

You can find a ready-made murphy bed easily in stores. If you want to make it yourself to give you a more customized and cohesive look that matches the interior, you will need to purchase a murphy bed kit, including gas springs, project plans, and other hardware to make it work.

This room, for example, makes a great workspace during the day. If it is time for you to call it a night, you can simply pull the blue closet, which matches the desk well, to unleash the Murphy bed. Then, use the legs to support the bed.

9. A Nightstand Idea that Doubles as Workspace
When it comes to a small room, it is always great to have a piece of multipurpose furniture, just like this desk.

Instead of buying a nightstand that only serves a decorative purpose, you can place a desk next to your bed. It will not only make a great place to set down your table lamp and phone but also perfect for doing your job or studying.
Even better, you can create one with shelves to have plenty of storage to hold clutter at bay.

Relevant instructions:

  • Step 1: Draw a small plan for the shelves.
  • Step 2: Cut the wood, attach it to the boards, and mate it in line.
  • Step 3: Attach the false flooring for more space for your stuff.
  • Step 4: Attach metal brackets to secure the shelf and attach it with screws. Drill holes for screws with finishing nails to secure them on each shelf.
  • Step 5: Painting should be done last once you have cut all pieces of your furniture.

8. Go Vertical with a Loft Bed

When running out of floor space, it is always a good idea to go vertical. One of the best ways to make it tangible is by building a loft bed.

The loft bed allows you to optimize your small bedroom for limitless possibilities. You can have a comfortable place to sleep a few feet above the floor while maintaining a cozy workspace underneath it.
You can still have plenty of space for a closet, reading nook, or even a cozy sitting area.

Basic instructions:

  • No 1: You will need to construct the loft bed with wood.
  • No 2: Measure the desired length and width of your room before starting.
  • No 3: Cut four 2x4s in length that are 12 inches longer than the desired length and width of your space.
  • No 4: Attach two 4x4s on each side of the two shorter pieces for extra support in order to create a trunk.
  • No 5: Cut four 2x2s that are 8 inches longer than the desired length and width of your space.
  • No 6: Cut a half circle in each piece.
  • No 7: Drill holes by using a hole saw on each half-circle, then secure the anchor with screws from the outside.
  • No 8: Attach it with your trunk, then drill holes in it.
  • No 9: Add 4×4 legs to each corner of the bed frame.
  • No 10: Make a bed that is 3 inches longer than the floor space, then use 2x4s to secure it to the wall studs.

7. Pair a Dressing Table with a Comfortable Chair

Like a nightstand, a dressing table can also serve double duty. Even better, it tends to have a spacious top, which offers you comfort when working.
You can find many dressing tables that fit your style perfectly. Or, you can make it yourself from 2x2s, ¾” plywood, and a few other smaller boards.

  • First, cut the 2×2 boards to size, and cut the legs and supports at a 10-degree angle.
  • Then, build the frame. After that, use 1×3 to make the drawers and install them on the frame with drawer slides.
  • Once the drawers are in place, attach the top with wood glue and 1-1/4″ finish nails.
  • It is time to build the legs with wood glue and 2-1/2″ pocket hole screws. The pocket holes must be facing down on the bottom rails and inside for the top rails.
  • Finally, assemble the legs and desk by placing the top upside down on a workbench. After that, with spacers on both sides, you can begin to install the A-frame legs.
  • Next, attach the supports under the top and the back bottom support.
  • After that, attach the base to the top and the drawer fronts.
  • Finally, apply any finish you like. Hang a mirror on the wall for the last touch because this desk will also be your chic dressing table.

6. Turn a Closet into a Workspace

Are there any unused closets in your bedroom? You can turn it into a stylish home office instead.

  • First, rip the closet doors off. Then, paint the wall the color you like or simply hang a wallpaper.
  • Next, install a pegboard on the left for additional storage. It is optional, though.
  • It is important to have a power outlet inside your home office. If you do not have it, do not worry! You can try running a long surge protector strip from the nearest outlet. It will do in a pinch.
  • Another important thing when you turn a closet into a home office is the proper lighting. Thus, you can count on an LED light installed on the ceiling. Besides, it will not consume much energy.
  • Now, you are ready to bring in the desk and decorate the space as you go.

