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10 DIY Boxes for Your Favourite Plant Or Flowers

Growing plants or flowers in the yard is another pleasing and productive way to spend time at home. However, a small backyard often becomes an obstacle to growing your favorite plants. Whereas, there are many ways you can do to plant them, for instance, using planter boxes.

You can easily take planter boxes to places so that you can have your garden either outdoor or indoor, even in the small backyard. The best thing about it is you can DIY it to suit your style and be your best friend when you’re on a budget. So, if you’re thinking of making it, here are 10 DIY Boxes for Your Favourite Plant Or Flowers that might inspire your small backyard landscape improvement, in addition to being able to buy flowers through flower delivery calgary nw.

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10. Garden Box ideas with Plastic Insert | Gardenloversclub Garden Box with Plastic Insert
If you are the kind of person, who loves to move your plants somewhere, this garden box with a plastic insert is for you.
Prepare three same-size plastic tubs you’re going to use, then drill holes for drainage. Next, construct a garden box made of wood where you will insert the tubs. The last insert the plastic tubs and have fun with your planting.

9. A Tiered Raised Garden Bed idea | AnikasDIYlife Tiered Raised Garden Bed
The tiered raised garden bed is a must-try when it comes to small space. It is arranged up, so it doesn’t require ample space. You can suit its size to fit your place as well.
Before making it, you should have decided the size of the garden bed you will make then cut all the boards in size. Next, construct each of the leg frames by attaching the rails. After that, assemble the entire structure and attach the lattice trellis for beautification. The last, fill them with soil and plants.

8. Vertical Box Planter ideas | Happymundane Vertical Box Planter
This vertical box planter will help you deal with your small backyard. It allows you to plant several kinds of small vegetables, herbs, and flowers and save more space.

You’ll need one big planter box and some small ones, wood planks, brackets, and a few screws. Begin creating a wood fence by screwing some planks horizontally onto some vertical planks. Next, attach the big planter box at the bottom of the fence. Use the big planter box functions as the foundation of the tall and wide wall. Next, attach some smaller planter boxes and support them with L brackets. Last, put in the soil and plant your plants.

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7. A Planter Box Bench project idea | Hometalk Planter Box BenchIt’s so nice to sit between flowers for relaxing and chilling. But having a flower garden in the backyard is probably impossible, especially if you don’t have enough space left. In this case, this planter box bench is the best option you should try.
Begin with constructing some boards into two planter boxes, functioning as the legs of the bench. Next, grab some boards and screw them onto the boxes to connect them to the bench seat. Remember to attach some other boards for the front and back of the top. Attach lattice panels for the sides and top of the trellis. Then, insert a plastic planter into each planter box.

6. A Lattice Planter Box project idea | AnikasDIYlife Lattice Planter Box

A planter with lots of texture grabs more attention than a simple planter does. That’s why you should consider this lattice planter box. It’s only made from boards and lattice.
First, build the box frame using boards, leaving four boards longer than the legs. Next, attach the lattice to cover all sides. For a fuller look, add an extra layer lattice, then add trim to the planter’s top and bottom to give it a better look. The last, paint it with the color you like. Once it’s dried, add a pot of plant inside.

5. Repurpose your Old wooden Drawer | Homestyles Repurposing an Old Drawer
Another easy way to make a garden box is by repurposing old drawers you are about to throw in the trash can. It will serve an unusual yet beautiful view in the backyard. All you have to do is drill some drainage holes then attach table legs to support it. The last, give it a new look by painting it. Let it dry before filling it with soil and flowers.

4. A Simple Planter Box from Leftover project | Premeditatedleftovers Simple Planter Box from Leftover
Don’t let your leftover in the warehouse collect dust. Instead, turn them into a planter box to grow some small plants or flowers that will adorn your house.
To make it, you’ll need to prepare 10 logs at 4 feet long and 6 logs at 2 feet long. First, begin with laying four 4-foot logs right where you are about to place the planter. Next, screw two 2-foot logs on each end of the 4-foot pieces. Continue to stack 4-foot logs on the outer edges and secure them with 2-foot pieces until the layers are finished. The last, fill it with potting soil and plant.

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3. A Tiered Flower Planter project idea | Ana-White Stair Like Planters
Frequently one box planter is not enough to plant the kind of flowers you like. So, with these stair-like planters, you can have three, even more, boxes to grow your favorite plants and flowers.
It doesn’t take long to complete and won’t cost you a lot.

Start with making three long, narrow box planters and then make some drainage holes. Arrange them to form “a stair,” then screw a board on the left and right sides. Remember to give space on each box so the plants can grow better and a space between the land and the first box, so the water doesn’t lie in the box. Support the stair planters with other frame boards on the back. After that, time to get your plants planted.

2. A Modern Garden Box project idea | Thehandymansdaughter Modern Garden Box
If you get bored with the wooden garden boxes view in the backyard, take it to the next level with this three-dimensional pattern. Built with unconventional material makes the garden box look different yet modern.
Like other garden boxes, you need some boards to make the box frame, and don’t forget about the legs so the water can drain well. Next, attach cedar fence pickets to the bottom of the frame with screws.
Grab the pyramid-shaped PVC panel and paint it with gold paint. Spray some paint onto the frame to match it with the panel. Let them dry, then insert the board into the frame. The last, add the plants or flowers you like.

Lastly, number 1. Wood Chevron Planter Box project idea | Stuffsethmakes Wood Chevron Planter Box
This garden box is a pretty good idea to save your budget. By repurposing scrap wood pieces in your warehouse, you can get this awesome chevron planter box.
First, you need to gather all the scrap wood pieces and cut them at a 45-degree angle on each end. Paint them in different colors and let them dry. Join them together to get the chevron pattern, then secure them.
Grab some boards and make the box frame. Assemble the chevron into the frame and screw them together. The last, put in a pot of plant you like.

So, if now you’ve got the small voice in your head asking to build your garden boxes, go ahead and try one of these 10 DIY Garden Boxes for Your Favorite Plant or Flowers.

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