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10 Furniture Upcycling Ideas for a Kitchen Space

Making more space for kitchens is a big undertaking and something which demands a cautious planning. It is normal when you think about the expense and time you require to work it out.
Keep your worries at bay. If your kitchen is begging for an improvement but your bucks don’t allow you to spend big, then you are on the right side. Get inspired by our 10 furniture upcycling ideas for a kitchen space. These ideas offer some weighty things to consider and we have good news for you: it needn’t cost the earth.

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10. Turn an Old Dresser into a Kitchen Island
10.Turn an Old Dresser into a Kitchen Island via Simphome.comNeed another kitchen island? A dresser-turned-kitchen-island suits your need dreamily. Check your warehouse and find one.
First, put your old dresser firmly on the ground and apply a fresh coat of paint. You may choose vivid color to liven up the view. Then, add several accessories to redecorate it. Next, apply a stone top, new pulls, and some hardware for hanging towels and such. For the final touch, add a proper top. There you have it!
It is a gorgeous and budget-friendly kitchen island.

9. Mason Jars Chandeliers
9. Mason Jars Chandeliers via SimphomeWith a bit of ingenuity, you can use mason jars to amp your kitchen up by changing them into chandeliers. You’re not only delivering flair but also Illuminating the space. A double advantage is in your hands.
Your supplies are: cable, lamps, fitting lamps, and of course, mason jars and tape. Start with a clear and unscratched mason jars to pick. Clean it up and install a fitting lamp on the lid. Set up the cable precisely to avoid any possibilities of electric shock. For an improved elegance, you may hang them on altered heights.

8. A Wine Barrel Kitchen Island idea
8. Wine Barrel Kitchen Island via SimphomeBluntly speaking, we love this! An old wine barrel kitchen island is a smart way to have more kitchen island on board, effortlessly. If you have it, all you have to do is polishing the barrel up and put a round top on it.
Well, you may think a repaint will improve it, but believe us, when you do it, you may possibly lose the vintage panache.

7. A Shutter Kitchen Island idea
7. Shutter Kitchen Island via SimphomeUndoubtedly, we adore islands. One, they provide an added storage. Two, we can use them in other places as well. For the materials, shutters are not omissions. When you have one, you may dream for an optional island.
Next, Let’s get to work. Find a stack of drawers and use them as the base. Yes, it’s also a cool storage. Attach the shutters then painted it a light blue (or whatever you like). Add several old trim boards to the fronts and complete it with a recovered wood top.

To bring this to an end, apply some stain, hooks and casters.
It provides a fun place for books, mags, shoes, mittens and all that jazz. Yes, a multi-purposes island is always handy!

6. Cupboard to Pantry
6. Cupboard to Pantry via

You will never run out of ideas when it comes to cupboards; whether it is for storage in the dining room up to pantry. Rather than put the spices containers and bottles in disarray, you can take an advantage of cupboard to keep them organised.
First, prepare a plank of wood, some hardboards, nails and cupboards have numerous models; as a result, you are free to tweak the size and shapes.
Be creative or check link inside description for help!

5. Add More Storage
5. Add More Storage via Simphome.comDo you find installing a pegboard to have a place to hang your favorite kitchen supplies nerve-racking? Well, you can get rid of it by applying a slatted wooden door.
Aside from pegboard, it is the perfect spot to put your kitchen utensils.
Prepare some magnetic knife strip, hooks and paint. First, clean it up and dry it. Next, refresh the look by repainting it. You are to choose the colours, but then again, it is recommended to pick lively colour. To put nail on the coffin, install magnetic knife strip and hooks. Well done!

4. Transform a Crib into a Pot Rack
4. Transform a Crib into a Pot Rack via SimphomePreviously, we use a ladder to hang things on. Now, we have another to bring in to play, a crib. It’s an outmoded solution; nonetheless, it can be a stylish way out that saves storage space.
To get this stylish additional storage for your small kitchen, you need to get a crib rail. If you can’t find one in your storage room, you can always find it in a flea market or thrift store.
You can paint the crib to match the decor of your kitchen or just keep it that way. Then, you need to suspend it from the ceiling by installing sturdy eye hooks into the ceiling that will hold the chains. These chains will hold the crib firmly. And don’t forget to add some S hooks to hold your pots and pans in place.

3. A Cool Coffee Station
3. A Cool Coffee Station via Simphome.comSome people love the idea of re-purposed furniture. Retouch a changing table into a cool coffee station will assuredly save the cash and get the most out of your old stuff. It doesn’t take much: a simple cleaning, a coat of paint, some hardware and a storage rack will finish the job.
A coffee lover or smoothies, we believe this one fits your bill impeccably.

2. A Kitchen Island from an Old Sewing Machine
2. A Kitchen Island from an Old Sewing Machine via Simphome.comProbably, you got an old sewing machine from your ancestors and you don’t use it any longer. In place of keeping it in the basement, you can exploit it as an additional kitchen island.
In all honesty, it needs meek efforts to work this out. First, you need to remove all the unused tools, keep the main frame only. Then, clean it up thoroughly with water and soap. After that, brush the grease with gasoline, obviously. Finally, put on a square top. If you think it needs repainting, apply dark or rustic colours.
You have turned an old sewing machine base made into a limited-edition island.

Lastly number 1. Give a Second Life to Your Old Ladder
1. Give a Second Life to Your Old Ladder via SimphomeReuse, reduce and recycle. It is a famous Go-Green tagline. In a term of kitchen space ideas, you can apply it by capitalizing your old furniture, instead of shelling out for a brand-new furniture.
You have already known that storage space is indispensable in every single kitchen, right?
As a result, you may significantly upsurge yours with some baskets. But, where should you place them?
Arrange them on your old ladder! It is an awe-inspiring way to upcycle the unit.
Bear in mind, you need to make certain that your ladder is pretty sturdy and it doesn’t contain termite.

So, with a little bit of creative thinking and DIY skills, you can make over old trash into custom-built bits and pieces. Next, click one of following links to complete your learning experiences,

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