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10 Other DIY Ways How to Level up Small Bedrooms

Whenever we work in a minute space, things can get a bit fiddly. Organizing the anarchy or decorating an area to enjoy? It sounds like a challenging task to do.
Get rid of your worries! I’ve hunted down 10 other DIY ways how to level up small bedroom. Indubitably, they save your time and hassle. In addition, they deliver elegance, style and class. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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10. Pegboard Headboard Makeover idea

10. Pegboard Headboard via Simphome
It’s one of my preferred stuff. Pegboards always take place in any DIYs.
To get this look, the supplies that you need are;
A pegboard, drywall screws, clear spacers, pegboard hangers and general mounting tools.
First, pull out the layout you want, then measure and mark. Next, anchor dry-wall screws to the wall and put clear spacers between the wall and pegboard before screwing them in place. Now, you can continue with the remaining boards.
Lastly, embellish your pegboard with some accessory hangers. There you are!
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9. A DIY Murphy Bed makeover idea

9. DIY Murphy Bed idea via Simphome
It’s a perfect fit if you need an extra sleeping spot. It seems complicated but it’s worth it.


To make this murphy bed, you need to build the box, fasten the back and front support respectively. Do it for the side trim, the bottom of the box, the top trim into the top end edge of the side trim.
Fasten the front top trim using wood glue and 1 ¼” nails. Fasten the top back piece to the top using wood glue and 2” nails. Attach the top like previous step, leaving a 1’ overhang on front and sides. Do the same for top front.
Next, Build the mattress box, then fasten the sides to the bottom and the back. Fasten the door to the face. Attach the box to the wall box. Use wood filler to conceal any imperfection due to the small holes.
Fasten through the 1×4 support boards into a stud in the back wall. Done!
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8. An Under-the-Bed Storage from Scratch idea

8. Under the Bed Storage from Scratch via SimphomeIt is an evident answer and a good reminder. It bails out your time while working on a diminutive bedroom. Besides, some under-bed storage allows you to keep your stuff tidy while hiding the clutter away.


To make these pull-out under-bed drawers, you will need 2-foot x 3-foot plywood, 1×12 cut into four pieces (two 37½-inch-longs, two 24-inch-longs), a table saw, a nail gun, nails, corner brackets (8), handle, castors (4), a drill, a hand sander, sandpapers, stain and wood glue.
Cut the wood and sand it. Using a nail gun and nails, assemble your entire storage box sides in order. Next, dry it for 24 hours. Now, stain it and attach it.

Then, attach casters to the bottom and add a nice big handle. You’re all set!
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7. Jewelry Box with Mirror

7. Jewelry Box with Mirror via SimphomeOther than paintings, mirrors also chip in when it comes to widen a limited space bedroom. They expose the width of the room commendably by reflecting light nicely, making your petite bedroom look visually larger and airier.

Here are the supplies and instructions you need:

6′ x 3 ½” boards, full length mirror, wood screws, a super glue, paint, D-Ring hangers (x2), a cabinet catch, 2 ½” brass hinges (x4), cup hooks, removable wallpaper and a cutter.
Cut two and four pieces of wood. Next, screw the boards into place from the outside edges of the long boards. Paint your frame.
Install two D-ring hangers (optional).
Install hinges onto the left front edge of the wooden frame. Last, Hang it and you’re good to go!

6. Colored Paper Lantern ideas

6. Colored Paper Lanterns via Simphome

Having a dim light in your bedroom – or on the nightstand to be exact – is a great way to get a perfect sleep as well as creating a romantic ambiance.
These colored paper lanterns can get you covered. For this idea, I strongly recommend LED candles for a brighter and safer option.


• Glass (straight)
• LED candles
• white papers
• colored vellum papers
• a cutter.


• After you cut them, fold those petals up so the blossoms become 3D. You may use a spatula to help you.
• Tape some colored vellum before taping the paper.
• Light the LED candles.
• Enjoy your fresh lanterns!

5. Ombre Accent Wall décor idea

5. Ombre Accent Wall via SimphomeIt is an excellent option for your daughter. It carries sufficient visual impact and actually after you get the job done you won’t need any wall art or other décor items to perfect it.
First, determine your color flow and prime the wall. Now, section your wall, three or five (choose odd numbers). Cut in around the wall base using a small paintbrush and dark shade paint.
Then, use your light shade paint to cut in along the ceiling. Set out three paint trays, mix the paint and roll each section. Blend the two colors using a large, dry paintbrush.
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4. Give your IKEA Cube extra legs

4. Add Legs to IKEA Cube via SimphomeLet’s be real! Legs are vital, nevertheless, spending more than eighty dollars is unwise. Thus, I suggest adding legs to your IKEA cube.
It is such an easy project to do. You only need to assemble your cube and mark where the legs are in and drill them to create holes. Twist each leg in.
By adding legs to an IKEA cube, you’ve turned your IKEA furniture piece into a nightstand that hosts your table lamp as well as a shelf that incorporates an additional storage solution.

3. Make a new Window Shade for More Privacy

3. Make a DIY Window Shade for More Privacy via Simphome.comIt’s a great way to add more privacy for your bedroom. The good news is, you need no sew to make your dream come true. All you need is just 1-yard fabric, fabric glue, scissors, tape measure, iron, 4 tension rods (Roman Shade), 2 Tension Rods (Clipped Shades), Decorative Brooch or Clip-On Earrings.
Next, it’s time for you to harness your creativity to make a beautiful shade of your own. You can use either one of three ways to get started. Follow link inside description to get your options.

2. Upgrade Your Bedroom with Plants

2. Upgrade Your Bedroom with Plants via SimphomeDo you need some fresh air after lingering in hectic hours?
Try to encircle your bedroom with indoor plants.
I have itemized a number of indoor plants to pick.


• English Ivy. It takes in airborne chemicals and scrubs the harmful air. It is a pet for any bedrooms. One of the best choices for fighting airborne pollutants, it also enhances the quality of indoor air.
• Peace Lily. It removes formaldehyde and benzene, releases moisture and increases rooms’ humidity.
• Spider Plant. It cleanses the air from formaldehyde and chemicals, which often found in most household products. Plus, it has the ability to tussle persistent indoor scents.

Lastly number 1. Accent Wall with Giant Paper Flower ideas

1. Accent Wall with Giant Paper Flowers via SimphomeGiant paper flowers are kind of on trend now. They are picked to spruce up the wall for many reasons. They are cheap, easy to make, and – more importantly – a fun project to do. And the result will always make a mind-blowing focal point in your bedroom.
To make these giant paper flowers, you need glue gun, 65-pound cardstocks, 18-gauge wire, wire clippers, scissors, thin wooden dowel for rolling and a 3-inch circle punch.


• Print out templates and use them to trace the card stock. Lay them on your cardstock and trace your petals. The petals need 5-6 cuts at least. It depends on your flower size. Then, make a 13 inch flower and cut them. Cut slits at the bottom center, put glue on the inside edge.
• Assemble petals by adding some glue then glue the open bottom. Cut the paper down to create the rolled center fold. Lay 2 pieces on top one another and fold in half. Now, cut the paper.
• Roll the first piece by adding glue along the edge.
• Add on the next and glue the center in. An appealing flower you have!

Our ride on 10 other DIY ways how to level up small bedroom comes to an end. Keep in mind, all of your decors show travels from ceiling to floor. Happy creating and good luck with your first choice!


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