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10 Small Living Room Aesthetic Ideas

Living rooms can be the heart of a household, and they need to be a functional space where family members can congregate

It doesn’t matter if you have plenty of room to spare or are stuck in a small apartment with tight quarters; there are tons of ways to make your living room look bigger. We have compiled ten different small living room aesthetic ideas that will help you maximize your space and give it an airy feeling.

Key Points:

  • New living room transformation doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply using different items and colors to add personality.
  • A living room doesn’t need to be fancy; it can also be a quiet, calm place where you can relax after a hectic day.
  • Choose different furniture and decor items to make your living room look bigger.
  • Don’t forget the lighting. Adding lighting sources in the room can make it look bigger.
  • Keep your furniture simple and go for colors that complement each other; this will help keep the space from feeling empty.
  • Choosing lighter colors on the walls will make a room look bigger and additional details like mirrors, tapestries, or colorful paintings.
  • Also, don’t forget to add plenty of plants to your living room. They can be used as an elegant decoration. At the same time, they also contribute to making your living room feel more open and bright by filtering out dust particles, increasing airflow, and providing a pleasant smell.

As the place where you spend most of your leisure time, your living room deserves embellishing. Besides, it is the area your guests will notice for the first time. Thus, it has to be fantastic.
But then, the limited space hinders you from carving out style because you think you cannot do many things in it. Do not let it happen!

Who says that you cannot have a chic living room just because it is tiny? These 10 small living room aesthetic ideas will prove that it is a total myth. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

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List Entries:

10. Embrace the Bohemian Style

The good thing about Boho décor is the eclectic style that allows you to toss anything you like without thinking about matching items.

Still, you have to restrain your ambitions of bringing in more furniture to your small living room because you only want to make it look appealing rather than more cramped and boxed in.
Since the space is limited, consider using warm neutrals like off-white or brown hues for the base. This way, you can layer a few bold patterns more easily without overcrowding the space.

Then, enrich your living room with textures by bringing in wicker baskets, laying a natural fiber rug, investing in wood furniture, and layering your couch with a throw.

When it comes to a Boho décor, low-level seating is the best because you can kick back, chill out, and relax. Finally, add some plants to finish it off.

What is Bohemian living room style mean?

Answer: Bohemian-style living room décor comprises simple and humble furniture, natural wood, bold patterns and colors, and a simple couch and chair at the center-most area with low seating settings.

Relevant details:

  • No 1. The Bohemian style has its origin in the native cultures of India and Morocco. It came to prominence during the art movement known as The Great Exhibition in London. The style became popular among artists, intellectuals, poets, and musicians during the emergence of the beatnik movement. It is also referred to as gypsy living room décor.
  • No 2: Bohemian-style furniture is made from wood, iron, or wicker. In this living room style, examples of furniture designs include Moroccan poufs, Moroccan low tables with trays, and stools with woven seats.
  • No 3: The inspiration for Bohemian-style living room décor is largely derived from the Indian culture and the rich Mughal history. The common features of a Bohemian living room are hand-sewn fabrics, vibrant colors, and bold patterns.
  • No 4: Wood carvings, brass work, mirror work, colorful threads and beads, macrame swing chairs, and plush area rugs with abstract designs characterize a Bohemian-style living room.
  • No 5: A sofa or futon, an armchair with an upholstered seat, and a back made from natural fibers like woolen fabric or cotton define a Bohemian living room décor.
  • No 6: A Bohemian living room is usually sparsely furnished and quite simple. This concept is especially ideal if you have a small space in your house.
  • No 7: A Bohemian living room must have a Moroccan or Persian rug and wooden furniture set to make it look awesome.
  • No 8: If you are looking for inspiration that will help you develop ideas on what to use in your small living room, consider this. You can easily get the inspiration from these images below and begin working on your Bohemian-style home right away!

