10 DIY Pipe Shelving Ideas

Shelves are the quick solution to solve the lack of storage problem. There are many materials that can be used to match the design of your house.
However, for some people, matching is not enough.
They want something different – something unique that can amaze their guests.
If you are one of them, you should consider applying one or some of these 10 DIY Pipe Shelving Ideas.

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10. Simple Pipe Shelving Idea to Display Your Treasures | Thedesigntwins

10. SIMPHOME.COM Simple Pipe Shelving Idea to Display Your Treasures
If you get confused to design your own shelves you can start it by following this simple floating pipe-shelving design. To make it, you need industrial pipes, tee connectors, elbows, wall mounts, boards and screws. The number of materials you need depends on the size of the shelves you want to make. Next, this is how it’s made.
First, join some pipes, elbows, tees, and wall mounts to create the first bracket. Make sure the pipes facing exactly the same direction.
After that, mark where the brackets will be attached. Measure it thoroughly and ensure it is straight and balance.
Once you’ve finished with the measurement, install the first bracket on the wall.
Continue these steps until the last brackets. Finally, put up the boards right away and display your treasures.
And, you can also screw the boards to the pipe to reinforce them.

9. S-Shaped Wall-Mounted Bookshelf | Simplifiedbuilding

9. SIMPHOME.COM S Shaped Wall Mounted BookshelfWall mounted bookshelves are common especially when it comes to a room with limited space. But this “S” shaped pipe shelves will make your room looks amazing because of its unique style. It is mounted directly to the wall so it doesn’t require plenty of space.
You’ll need some materials like pipes, elbows, flanges and wood shelves.
All you need to do to follow this project is connecting all the materials forming the S structure. First, Begin to construct from the bottom. Note that you should find the wall studs or wall reinforcement that can anchor the shelves later. When working on the horizontal cross pipe, remember to insert the fixing pads. They will help to connect the pipe to the bookshelf. The last, attach the shelf and secure with the fixing pads.
Once you’re done, stack on the books.

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8. Copper Pipe Magazine Holder project idea | Engineermommy | Homedit

8. SIMPHOME.COM Copper Pipe Magazine HolderMagazines still bring countless inspiration. However, seeing them scattered around will bring frustration. That’s why you need to keep them tucked neatly in this cool magazine holder. You probably won’t find this kind in stores, but you can make it yourself. It is easy and requires only three materials: pipes, elbows and a piece of fabric.
Start by assembling the pipes into two U shapes. Next, grab the fabric and fold over all the edges then make another big fold at the top and bottom to slide the long pipes onto each hole. The last, join the long pipes with the U shapes.

7. A Single Industrial Shelf project idea | The DIY playbook

7..SIMPHOME.COM Single Industrial ShelfThis rustic industrial pipe shelf just looks cool, doesn’t it? You can make your own although you are a complete novice. But first, you have to prepare 2 pipes, 2 caps, 2 flanges and wood shelf.
First, Begin with spraying the materials in black and stain the wood. While waiting for them to dry, measure and mark the wall where you want to put the shelf on. Next, assemble the pipes and screw them on the place you’ve marked. Put the shelf on and lock with hole straps.

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6. A Bathroom Shelf with Towel Holder project idea | Deavita

6.SIMPHOME.COM Bathroom Shelf with Towel Holder

Keep your bathroom neat yet cool with this pipe shelf. It allows you to hang towels underneath so it will save more space in your small bathroom. It only takes you few minutes to build it up. Next, this is how the project was completed.
First, mark the area on the wall. make sure they’re balance. Next, screw the pipes in 3-way tee and elbows. Make sure they’re facing the same direction.
Attach the flanges and screws them on the wall.
The last, place the wooden shelf.

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5. Industrial Shelf with Hooks project idea | Deavita

5.SIMPHOME.COM Industrial Shelf with HooksDisplay your decorative items as well as your favorite clothes with this industrial shelf. Not only practical, it also serves rustic look that increase the aesthetics in the room. If you want this cool shelf at you home prepare the materials like hooks, wood shelf, pipe, tees and elbows.
First, Start assembling the pipe by connecting a flange, two tees and elbows together. The first tee and elbow are facing up, while the middle tee is facing down and connected with the other elbow. Do the same for the other bracket.

Make sure they’re facing the same direction. Next, join both brackets with a long pipe but don’t forget to slide the hook. The last, attach it on the wall and screw the shelf.

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4. A Pipe Wardrobe for Small Bedroom project idea | Boredart

4. SIMPHOME.COM Pipe Wardrobe for Small BedroomStay cool even with minimalist design and compact space you have.
When your small room is too small for a wardrobe or simply because you want a unique design in your bedroom, you need to try this pipe wardrobe pipe shelving idea. It takes a bit effort to make this one but of course, it will be easier than making a wooden wardrobe.
With wooden pallet as the base, add wheels under it. Next, built up three pipe shelves at the edge and at the very top shelf, screw the pipes forming steps by joining each pipe with a 90-degree elbow.
The last, connect the pipe and the pallet with a flange.

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3. Steampunk Bookshelf project idea | Etsy

3. SIMPHOME.COM Project Steampunk BookshelfSteampunk your home with these bookshelves! Although its design is little-known by people but it works well to impress your guests no matter they know about steampunk interior décor or not.
3. SIMPHOME.COM Project Steampunk Bookshelf 1
3. SIMPHOME.COM Project Steampunk Bookshelf 2Basically, steampunk style incorporates industrial look and uses muted neutral colors such as brown and copper. So, if you are interested in adding a little touch of this design in your interior, consider building this steampunk bookshelves.
3. SIMPHOME.COM Project Steampunk Bookshelf 3The shelf is constructed from brass fitting, copper pipes, wood, and pressure gauges which are assembled into shelves and installed onto the wall. That’s it.

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2.A Free Standing Bookshelf project idea | Simplifiedbuilding

2. SIMPHOME.COM Unique Freestanding BookshelvesIf you want to get a stylish bookshelf that require no advance woodworking skill, then this unusual bookshelf project idea is a recommended project for you. First, prepare the materials like: flange, elbow, side outlet elbow, malleable plug, and gator tubing. Start by assembling the base by connecting the pipe with 3 elbows and one side outlet elbow.
Slide the longest pipe then slide the flange fitting and secure it before sliding the shelf.
Repeat till all the shelves are slid.

Lastly number 1. A Copper Spice Rack project idea | Homebestidea

1. SIMPHOME.COM Copper Spice RackDo you often end up making a mess by putting all the spice you have on the cabinet or on the countertop? With a little work, creativity, tools, and imagination, make your own spice rack to have your spice well organized. It looks stunning and it will optimize interior décor of your kitchen. You only have to assemble the pipes with the elbows and tees into the design you want to create. It can be smaller or bigger than the one shown in the picture.
Once you’ve finished, attach the rack on the wall and organize your spice.
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SO, those are 10 DIY Pipe Shelving Ideas that might help you to make the shelves you want with low cost and simple tools. Happy trying!

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