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Our kitchen is one of the rooms that is prone to clutter. This condition is worsened when our kitchen’s space is limited, which gives us no choice but cramming everything in our cabinets and making such a mess.
But, having a small kitchen is not the end of the world. You can transform your tiny kitchen into a super cozy one by implementing one of these next 10 clever storage for a small kitchen idea.

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10. Optimize your Backsplash
10. Optimize your Backsplash via Simphome
Besides a cabinet, your backsplash is a spot that you can use to accentuate the style of your kitchen too. Many people like dressing up their backsplashes with various kinds of tiles such as mosaic tiles, subway tiles, faux stone tiles, and many others. Therefore, they tend to leave this area unused.
Actually, with your backsplash, you can craft additional storage rack. Especially if your cabinets are so crammed already that you need to root around in them to get olive oil.
First, get your measurement. View rods, instruction to build a hanging kitchen cabinet and all supplies needed to build them. Check link inside description to find instruction from Famiyhandyman on how to build your own kitchen cabinet for the first time include how to install them, upgrade, paint, and renew them.

9. Upcycle Fan Housing Baskets
9. Upcycle Fan Housing Baskets via Simphome
Does your electric fan stop working? Don’t throw it away in your trash bin because with a little bit of creativity, you can make additional storage solutions for your small kitchen with the fan housing baskets.
To make a storage basket like this in the picture, you need to scrap a fan housing basket, a sturdy hook that you will install on your ceiling, galvanized tie wire that you will use to suspend your basket from the hook, and a pair of pliers to cut the wire.
After the job done, you’ll have a see-through design hanging basket that you can utilize without climbing up a ladder. It is cheap, definitely environmentally friendly, and can be a best partner for your plastic containers.

8. Container ideas for your Plastic Bags
8. Container ideas for your Plastic Bags via Simphome
When you buy something, you might get an unwanted bonus – a plastic bag. This bag can be very harmful for our river or marine mammals and ironically when we buy anything, often, we are forced to carry it, accumulate it, and mess our kitchen.
Eliminate this mess by stashing a new storage solution on your cabinet doors. You only need to cut a Rubbermaid plastic storage box into halves, then mount cuttings on the doors using screws. Finally, roll up your plastic bags and put them in the boxes.

7. Invest in Drawer Dividers
7. Invest in Drawer Dividers via Simphome
The drawer is another spot that tends to be messy. You stash away some small items like measuring cups and spoons in it. Unfortunately, most time, you tend to throw them in the drawer, which makes them mixed up. For this reason, you definitely a drawer divider.
Actually, drawer dividers can be easily found in any department store. But you are always welcomed to make one yourself. You can use cardboards or poplar boards. Anything will do as long as they can form some compartments inside the drawer so you can organize the drawer better.

6. Make Use of the Abandoned Space
6. Make Use of the Abandoned Space via Simphome
Many people think that a petite kitchen restricts themselves to having various kinds of kitchen utensils due to the limited storage space. Well, that’s not quite true. Now, look around to find potential space like the sides of a kitchen island or countertop.
These areas are often forgotten. Although with a bit of twist, they can be additional storage solution. You only need to add some hooks and done. There, you can hang you pans, cutting boards, and any other kitchen utensils and utilities.

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5. A Pegboard for All
5. A Pegboard for All via Simphome
Pegboards are extremely resourceful when it comes to crafting more storage space. They can be used anywhere – your bedroom, garage, storage room, and even your kitchen. With just a single pegboard, you can transform a plain and blank wall into a more useful space that can hold your clutter at bay.
All you need to do is just screwing the pegboard on the wall, and add some hooks on it. Now, you are ready to hang your kitchen utensils on the pegboard, which means you will have more space to store food and snacks in the pantry. You can also add some wire baskets hanging on the pegboard to host onions, bell peppers, and lemons.

4. Optimize Your Open Shelf for your pots and pans
4. Optimize Your Open Shelf for your pots and pans via Simphome
Many people think that open shelves can be a great solution for a small kitchen. That’s quite true. Instead of bulky cabinets that gobble up lots of space, open shelves are much better because they are more flexible, DIY friendly, low cost, and can be hung on unused walls. Besides, the idea can be upgraded by adding some S hooks to hang pots and pans right under the shelves.

3. Hang a Clear Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer
3. Hang a Clear Over the Door Shoe Organizer via Simphome
Shoe organizers are as versatile as pegboards. Apparently, they are not only used for storing your shoes and slippers, but also spices and other cooking essentials despite the name. More importantly, they help you save more space in your tiny kitchen.
All you need to do is simply hanging a clear shoe organizer on your pantry door. Fill in every pocket with spices, snacks, or any small items. To earn most advantage of this idea, you’d better hang a clear shoe organizer rather than the coloured ones that are usually made of fabric. It is easier to clean and the transparent design allows you to find what you are looking for easier.

2. Advantage area under your kitchen ceiling
2. Advantage area under your kitchen ceiling via Simphome
Embracing every inch available in a petite kitchen is the best way to get by with limited space. Even the most awkward space like the area under the cabinets or under the ceiling can give your small kitchen a big impact.
If you can still find a little space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling, don’t let it leave untreated. You can use that space to DIY new cabinets and use them to store less-used kitchen items you have. If DIY is not your favourite, you can grab simple rattan baskets or plastic boxes.

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Lastly number 1. Try another Magnetic Spice Jars
Lastly number 1 Try another Magnetic Spice Jars via Simphome
Spice jars are pretty. However, they are responsible for eating up the space in your cabinets. Instead of letting them cram inside your cabinets, try putting them outside the cabinets. I am not telling you to put them on your countertop which will ruin your counter space, though. I am telling you to attach them right under your cabinets.
To achieve this goal, you need to invest in some magnetic spice jars.

Or, you can use mason jars and attach magnetic plate under your cabinets. The clear jars will not only enable you to find the spices you are looking for with ease, but also will adorn your kitchen with its colorful beads and pieces.

So, Now, you know that your small kitchen can be pretty and well-organized if you know the tricks to use up every inch available in it. With these clever ideas, your limited space is not a big deal anymore. My apology if my positivity is over-saturated.

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