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10 DIY Storage Improvement Projects for Small Bedrooms

Your bedroom is supposed to be the most comfortable space in your home as this is the place where you can feel relaxed and sleep. Unfortunately, almost always, the tiny space ruins its comfort. Everything is scattered around, making it look messy.
Does it happen to your bedroom too? Keep reading as I’ve collected 10 DIY storage improvement projects for small bedroom.

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10. Make Use of the Space under Your Bed | Lifestorage Make Use of the Space under Your Bed

You might think that ditching the bed legs is the best idea to cope with limited space. The truth is raising the bed a few inches off the floor can add more storage space. And this under-the-bed storage is worth trying.
Actually, you can make this storage box by repurposing an old drawer. But if you don’t have any, you can always make it from scratch. You just need to get plywood, cut it out to form some smaller pieces of wood, assemble the pieces so that they can form a box. Then, sand the box thoroughly to remove any splinter, and stain it. Once it dries, add the hardware like castors that can swivel around, corner brackets to make it look more appealing as well as providing an extra support, and a handle.

9. Wall-Mounted Shelves on a Budget Project idea | Buildsomething Wall Mounted Shelves on a Budget

When you have many things to keep in your bedroom, but there isn’t enough space to store them, it’s time to make wall-mounted shelves. These are not just some sort of floating shelves that incorporate additional storage solution. They are also an adornment for the stark wall in your bedroom.
These wall-mounted shelves consist of 3 boxes; two outside boxes and one center boxes.
To make these shelves, you have to begin with cutting your boards into 4 long sides and 4 short sides to make the outer boxes. Assemble the pieces so that you can get two outer boxes with opened corner.
Then, make the center box. Lay the three boxes on a flat surface and bring them together to see whether they are flush. Next, apply any finish you like. You can also add wallpaper in the center box to jazz it up.
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8. A Wooden Nightstand with Extra Storage project idea | BHG Nighstand with Storage

Sometimes a nightstand that you can get from Ikea or a home-improvement store just look chic, but lacks storage space. If that’s the case, you can just hack it by installing some add-ons.
Try adding another board for the bottom shelf that hold books or magazines.
You can screw the bottom shelf to the nightstand legs or install brackets to attach it.
Then, build a small shelf that will top your nightstand.
The back of the top shelf has to be made from thin plywood so that you can drill a quite large hole which you feed the cord through.
Next, attach the top shelf, and add hook-and-loop adhesive strips on the back of the power strip.
Finally, attach the power strip on the back part of the top shelf.

7. A Simple Bedside Caddy Project idea | Hearthandvine Bedside Caddy

Bedside caddy can be one of the best additional storage solutions when the surface space of your nightstand can’t hold more things.
To make this bedside caddy, you need some fabric, thread, and basic sewing skills. Make some pockets with different sizes to hold magazines, phone, and some other small things. Put the caddy under the bed with the pockets dangle over the floor. The weight of the bed will hold the caddy in place.

6. An Overhead Shelving unit project idea| Artsybuildinglady Overhead Shelves

Do you have overhead shelves in your garage? They come in handy, right?
Have you ever thought about making one in your small bedroom to store some less-used items like blankets and winter outfits?
Making overhead shelves is like making conventional shelves. However, to upgrade it, you can add a few vertical supports that are attached to the ceiling for more safety measure. Since the shelves are close to the ceiling, you will still have plenty floorspace for wardrobe and bed.

5. A Headboard with Lots of Extra shelves Project Idea | Bobvila Headboard with Storage
Many people think that eradicating the headboard in a space-challenged can solve the problem. But what if the headboard is a part of a brilliant solution?
Some headboards feature built-in storage which helps you organize things. This headboard, for example, consists of lots of shelves that you can use to store books, dolls, pictures, and your treasures. It is easy to make as you just need to make lots of boxes and assemble them together.

4. Store It Behind your Bedroom Door | Elizabethstrohblog Store It Behind the Door

Small bedroom rule 101; use every available space wisely.
Yep! That’s true! You have to use any space you have in your bedroom, including the one behind the door. To tap into it, just get wire rack and hang it behind your bedroom door or closet door. This rack can help you hold accessories, ties, belts, and other small items that tend to collect mess.

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3. A Modern Floating Nightstand Project idea | Jenwoodhouse Floating NightstandA floating nightstand with storage will save more space as well as making your bedroom look more spacious since it provides clean floorspace. More importantly, making this stylish nightstand don’t require you to pay online video course.
First, you need to build the nightstand shell by cutting a six-foot 1×12 into four pieces.
The two pieces are 24″ for the top and bottom, and two pieces are 11 1/2″ for the sides.
Then, cut a 1×4 to 22.5″ for the back piece. Next, attach it to the back of the nightstand using pocket holes.
Make sure it is flush with the nightstand as you’re gonna attach it to the wall.
After that, assemble and install the drawers. And, finally, apply any finish you love to use or experiment with.

2. A Foolproof Bedside Storage idea | Jennakateathome Foolproof Bedside Storage

If you find the previous projects are arduous, you can try this one. This project is super easy because it doesn’t require any advanced carpentry skills. You just need to get a wire or plastic basket, or a wicker basket. Then, attach the basket onto the wall next to your bed. You can also add a cardboard or wooden board in the basket to optimize the storage space.

Lastly number 1. Add Pegboard on your wall | Littlehouseonthecorner Add Pegboard
Pegboards are extremely versatile. They can add more storage space in any room, including your bedroom. Just hang a pegboard using your basic woodworking skill and add some shelves or baskets on it. DONE.
It is easy, isn’t it?
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So, a small bedroom can feel as comfortable as a bigger one if you can make it clutter free. And now since you knew how to get rid of your clutter, turn one of these ideas as action , and turn your small bedroom less claustrophobic one more time.

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