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10 Living Room Wall Transformations

The living room is the most, if not only, common living space in almost every home. That’s why it’s so crucial for you to decorate and transform your living room into an eye-catching place where all your friends and guests would want to hang out.

Whether you prefer natural designs or are looking for creative solutions to inspire your next room design, the following transformation ideas may leave you speechless.

Key Points:

  • Your living room wall is one of the most important parts.
  • Choose your Wall wisely to be able to transform it into a place that is rich in colors, textures, and designs
  • Maximize your living room space while keeping its functionality at its core.
  • Start with a blank frame and get inspired by the ideas listed below to make your selected area more inviting and relaxing. A great transformation will leave you with a smile on your face.
  • Keep it simple for backgrounds because you might want to add accent colors on tops, such as green for your plants or yellow for your flooring or furniture.
  • Take time to consider what kind of vibe you want your room to have.
  • If you have a lot of photos hanging around, consider placing some frames on the wall where you can utilize the space and make it more interesting.
  • Look for inspiration from other people’s perfect living room transformations to get some ideas for transforming your living room.

The living room is the most common living space in most homes. This fact is why each one of us wants to transform our living room into an attractive and unique space that would be a place where all friends and guests would enjoy hanging out.

Are you searching for wall decor ideas to freshen up your living room? Those bare walls are full of possibilities, and a few additions can make your space look more stylish.

Keep reading if you’re ready to transform those bare walls into a modern centerpiece! We have tricks that can improve your walls and bring out your taste and personality, whatever your style.

Discover these 10 living room wall transformations that add style to your living room. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

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10 Living Room Wall Transformations Poster

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List Entries:

10. From a plain wall to a Gallery station

Photo galleries are easy to cover a blank wall or an unsavory corner. Go with frame shapes, sizes and designs and put anything from old family photos to art paintings there.

Crafting a gallery wall is a chic way to add personality to a living room. If you do it right, the results will be lasting. This look lasts over time, and you’ll be satisfied with your wall of pictures for years to come.

Detailed instructions:

  • Start the transformation with a horizontal or vertical accent. A prominent cabinet, bookshelves, or decorative mirrors can draw your eye, giving you a focal point to work with.
  • Next, start decorating the wall by choosing a pattern, size, and shape of the frame. You can also reach for bold colors and solid colors to add interest.
  • Your gallery wall doesn’t have to be monotonous; it’s okay to mix more than one frame style as long as they harmonize. In addition, try to use frames designed in the same color scheme.
  • If you want to add more elements, like hanging pieces of art, you should use a wide and deep frame.
  • To make sure the gallery wall is in the right place, measure your space before shopping for frames. After all, it would be a shame to buy something too big or too small!
  • To finish your gallery wall look, add accessories like mirrors, candles, or flowers. This little bit can enhance the overall design of your gallery wall and complement your artwork.
  • Once you are happy with the way everything looks on your gallery wall, don’t forget to treat it with a clear sealant to ensure that it will last for years to come.

9. Build a Paneling Wall

Wall paneling adds a delicate texture and still brings its original function of retaining the warmth, fulfilling the touch and natural materials that are often lacking in modern life.

Wall paneling is often known as traditional addition to any room, which has been increasing to this day.

Many people use panels to conceal any flaws and make the space look more striking, making them a more approachable design trend and appropriate for decorating in 2022.

If doing a DIY task seems so hard for you, no worries because you can now get the look of wall paneling through a wallpaper that offers the same effect and needs less effort.

Relevant instructions:

  • Start by finding the right color scheme to use.
  • Cut panels of the same width and length, making sure they are all equal (this is important).
  • Next, you need to mark where you want your wall panels. Start by drawing a line on the wall where you will place each panel. Using a level tool can help you keep everything straight.
  • If you want some variety in your room, think about installing different sizes or shapes of panels. It’s best to stick to three main sizes and four main shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, and semi-circle).
  • Install each panel properly. You will need a hammer and some wood or masonry nails.
  • After you’ve completed all your wall panels, you need to set the crown molding on top of the panels.
  • If you are going for texture, consider adding texture with paint or wallpaper. Don’t hesitate to mix different patterns and styles for extra interest!
  • Add Charm with Vintage-Style Panels
    If wallpapering is not your favorite hobby, vintage-style panels can help you achieve the same look without too much effort! Vintage-style paneling is perfect for covering those boring surfaces and those showpieces that might seem out of place in your living room today.

8. Install the New Shelving system

Open shelving is an inexpensive yet stylish choice for living room shelving ideas. Create an entire storage wall with a stack of open shelving that runs along either side of your TV stand.

