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12 Stylish Small Living Room Projects on a Tight Budget

Don’t let small spaces cramp your style. Today, we’ve got a dozen budget-friendly ways to transform your living room into a cozy, functional haven.

12 Tight Budget Improvements & DIYs for A Tight Living Room

We’ve got you covered, from game-changing drop leaf tables to modular sofas that adapt to your needs. Plus, we’ll share tips for creating your own hammock chair and DIY daybed. So, say goodbye to overcrowded spaces, and let’s dive into these ingenious ideas to make your tight living room feel like a spacious sanctuary on a shoestring budget!”

12. Get your living room a daybed (Two ideas to try)

Going down memory lane, we can’t help but appreciate Thomas Schlosser’s day bed, a design originally by Poul Volther in the late 1950s. While the sources don’t give us a step-by-step guide, this day bed’s elegance and simplicity are enough to kindle our DIY spirits.”

Speaking of DIY, here’s a beginner-friendly day bed idea by the amazing Brandi from Eternal Harvest Decor. She welcomes you to her DIY realm with open arms, guiding you through each step to make your own day bed. All you need is a few screws, some wood glue, brad nails, and your ability to adjust your space and align it with the scratch you plan to use to build your new day bed dream.

But why a day bed, you ask? Well, they’re incredibly space-efficient, ideal for serving a small living room guest or for indulging the owner of an empty rental master bedroom. Plus, they’re easy on the pocket, especially if you’re upcycling scrap wood. 

Too bad, however, no rose comes without thorns. A conventional day bed design may not carry the aesthetic appeal you can tolerate to welcome your upcoming guest or family member from another state. 

“Ah, but fear not! We’ve got several alternatives up our sleeves that address these drawbacks.”

11. A Lounge sofa or futon idea from Imee Made.

First up, consider a futon. It’s like a day bed’s distant cousin. Easy to set up, a futon solves the carpentry conundrum. However, comfort could be a challenge. But with the right mattress, it’s a hurdle you can easily overcome.”

Come back to Imee made. 

In her tutorial, she starts with using spring clamps to hold the plywood sheets together, cutting the plywood to size, cutting out the spines for the backrest, laminating two sheets together with wood glue, pre-drilling mounting holes, securing everything with 2.5-inch screws, and sewing a cover using upholstery fabric.

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