9. Add More Texture to the living room with New Accent Wall

Every living room needs an accent wall to pull things together and draw the eyes. Therefore, people usually use paint or artwork to create an epic accent wall.

Besides paint, artwork, and wallpaper, you can use trim to make it. The most common paneling used as an accent wall is board and batten because it is easy to install and will give you a timeless charm.

If you want a more contemporary and striking look, try opting for beadboard paneling. It will spruce up the space and add more texture to your living room.

Or, you can explore your creativity and discover a new way to display wall trim for your accent wall. This living room, for example, features a green accent wall with spectacular trim. The combination of bold color and unique pattern is perfect for stealing anyone’s focus.

8. Be Creative with Lighting

You tend to use your living for various activities, such as watching movies, relaxing after work, and playing board games with family. Therefore, you should be thoughtful about the lighting.

Using various lighting sources is necessary, although your living room is not too spacious. You can begin by installing an overhead light. It would be better if you also used dimmers to get the right amount of light, which can create a mood.

Consider investing in an oversized floor lamp put in the corner to illuminate the awkward and abandoned space. Besides, you can use that spot as a reading nook.

Relevant Ideas on how to use lighting to make your small living room appears larger:

  • No 1. If you want to use lighting to make your living room appear larger, then do not forget about the ceiling lamps.
  • No 2: Using dimmers on ceiling lights is a good idea because it allows you to control light intensity from different sources.
  • No 3: If you have a large space in your home, consider using multi-light fixtures at different levels and angles. This idea will allow your lighting fixtures to provide maximum illumination equal to the size of the room that you can use for various activities.
  • No 4: If you want to use more than four light fixtures in a single room, then use multiple styles in terms of the shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes of the light fixtures. The different designs will allow you to make dramatic impressions when using one style.
  • No 5: If you have only a few places to hide the wires, then consider using vintage or antique brass throughout your living room because it can conceal unsightly wires very well.
  • No 6: Install only one overhead light fixture over a large table or coffee table. It will allow you to see what is happening underneath the coffee table and use it for browsing magazines or placing a bowl of snacks while watching television with your friends or family members.
  • No 7: If you want an elegant living room, then do not forget to include a chandelier. You can choose from modern and contemporary designs to find the best chandelier for your living room.
  • No 8: Install an extra light source in your living room to create an area where you can place your legs and sit down. You can choose to opt for a table lamp or a reading light.
  • No 9: If you want a modern look, but the chandelier in the center of your living room and place several lamps on each wall above it.
  • No 10: Install a loft where you can put more things and storage that will add texture and style to your space. It is also perfect for storing art pieces or books, which will make it into one of the unique living rooms around!

Additional idea: Play with Pattern
To make a small living room look bigger, use patterns to break up the space. Do not be afraid to use large patterns of stripes and florals; it will help you create an attractive style and make every detail in the room stand out.

7. Display a Luxurious Accent

Just because your living room is not spacious, it does not mean you cannot carve out its elegance.
This small living room has proved that limited space is not a big obstacle when creating an elegant and aesthetical look. First, paint the walls white to create a neutral base that will highlight the wow elements.

Then, pair a white or light-gray couch with a white marble coffee table because it can infuse luxury in no time. Then, add gold accents like table legs and starburst mirrors to kick it up a notch.

6. How to turn your dated living room more Stylish and Functional

Because of the minute space, you might not want to overcrowd your living room with furniture. On the other hand, you still have to keep things organized while eradicating clutter.
Instead of purchasing bulky shelves, which may take up a lot of space, you can opt for multipurpose furniture.

A bespoke couch with baskets in cubbies can help you stash away some books, magazines, and even CDs. You can also invest in a wicker ottoman with hidden storage that can double as a coffee table.

