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10 Cheaty Closet Tricks for a New Home Owner

Tidying up and doing some makeover projects in a new home are quite exhausting. First, you need to provide new storage pieces and arrange everything so you can have organized items and comfortable place to dwell in.
Especially a closet bedroom.
You might think that organizing the closet is easy. Just throw and stash away your clothes or accessories in it and your job is done. Too bad, this quick fix holds big problems in a near future too, most of the time. Some of them are messy closet, missing items, unnecessary spending, and stress.
However, a messy closet inspires this video too. So, let’s check it out.

This 10 Cheaty closet tricks that will help you find your socks and pajamas more quickly by
Find more detail inside description area and let’s start our countdown.
10 Cheaty Closet Tricks for a New Homeowner via Pinterest long image

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10. Organize Things by Colours
10. Organize Things by Colors via Simphome
It may sound weird, but this idea really works like a charm. Organizing your clothes – both folded and hanging ones – by colours or grouping your garments by dark and light category can make your closet look tidier and pleasing.
You can also group your clothes together in the order of rainbow colours. By doing this, you can save more time in finding your peach sweater. No more rooting around in the closet anymore.

9. Install a Pegboard inside your Closet
9. Hang a Pegboard in the Closet via Simphome
Pegboards have never failed to add plenty of storage when it comes to limited space. What makes them wonderful is their versatility and practicality. You only need to hang and screw them on the wall, and you are good to go.
You can adopt this idea to add storage space in your limited closet too. By hanging a pegboard in your closet, you will be able to hang caps, hats, and some other accessories. To make it look more appealing, you can paint the pegboard the colour of your choice before hanging it.

8. Small Can Pull Tabs for Big Impact
8. Small Can Pull Tabs for Big Impact via Simphome
Make the most of your small closet by using your hangers efficiently. You might be wondering how to do it while the rod in your closet is full of hangers already.
The idea is, instead of hanging your clothes in a row, optimize the rod in your closets by hanging more clothes. And to do this, you’re going to need lots of can pull tabs to hook your hangers together. As a result, you can tidy hang more clothes with a single rod.
Who would have guessed these worthless tiny items that tend to be thrown away in a trash can will be a brilliant solution for your small closet?

7. Use your Closet Door
7. Use the Closet Door via Simphome
Making use of the closet door is a common way of making the most of your tiny closet. Every single inch count and to turn your closet door into a fruitful storage space, you need to install storage baskets made of woods or wires that you can get easily in a home-improvement store. If none of them suit your style well, you are always welcomed to make them by yourself.
If you are looking for a more effortless and simpler way to make use of your closet door, you can just hang a shoe organizer. It will offer handy spots for smaller items like socks, sunglasses, and many others.

6. Avoid the Run-Away Camisoles
6. Avoid the Run Away Camisoles via Simphome

Are you tired of fishing your favorite blouses and camisoles off your closet floor? try this next ingenious idea.
Camisoles are pretty and comfy. However, they don’t want to stay on the hangers and usually end up scattering on the closet floor. That’s sad.
Your solution!
Take rubber bands, tie them near the end of your hangers and done.
It is such a great no-slip hanger solution, isn’t it?
And when all your camisoles go to laundry, you can reuse your rubber band to tidy up your messy hair.

5. Tie and Belt Wall Art
5. Tie and Belt Wall Art via Simphome
Many people store their belts and ties by rolling them up, then putting them in the drawer. But then, another problem occurs. They have to straighten the belts and ties before wearing them, which may take their precious time.
If you’re one of these people, instead of rolling your ties and belts up, just hang them on your wall using pegboard and picture frames. This simple idea does a double duty. It gives your ties and belts storage solutions and your interior new centerpiece.
5. Tie and Belt Wall Art 2 via Simphome
To make this beautiful storage is merely a breeze. First, you will need to get a pegboard, wrap it with fabric, then secure the fabric with staples. After that, install your picture frame. Then, add some hooks that will hold your frame baskets, ties and belts. Finally, hang it on your closet door or your wall.

4. Use Double Hangers
4. Use Double Hangers via Simphome
If you have a small closet, you definitely have to use your available space efficiently. First, try hanging your closet rod higher. By doing this, you will have more space beneath the rod so that you can place a dresser or even another rod, which allows you to store or hang more clothes without expanding the size of your closet.

3. Invest clear shelf dividers
3. Display Your Purses Nicely via Simphome
Make your closet become more appealing by investing in these clear shelf dividers. They will hold your purses in place and separate them nicely. They will make your collection look tidier and more appealing. Besides, the clear design will add an upscale look to your closet.

2. PVC Pipes for Your Scarves
2. PVC Pipes for Your Scarves via Simphome
Like other fashion items, Scarves come in various patterns and colours to complement your outfit. However, since scarves are lighter than your clothes, folding and stacking them with the other clothes will ruin their original shape and design. Besides, you will find it hard if it is already mixed up with other accessories in the closet.
To organize your scarves better, cut some PVC pipes and use them to store your scarves in the drawers. Not only will you find your scarves easily, but they also will make your scarves more organized.

Lastly number 1. Reorganize Your Closet Every Season
1.Reorganize Your Closet Every Season via Simphome
One of the best ways to keep your closet organized is by reorganizing it regularly. First, you can begin with sorting your fashion items based on the seasons.
When winter is coming, bring in your scarves and sweaters, and store them tidily in your closet. Then, pack your summer clothes, store them in different boxes and don’t forget to put on labels so you know what is inside the box. By doing this, you can save lots of space and you can use your closet efficiently and effectively.

So those are some clever tricks that you can adopt to tackle the mess in your closet. Now, roll up your sleeves, always have luck on your side, and get started.
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