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10 Refreshing Colour ideas for Any Living Room

10 refreshing color ideas for living room via Simphome Featured Image

Living room is a special area where you usually gather with your family member and discuss certain things. It is also the first thing that your guests will see when they visit your house for the first time. Therefore, your living room needs to provide good vibes for you and your guests. Or, at least, provide something that you can be proud of.
First, you can achieve this goal by combining and testing different wall color schemes, furniture pieces, wallpapers, cushions, even drapes.

More on that later, Next, here are 10 refreshing color ideas for any living room by your list maker
10 Refreshing Color Ideas for Living Room via Simphome Featured Pinterest

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10. Go with the Tone of Nature
10. Go with the Tone of Nature via Simphome
This living room is meticulously decorated for those who love nature. The use of yellow, green, and blue represents the charm of sun, forest, and sky. The sheer curtains come in the soft hues of green and blue, infusing serenity to the space and make the room looks simpler and calming. They also alleviate the glare of the sun without blocking the natural light from outdoor.
Soft palette colors the furniture and they complement sofa, cushions, and the walls that are covered with soft yellow and blue wallpapers. Lastly, The yellow flowers and watery-blue jar round out the living room immensely.

9. White Never Goes Wrong
9. White Never Goes Wrong via Simphome
If you can’t make up your mind about color scheme that will be suitable for your living room, you can always go with white. White is the go-to color for every room in a house. It never goes wrong.
White is extremely versatile. You can pair it with any color of your choice without making your room look awkward, just like this living room in the picture. The white walls look great with combinations of black lathered armchairs. As a bonus, white hues, especially crisp white, will expand a small living room visually as well as making it appear airier.

8. A Bohemian Chic colour idea
8. Bohemian Chic via Simphome
Bohemian style allows you to go as wild as you want especially when it comes to combining color schemes. You can concoct various colors at once. However, if you aren’t ready with the overwhelming result, neutral colors like white can always be your safe bet.
White will act as a white canvas for your imagination and creative minds. And since it is a Bohemian style, a splash of yellow at the door and turquoise chair will add a little bit of nuance without making your room too excessive. And last, The Persian rug enriches the colors and textures nicely.

7. Luxurious Deep Hues
7. Luxurious Deep Hues via Simphome
There is nothing wrong with applying deep hues for a living room. In fact, they can make your living room look more luxurious, just like this image.
The concoction of wine and purple makes a perfect statement in this living room. The trim enhances the upscale look. The burnt orange sofa and ottoman lend harmony to the living room. And to prevent the living room from looking too dark, white baseboard and light-grey rug are chose.

6. Feminine Touch color scheme
6. Feminine Touch via Simphome

Don’t be afraid taking some experiment with colors because you could create a playful and fun combo that will refresh your living room, just like what you can see in the picture.
Some people are reluctant to pair raspberry and turquoise as sometime they won’t get along well. However, light raspberry and turquoise make a pretty good team with this mix. First, beige carpet is tacked down to the floor. Second, A wall art hanging on the wall pulling all of the color hues available in this living room, which creates a harmony and balance. And last, light purple dominate the wall, creating a nice background for the sofa.

5. Minimalist Blue and Grey living room
5. Minimalist Blue and Gray via Simphome
When it comes to decorating a modern living room, keeping things down to a minimum is the key. Thus, neutral colors like white or grey is usually used as a color base.
This living room for example looks prominent with the combination of grey wall and clean-line furniture. Some splash of blue blends nicely with the white rug underneath, incorporating tranquility and unity in this living room. And the light Grey chair matches the wall and decor well too.

4. Go Bold with Black

4. Go Bold with Black via Simphome
Many people think that black will make a living room look cramped. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This living room for example shows that black can be a top-notch choice if one wants to elaborate the touch of luxury and masculinity in his living room.
Black matte is used as the backdrop of this living room. To enrich the look and reduce the monotonous look, white trims are added. To create balance and harmony, white furry rug is added on the floor. It provides comfort while maintaining conversation with guests as well as exclusivity.

3. a Soothing Coastal-Themed Living Room idea
3. The Soothing Coastal Themed Living Room via Simphome
The color schemes used in this living room evoke coastal beauty and bounty. Watery blue and turquoise blend nicely with off-white. To make the space look more serene rather than cheery, the homeowner makes the white hues dominate the living room through the high tongue-and-grove paneling, trim, and sofas.
Some pops of blue and turquoise dilute the dullness of the subdued white in an epic way. They also enliven the living room perfectly without being too exaggerating and last, dark beige perfect the coastal ambiance well.

2. Relaxing Grey and Pink room
2. Relaxing Gray and Pink via Simphome
Grey hues are often synonymous with masculinity. In this living room, however, the Grey hues present both the boldness of masculinity and the serenity of feminine energy.
The trick is, Light-Grey wall that presents a perfect backdrop that embraces all the color schemes in this living room. The deep twilight blue found in the sofa adds an upscale look without overlapping the Grey hues. Plus, a Lighter Grey furry throw that the owner set on the sofa.
The soft pink cushions and flowers complement the living room decor without breaking up the elegance of Grey hues. And last, black-and-white photographs are dedicated as extra centerpiece of the room and icing on the cake.

1. Simple Pale Sage and Ivory room
1. Simple Pale Sage and Ivory via Simphome
If you are looking for another living room color idea that gives a soothing effect to the space, try adopting this color schemes. The color scheme comes with the combination of pale sage and ivory ,rather than vivid green and white, that leave refreshing effect, yet less soothing. To get the same refreshing look without compromising the serenity, the owner chose subdued green for the floor and white like pale sage and ivory for the rug floor.

So, Now you have plenty living room color ideas to choose from. You can always try one of these ideas with a little bit of twist. Add a personality boost to your living room through the use of colors and make your guests adore it and share it with anyone they know on their social media.

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