General instructions:

  • Step 1: Cut the wood and install it on the back wall.
  • Step 2: Use drywall screws to secure the paneling to the back wall.
  • Step 3: Use drywall screws to secure the pegboard to the paneling.
  • Step 4: Install an outlet strip inside your home office.

5. Build a Rolling Bed Desk

This idea is a true space saver. You do not need extra room for your home office because you can do your job while in bed.

  • To make this idea tangible, try creating a rolling desk or an occasional table with wheels.
    It is an effortless table to make. You only need 2x12x12 and four 2″ Ridgid locking casters.
  • Make sure your wheels do not swivel because you only want the table to move back and forward.
    Once you have got the materials, you can have the board cut to length.
  • Then, assemble the pieces to form a U shape with four L-brackets.
  • After that, install the wheels, and you are good to go.

General instructions:

  • Step 1: Install the wheels on the table.
  • Step 2: Attach the L-brackets to a pair of 2-1/2″ pocket holes drilled in the bottom.
  • Step 3: Attach the U-shaped frame to both sides of the frame with four L-brackets.
  • Step 4: Drill two pocket holes on each side of each L and secure them with 2″ screws from underneath.
  • Step 5: Attach two A-frame legs to each corner of the table by drilling a hole on each hip, then attach them with screws from inside, then attach them to your floor using 2x4s for support.
  • Step 6: Add a work surface, and you have your rolling desk.

One thing:
There is No Reason to Move Furniture Around
This is probably one of the easiest ways to save space in a small room. All you need to do is avoid moving furniture around once you place it in a room. It may seem obvious but it can be difficult when you like a change of scenery every once in a while or when you have friends over for an impromptu party. If you use this trick, though, you will always have the perfect place for anything and everything – no matter how many people are crammed into your bedroom.

4. Hide the Workspace Away

Floor space is often premium, mainly if you dwell in a small house. Therefore, it would be tricky to incorporate a decent home office into a tiny bedroom.
You can have both of them by investing in this loft bed. Although it is usually for a kid’s room, you can at least copy this idea and tweak it a bit to match your style immensely.

This loft bed features a desk with a pretty similar system to a pocket door. When you do not use the desk, you can push it back to make it ” disappear” into the bed frame, creating a flush look with the drawers and rails. This way, you can save a lot of space.

General instructions:

1. Cut the 2x6s to length.
2. Rip-cut the 4×4 posts, then chamfer the bottom and top edges.
3. Install the A-frame legs in between both sides.
4. Use two 2x6s on each corner and secure them with screws.
5. Cut a checkerboard pattern for the back slats, then attach them to both sides with nails or screws as you go along.
6. Add a storage drawer with a single knob, then screw it to the sides.
7. Attach the top of the bed frame to both sides with hinges, then attach the full-length drawers to the bottom.
8. Lastly, hang curtains from the ceiling for a complete look.

3. Corner Home Office in a Bedroom

As a good rule of thumb, using every nook and cranny in your minute bedroom is necessary. For example, you can install a floating shelf in the corner to create a cozy home office.
For more detail, you need to attach the legs to the corner and add some decoration to your bed.

After that, you can add a cubby or shelving unit near the bed.
When you have everything ready, all you need to do is make sure your desk surface is leveled with the floor – then your home office is ready to go!

General instructions:

  • Step 1: Use drywall screws to attach 2x6s to both sides of the frame.
  • Step 2: Attach two 2-1/2″ pocket holes screwing them through 2x6s attached on each side of the frame and into the studs.
  • Step 3: Attach the A-frame legs on both corners of the bed frame with 2x6s.
  • Step 4: Install one 2×6 on each side of the bed frame.
  • Step 5: Stack two 2x6s from each corner to form a frame (on step 3).
  • Step 6: Attach 3/4″ drywall screws with drywall anchors into the studs through all of the 2x6s (on step 4). Use these fasteners to secure the frame to your wall.
  • Step 7: Attach 4 1/2″ CRS clerestory brackets to both sides of your bed frame, then install 1/2″-thick plywood panels on both sides (on step 5).
  • Step 8: Add a work surface, and you have your floating shelf.