Relevant ideas on how to transform your tired living room more stylish and functional:

  • No 1. Use the minimal amount of furniture necessary to create an elegant and stylish living room.
  • No 2: You can further compact your living room by choosing pieces with low profiles, such as floor lamps and tables.
  • No 3: To make your beautiful yet minimal living room quite functional, go for clearance items such as a set of Eames lounge chairs. These versatile chairs come in a variety of styles that are perfect for use in various spaces. They are sturdy, are also comfortable, and adaptable to many different spaces such as living rooms, bars, prayer rooms, and classrooms.
  • No 4: If your living room is large enough, you can include a sofa with storage inside it to stow away books and magazines. They are not only stylish but also very practical because they allow you to utilize the space within the sofa.
  • No 5: A nest of side tables is perfect for a small living room to create an elegant look without requiring additional space. Pair them with both metal and wooden bar stools to create a more industrial look that is both stylish and functional.
  • No 6: If you want to achieve a minimalist look, you need to have no more than three toss pillows on your couch. Ideally, this will help draw the eye to the focal point of your living room—either architectural details or art pieces.

5. Choose an Epic Centerpiece

You will love this idea if you are into Nordic décor that emphasizes minimalism and practicality.
Although it is not a must-have item, incorporating a centerpiece on a coffee table can significantly impact your living room. As a fan of Nordic décor, you need to consider displaying pampas grass for the centerpiece.

To accentuate the pampas grass, you need to keep everything simple by, for example, displaying it in a clear glass jar.
You cannot just display the pampas grass carelessly to get the best result. Using the stems in groups of odd numbers like 3, 5, or 7 will be your safe bet.

4. Incorporate Playful Elements

Spending some time reading a book or slurping a cup of hot chocolate while lounging on a hanging chair would be great.
Do not imagine it! Instead, make it real because your small living room needs some playful accent, and a hanging chair is perfect.

This macramé hanging chair is an excellent addition to this small Boho living room. Besides, it can make an extra seat when more guests come. You only need to hang it in the corner so that it will not ruin the foot traffic.

Relevant ideas on how to turn your boring living room more playful:

  • No 1. Avoid purchasing a large hanging chair that takes up most of the space in your living room. Instead, consider hanging a small macramé chair in the corner and let it act as an extra seat for visitors.
  • No 2: Create an area for playing by adding a large wooden tray, stacking some pillows on top of each other, and placing them on the floor for kids to sit on.
  • No 3: A small plush rug can be used as part of your living area’s design and will provide kids with a soft place to read or play games.
  • No 4: Invest in some blue and white striped pillows for the sofa. They are stylish and provide some playful elements to your living room.
  • No 5: To draw attention to the art piece on the wall, go bold with your color choices while sticking to a neutral palette like beige, white, and brown.
  • No 6. Display Your Beautiful Art Collection
    Handmade artwork is not only beautiful but also creative and versatile.
    You can use them as a décor piece in your living room or even put them on display in other rooms such as the bedroom or bathroom. These handmade art pieces will surely make great conversation starters among friends and family that visit your home.
  • No 7: Consider displaying your favorite photographs.
  • No 8: If your living room is large enough, you can add a rug with a fun, playful pattern. Not only that your kids will find it fun, but it will also lighten up the space and infuse joy into the room.
  • No 9: If you want a more contemporary look in your small living room, add some black and white artwork to showcase your best pictures and images.
    This black and white canvas art piece is the star of this cozy living room!
  • No 10: To bring some color, use blue and white accent pieces such as pillows and area rugs.
  • No 11: An area rug is an excellent way to add extra charm to your space. Consider stacking a few different patterns and colors so that you can create a subtle visual play of color against other colors in the room. You do not have to go overboard with the pattern either. You just want it to be a little bit fun!
  • No 12: A simple way to make your living room more colorful is by placing colorful vases on the coffee table.

3. Do not Forgo artwork

Although it looks trivial, artwork has always been an excellent addition to any living room, whether big or small. It can also make a great accent wall.

You can hang a large painting behind the couch to draw the eye. If you have some beautiful memories or a masterpiece to share, it is the perfect time for you to create a gallery wall that will perk up your living room.