Start by placing your first shelf at approximately the sofa or chair level. You can use it for display and double as a resting surface for a lamp.

Keep open shelving organized by installing several closed cabinets under your displays. Use this to deal with small-scale messes, so the surface doesn’t look messy or become a dust magnet.

Relevant details:

  • Measure your shelving and purchase enough lumber to accommodate the size.
  • If you are installing open shelving, remember the brackets and hardware. Also, make sure you have plenty of screws, not just their nails or adhesive. You will need a screwdriver to finish the job.
  • Assemble the Wall of open shelving by using your power drill and screw holes on each shelf to accommodate your fasteners.
  • To finish the shelf installation, you need to add the backboards to stabilize your shelves.
  • Consider adding a bold pop of color to your shelves by applying paint or a custom picture frame.

7. Fall for Floral

After looking fussy and old-fashioned, floral is back in the spotlight, especially on our stark walls. It has proven that floral patterns have been more popular than ever in living rooms lately.

Flower wallpapers wrap around your walls in nature and tend to combine a couple of colors that can be an excellent way to embed your color palette into the space for a cohesive yet natural feel.

With a fairly tight print like in the picture above, try to bring out one key color, and the echo is more prominent around your living room. You can put it in accessories and large furniture.

6. A Mirror Wall living room idea

Decorating walls with mirrors can make a huge difference to a living room, whether cramped and dark or large and full of light.

Mirrors can reflect natural and artificial light to make the room brighter during the day and at night, so it is right to incorporate them into your living room lighting ideas.

Depending on the room’s design and the available wall area, strategically choosing the best spot to hang the mirror is crucial.
Position the mirror opposite the natural light to reflect the natural light coming from the outside. It will make your room brighter.

Opt for medium to large mirrors to increase the reflection effect. This way, you will reflect light in various directions. Also, these mirrors will make your space look more spacious.

5. Bring texture to the wall by Wallsauce

If you want to add interest to a wall but don’t want a complete set pattern, try to look for alternative designs that imitate the look of an unfinished surface.

This way, your walls will display character and interest without overpowering the scheme by layering too many patterns.

When staring at this wall, you might think it is an exposed concrete wall, just like what you usually encounter in an industrial-style house. The truth is that it is a wallpaper that immensely mimics the look of a concrete wall.
This wallpaper features shades of gray, presenting a bit of rustic effect of the industrial style.

Relevant details:

  • To apply the wallpaper, you will need to start by taping up your walls to prevent any damage from the application.
  • Make sure every part of the wall is covered with a top, middle, and bottom layer of tape. Leave no gaps between each layer.
  • Use a small roller or paintbrush to apply the glue evenly over the wall.
  • Remove your masking tape after 24 hours and use a soft brush or roller to smooth out the wallpaper.
  • If you are going for an industrial theme, use metal accessories and furniture on your wall for extra contrast with your other furniture pieces.
  • Add some texture and color to your living room with a touch of copper, bronze, or gunmetal accents.
  • Consider using wallpaper for the lower portions of your room’s walls to prevent any damage from spilling or dripping the paint on your wall.

4. Make One Wall a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point. It can be any wall you want to highlight due to its essential role, for example, a fireplace.
As a focal point, it has to be standout. Therefore, installing different tiles or using other materials would be your safe bet.

If you don’t have an architectural focal point, you can try highlighting the wall with a TV set where all the furniture leads.

Creating a focal point wall can help anchor the rest of the decor and direct all eyes to the most intriguing spot in your living room.

Relevant details:

  • Observe your room’s dimensions to determine the best spot for your focal wall.
  • Make sure this is near enough to the sofa to make it easily visible from the main seating area.
  • Using a bold material, such as stone tiles or wood, for this focal point can help create a center of interest in your room.
  • Consider painting an accent wall with a contrasting color to make it stand out more in your living room.
  • To make it permanent, you need strong anchor points and professional installation services.
  • Apply a strong primer coat of paint over your wall.
  • Make sure you leave enough time for the primer coat to dry thoroughly.
  • Use your power drill and screws to hang your focal wall, using brackets and strong anchors to provide stability.

Extra: Add A Framed Wall living room

Remember how we were talking about wallpaper? One of its colorful alternatives is framing wallpaper, or rather, painted lines on a wall. It’s a popular idea with its distinctive look that mimics the style of frames around paintings in a gallery. Still, it can be used in any interior design style and has the advantage of being removable.

