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10 Bedroom Closet Ideas You Can Use to Upgrade Your Storage Solutions

The bedroom is the best place to call it a night. However, this safe haven turns into a disaster area when the clutter conquers the space. And the most vulnerable to clutter is the closet.
The closet is the best place to hide everything away, making your bedroom look tidy.
However, it is not a silver bullet. Without proper organization skill, it could bring more trouble than storage solution to any bedroom.
More on that later. Now, allow me to give you 10-bedroom closet ideas for a more comfortable and tidier bedroom whether they are big or small.

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10. Make Drawer Dividers | Goodhousekeeping Craft Simple Drawer Dividers
Drawers are the place where you stash small items like hairpins, bracelets, and other accessories. And rooting around in the drawers for your favourite bracelet is no picnic. If this is what happening in your drawers now, it’s time to invest in drawer dividers.
Actually, you can find chic drawer dividers in stores. But it has always been a great idea to make them yourself. Besides meeting your needs well, it can give you the opportunity to have a nest egg. You can make drawer dividers from card board, plywood, or even unused cereal boxes. Just cut the card board or cereal boxes to size, wrap the cutting with colored paper if necessary, and put the drawer dividers inside your drawers.

9. Group the Clothes Together | BHG Group your Clothes Together
Do you think finding a sweater is a challenging task because you forget where you put it in your closet? If it happens to you, you definitely need to empty your closet, sort your clothes, and begin to group them together.
Grouping your clothes together based on their functions or types will enable you to speedily find what you need since you know what goes where. Speaking of which, some clothes are in their A1 shapes when hung up while others are best kept when they stay folded.
Hang your dresses, blouses, trousers and dress pants, scarves, skirts, coats, blazers, and jackets. Jackets tend to be bulky when folded which can overtake the space. Fold your T-shirts, knitwear, bras, underwear, jeans, cords, and khakis, and store them on the shelves of your closet. You might also want to hang labels to separate one section from another.

8. Tuck in Everything with Panache | BHG

8.Simphomecom Tuck in Everything with Panache
Small closet might restrict the use of the available space. But it can’t restrict your creativity. You can still make the most of your small closet despite the size. The key is tucking in everything with panache. Now open your closet, and see what you can do with it.
If your closet is particularly small, you can tweak it a little bit by removing some shelves, and replace them with built-in plastic storage boxes that can be pulled out like drawers. You can also move the hanging rod to a higher spot so that you can cram a shoe rack into your closet. To kick it up a notch, attach some inspiring look on the closet door so you can pull together your OOTD.

7. Use Curtains Instead of Doors | Goodhousekeeping

7. Use Curtains Instead of Doors
When it comes to crammed space, every square inch is precious. Therefore, instead of opening the closet door by pulling and letting it swing out which gobbles up the space, you’d better harness the versatility of curtains.
A simple white curtain that typically hangs wide and high can be your safe bet as it can match any bedroom style immensely. But if it’s not your style, you can try thicker fabric to conceal your closet.

6. Bedroom Closet Ideas for Kids | BHG Bedroom Closet Ideas for Kids

Apparently, not only your bedroom but also your kid’s bedroom needs some applicable closet ideas. You need to make a kid-friendly closet that allows your kid to become more independent and get everything in the closet by himself without making a mess.
To make it tangible, you have to make everything small and reachable. Small drawers, wicker baskets, and storage boxes can help your kid find what he is looking for easily. Keep his clothes in short stacks so he doesn’t have to struggle to find his pyjamas and ruin the pile.

5. Maintain the Easy Access | BHG Maintain the Easy Access
The most indispensable thing of any closet is the easy access. What’s the point to reorganize your closet if you find it hard to get your outfit? For this reason, you can consider installing open shelves in your closet for the grab-and-go access. put smaller items like socks and underwear in wicker baskets, and don’t forget to put on labels so that you know where to find them.

4. Opt for an Open Closet System | Abeautifulmess Opt for an Open Closet System
If your bedroom has tiny space, consider making an open closet system. You don’t need to make that bulky and sophisticated closet. All you have to do is installing one or two shelves, depending on the space available in your bedroom, which are supported with brackets, then add the hanging rods.
Situate the first rod at a high yet reachable spot so you can add another rod underneath. You can either keep them visible for the super easy and speedy access or conceal it with curtains.

3. Sort the Clothes by Colors | Caphillstyle | BHG

3. Sort your Clothes by Colors
It is similar to sorting your clothes by type or function, sorting your clothes by colors can help you find what you are looking for in a jiffy. You can try begin with the neutral and bright colors on the left side and darker hues like grey and black on the right side, just like the color wheel. By doing so, you will not have to fight with the pile when you have to wear a white shirt for a certain occasion.

2. Spruce Up the Wall of Your Walk-in Closet | BHG Spruce Up the Wall of Your Walk in Closet
The first rule of dealing with limited space is never let your wall lie dormant as it packs lots of potential storage solutions. Instead of having your purses perch on the shelves of your closet, you can just install some hooks on the wall of your closet and hang them there. The hooks can also be used to hang your hats and scarves too. Even your necklaces will fit in.

Lastly number 1. Use the Versatility of Shoe Organizer | BHG

1. Use the Versatility of Shoe Organizer
It turns out that shoe organizers are not only for shoes. You can use a shoe organizer for many purposes. You can store your accessories or underwear in it. Just hang it on your closet door, and you will save lots of space. The one made from plastic will allow you to see through and know what is being stored in the pockets.
Reorganizing the closet is not a daunting task. With these 10 bedroom closet ideas, no more drama in finding the top-notch OOTD in the morning anymore.

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