2. Be Simple with Neutral Color Palette

As a good rule of thumb, neutral color palettes, especially white hues, are the best match for a tiny living room because they can open up space. If you are not into white because it may make the room look sterile, you can opt for cool hues like pastels or light blue.

Then, pair the neutral color scheme with a light gray couch and a plush rug for extra comfort. Root the whole elements with a charcoal-gray accent wall.

Another idea on how to play with color and turn your living room fresher simultaneously:

  • No 1. Choose colors that can help create the illusion of more space. In this case, yellow is a great choice to make the living room feel larger than it is.
  • No 2. To refresh your living room interior, choose some accessories like cushions, lamps, and area rugs in bright colors.
  • No 3. If you love having natural light in your home and want to bring it into your living room, consider installing some large windows on the opposite side of the sofa.
  • No 4. A great way to inject rich texture into small living rooms is by using furry area rugs that add dimension and warmth to a space.
  • No 5. To add a splash of color and fun to your room, consider displaying some paintings in the living room. The best artists will produce the most dynamic pieces!
  • No 6. To keep the room more balanced and cohesive, use a white wooden coffee table that can be paired with any other furniture in the room.
  • No 7. Accentuate your artwork by hanging it on brightly colored walls or placing it on top of white shelves. This is a smarter way to display art without too much space.
  • No 8. You can display a large flower arrangement on top of an elegant glass table to bring some life and serenity into your living space.
  • No 9. If you want to give the room a more modern look, go for sleek lamps and wooden tables that are minimalist in design.
  • No 10. To make your living room pop, paint the walls yellow and add some fun artwork on top of them. The beautiful vase here is also an excellent complement to the room’s color scheme.

Extra idea: Go Modern with Black Accent Pieces
The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about black is elegance and sophistication, but this color has playfulness too! Black can be a perfect choice if you want to make your small living room more modern yet playful at the same time.

Lastly, Number 1. Double Up Space with Mirrors

Mirrors are always renowned for their capability to expand space. Do they do magic? Of course not! Mirrors double up space by reflecting light to make the area more open and airier. The reflections also trick the eye into thinking that the room is actually larger. Therefore, you should have them in your minute living room.

Not only a mirror, but you can also double up your space (or illusion) of it by:

  • No 1. Hang a large and beautiful painting in your living room.
  • No 2. Add some fun rugs to your floor. It adds color, but it also doubles up the space by adding more dimension to the room.
  • No 3. To double up space, consider adding an accent wall with a large canvas artwork of your choice (or three!). The brown walls are already enough, but do not forget to add a mural on the wall opposite the sofa!
  • No 4. Consider adding an extra-large TV stand to your living room if you have the space.
  • No 5. Consider adding some area rugs and artwork to the walls to double up space.
  • No 6. Or hang large mirrors on opposite sides of the room. Below is a great example of using mirrors to add dimension and lightness to a small living room space.
  • No 7. Or go for two sofa beds with beautiful cushions on top of them! This idea will produce the illusion that you have more than enough seating in your home (or not)!
  • No 8. A beautiful NFT painting is also a great way to double up space. The one below is understated yet elegant. It does not distract from the room’s beauty but perfectly complements the overall color palette you have chosen.
  • No 9. Not just a regular mirror, you can also hang a floor-to-ceiling mirror!
    If you choose to use mirrors in your room, be sure not to put them too close or too far away from the sofa to avoid the effect of having awkward reflections that may make the room look smaller than it is.
  • No 10. You can also add some visual interest by displaying small art pieces that may not be good enough for your living room but look great when hung on the wall next to mirrors.
  • No 11. Throwing an oversized throw blanket in front of your sofa may seem like an elementary idea, but when you are playing with space, it can also double up space by providing more comfort for you and your guests!

You can do many things to make your home look more appealing despite the limited space. If you still have no clue about what to do, you can begin with these 10 small living room aesthetic ideas that are practical and functional.



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