Also, Convert the Closet into a Home Office.
If you want to spend a little bit and make good use of space in your bedroom, convert your closet into a tiny home office. As we showed you before, there are many things you can do with closet space. To tuck in a home office, it is simple – just install an inexpensive desk above the hanging clothes or install removable cabinetry with wheels for easy access and storage. Another idea would be to attach the existing closet rod to support boards for an instant standing desk.

2. Build Your Own Drop-Down desk

Bringing a desk into your super small bedroom may not be a good idea because it will use up a lot of floor space. However, it will not happen with this drop-down desk.

As the name suggests, a drop-down desk is actually a cabinet with euro hinges for a super sleek look and drop-down hinges that will hold the leaf in place.
You can also personalize the front part of the leaf by installing decorative panels, hanging a picture, or painting it with chalk paint. The choice is limitless.

Relevant instructions:
1. Use the 2x6s to attach hooks on both sides of the frame.
2. Attach the euro hinges to the backside of each hook using 1-1/4″ screws, then attach a 6-3/8″ drawer box to each hook as well.
3. Drill a hole near the bottom of one side of each hook, then secure them to the frame with 4 1/2″ drywall screws from underneath.
4. Install a drawer box on top, then attach a full-width drawer and cabinet pulls on the sides.
5. Attach the top of the unit to both sides with screws, then attach the shorter drawer box to the top of the unit.
6. Lastly, use hinges to attach both sides of your drop-down desk to your wall for a complete look.
Optional: Turn Your Office into an Ottoman
Using office space in your bedroom does have its pros and cons, but this time we will talk about just one of them – choosing a bedside table for an office space. As it turns out, you can even convert an oversized office table into something useful – an Ottoman! Doing so is simple, and all you need is a small table with wheels.
Step by step:
Step 1: We need a 6″ base with a 6″ top.
Step 2: Cut two pieces of plywood for the back.
Step 3: Install two bolts into the bottom of the frame, then secure them with wood screws from both sides.
Step 4: Use hinges to attach both sides of the table to the wall, then attach casters to each side.
Step 5: Finally, use paint or chalk paint on each side of your desk to make it look like a traditional Ottoman!

Lastly, Number 1. Combine a Workspace and a Bed in One Spot

Now, you see it. And now, you do not.
This desk brilliantly conceals the bed. When it is time to sleep, you only need to fold the legs and the desk. After that, pull out the bed. When it’s time to work, you can just bring in the bed and it can easily become a desk.
Relevant instructions:
Step 1: Prepare the 2x4s for the bed frame.
Step 2: Cut a checkerboard pattern for the back slats, then attach them to both sides with nails or screws as you go along.
Step 3: Cut the tops of both pieces of plywood, then secure them to the frame with nails or screws.
Step 4: Attach one 2×6 on each corner and secure them with screws.
Step 5: Use wood glue and 1-1/4″ drywall screws to attach the sides of your bed frame to both sides of the desk frame.
Step 6: Use sandpaper to smooth out the surface if necessary, then paint or stain it if desired.
Step 7: Attach the legs to both corners of the bed frame with the help of wood glue and screws from underneath.
Step 8: Attach a piece of ¾” plywood on top of the bed frame, then secure it with a few screws from underneath.
Step 9: Make 3 more pieces of ¾” plywood for each corner and drill a hole near the top for easy access/storage.
Step 10: Sand smooth if needed, then install them on each corner to hide your bed linen.
Step 11: Finally, attach a desk inside the bed frame using screws and hinges.
Step 12: Use 2 1/2″ CRS clerestory brackets to attach both sides of the desk to your wall, and use small brackets to connect them both to the legs of your bed.
Step 13: Add a small table that fits on top of the legs for easy access and storage. Then slide it under your bed when it’s not in use.
Step 14: Fold the legs, and you have a bed!
Step 15: Pull out your desk to work!
Step 16: Fold it over, and you have a bed again.
Conclusion The bedroom plays an important role in our lives. It helps us rest and rejuvenates after long, tiring days. However, with the way things are going, we barely have enough space for our own clothes – let alone extra furniture or other items. You can easily avoid this problem by using your smarts when planning how to work around the space or by reworking the space into something useable instead of just being used for storing clothes or sleeping in.

Working in the sleeping space is not always bad if you can arrange the room and manage your time well. If you have no idea what, to begin with, why don’t you start picking one of these 10 ideas on how to deal with a small bedroom and office combo?



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