3. Try Terrazzo Pattern

Terrazzo prints are the same as leopard patterns, as we can almost see them as a neutral color, and they create a backdrop that you can use to pair bolder color schemes.

Due to their random small-scale pattern, it’s not too distracting when you want to use it with very bright furnishings.

However, if you like colors that match, you have to choose furniture with the same color scheme as the wall. It still lets the terrazzo become the centerpiece.
So, try this terrazzo paint to give your living room a new and fresh feel.

Relevant details:

  • Study the pattern on the wall. Think of how you want to recreate it in your living room.
  • In this case, it’s just one line going all around the wall, but you can do this with a mosaic pattern and make the lines more varied in color and shape.
  • Use high-quality paint and suitable color for this wallpaper to ensure excellent quality.
  • If you want to make your DIY wallpaper try using oil-based paint as it’s durable, thick, and easy to apply.
  • Use a roller to get an even coating on the wall if you remove the paper. If you use a brush, use a little bit of lighter paint to blend the edges.
  • Use brackets and anchors to mount your wallpaper onto the wall, and make sure you apply equally intense pressure on each side.
  • Remove the paper after 24 hours to ensure your paint is completely dry.

Extra: Try a Wallpaper Waterfall Pattern

A waterfall pattern is similar to a mosaic pattern, but it’s less random and more linear, making it easier for your living room to host bolder color schemes.
One of the most popular waterfall patterns is perhaps the wallpaper element from the “Holly Hedgehog.”
It features a gradient of circular ripples with small squares and leaves that stand out against a gray background.

The warm color plus the gray backdrop creates an interesting effect that you can use in many different sets of furnishings and wallpapers. Its versatility makes it one of the best options for home décor.

2. Display Wall-Mounted Sconce

Living room lighting trends might change at any time, but it’s worth keeping in mind the style and period of your home and opting for an authentic wall lamp that complements it if you wish for an endless scheme.

Keep the lighting as soft as possible, use wall lamps and table lamps whenever possible, and avoid too many spotlights to make it stand out and impress in a space where the goal is relaxation.

Lighting for a living room wall should be practical and functional. Nevertheless, it still carries your decorating scheme. Thus, match the material, if not the design, with another lighting you have.

For example, in white and black tones, this contemporary wall light matches the table and other furniture in this room.

Lastly, Number 1. Craft a new Basket Wall

We love hanging baskets because they can add a lot of visual attraction without taking away the minimalist feel of a room.

In this space, the diagonal lines of the textured wicker basket create lots of visual interest. They pair very well with the brown color scheme and keep up a simple vibe in the room.

Although baskets have a naturally eclectic vibe, you can easily make them suitable for various decorating styles.

Here, you can mix and match baskets with farmhouse, boho, and vintage nuances to create a super attractive wall gallery. Don’t hesitate to mix and match styles as long as they are the same color.

Another Living Room Wall transformation project idea you can try is a Wall-Mounted DIY Bookshelf project idea.

It’s easy to transform any wall into a place where you can display your books and other small items, but it’s just as easy to make it look great.

Do you have a piece of furniture that’s wall-mounted? Then, consider putting up a neat shelf on the wall and arranging books.
The top surface of the bookcase should be attached to the wall with brackets, while you should fix the more decorative sides on an open frame. The latter is optional because most shelves come with a rail or edge, depending on your preference.

  • Carefully plan your bookshelf.
  • Draw and measure the size of the bookshelf to fit on your wall.
  • If you have time, cut the board with a handsaw. Otherwise, buy one that’s already cut to size.
  • Make sure your bookcase is level from side to side and from front to back.
  • Attach your brackets or hanging rails on each end of the bookcase for balance and strength.
  • If necessary, use an electric saw for making precise cuts when mounting them on a wall or ceiling.
  • Position your bookshelf in the desired position.
  • Here, the overall dimensions of the bookcase are 10 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 36 inches high.
  • You can cut some pieces of wood or use a dowel to make a daisy chain inside your bookcase so that you can hang decorative items from it.
  • The bookshelf is turned around so that its top and bottom surfaces face each other.
  • To put up your shelf, start with the right side up and center it on the wall.
  • Use two brackets to attach three rafters or two boards to hold them in place if needed.
  • Then, stick the fourth rafter across the shelf and place it on one bracket.
  • Nail a cross beam to secure each rafter in place.
  • Place the shelf on a level surface and ensure it’s facing outwards.
  • Push the top of the bookshelf until it balances all right on your brackets or rails.
  • Use nails to fix them if they’re not already secured.


Do you love these 10 living room wall transformations? Well, take one of them, then apply it to your space. Let us know the result!


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