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40+ DIY Flower Garden, Planter, and Container Ideas

Whether your home is modern or classic, curb appeal plays an important role in creating a mesmerizing view that can either make your neighbors envy you or help you feel more relaxed after engaging in the hurly-burly of the rush hour. However, some homeowners aren’t lucky as they only have little – or even no – space to grow plants.

Don’t let small space become a great obstacle for you to get the curb appeal that you have been longing for. Next, I’ve summed up for you 10 DIY flower garden ideas and containers (and then another 35 ideas) which are perfect for any garden despite its size. I hope

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Some Basic and Unique Flowerbed ideas for your Garden:

Creating places in your garden where you can grow flowers doesn’t have to cost you a lot of your hard-earned dollars. It really doesn’t have to punch you financially. There are so many ways you can remodel and repurpose ready-made items around your house and turn them into planters for your flowers. Make no mistake, even vertical spaces around your house can be turned into flowerbeds. How?
Put up a wireframe and hang planters on those walls. Make those walls come to life with flowers, herbs, and other greenery. Your flowerbeds, as well as your overall garden, don’t necessarily have to be horizontal. You can put up vertical gardens.
With that said, here are some unique ideas to bring your garden to life.

Also, check out this idea on How to Choose Garden Pots and Planters to Keep Your Plants Happy and Healthy, too, after reading the list.

Idea No.1 Go Vertical and Horizontal

The first thing you need to do to put up a vertical garden is to look at your fences and walls. You can go vertical in your garden. The key is to have the right framework. You can use pallets, lattice fencing, old bed frames, mason jars, and tin cans that are hung up, suspended or supported in place by a vertical back frame. These are then bolted on or otherwise secured to your garden retaining wall, your main wall, or your fencing.

Idea No.2 Turn Garden Blocks and Retaining Walls into Concrete Planters

How? You can stack up concrete planters, side by side, as well as on top of each other. The key here is to create a wall of life. That’s right, you want to create a wall of green with amazing flowers in between. This is a dual-purpose way to creating fencing because from your perspective, it looks like planters stacked on top of each other with a lot of greenery.
As far as your neighbors are concerned, all they can see is a nice looking concrete pattern with some greenery at the front. This is a dual-purpose retaining wall and garden block idea because it provides fencing for your property just as lattice fencing would. But it also provides privacy and security so it’s a great way to decorate the inner part of your wall at the same time keep making sure your family is safe and private.

Idea No.3 Repurpose Any Container and Turn Them into Flowerbeds

If you have a dining chair or a wheelbarrow or broken-down wooden boats, toolboxes, old bags, old tires, laundry baskets, side tables and drawers, and even a broken-down grand piano, you can actually turn these into flowerbeds. You don’t have to necessarily throw anything out because you have to remember, when you throw anything out, a lot of that stuff will end up in a landfill. It’s not exactly environmentally friendly.
So, do yourself a big favor, repurpose and recycle as much of the stuff that you would normally throw out and put them in your garden. All these items that I just described would make for great flowerbeds.
The only limit really is your imagination, resourcefulness, and creativity. Let your intuition guide you and repurpose all these items. Also, keep in mind that the way you arrange these items as well as your initial choice of that item to be repurposed of course depends on how much space you have in your backyard. We are going to explore more about the topic here.

Idea No.4 Hang Flowers to Form a Ceiling

If your garden has a canopy or has enough shade, you can also hang flowers from the ceiling or roof using old chandeliers or other old fixtures that you can then repurpose as a planter. Alternatively, you can utilize old clothes racks and hang flowers from them. You can also put up old bedframes and arrange them in a pattern and have creeping vines grow around them.
Before you know it, you will have a nice little green tunnel that people can walk through and they can see the little flowers from the vines up top. It really is quite an amazing way to create a living tunnel right in the middle of your garden. This, of course, is only an option if you have enough space to pull this off.

Idea No.5 Use your old steel or PVC pipes for garden block borders

If you have unused steel or PVC pipes in your home, you can also use them as borders for your garden block. Fill them with stones and add some soil on top and then plant your succulents in them. The key is to pick plants that aren’t very picky when it comes to nutrients because as you can well imagine that the soil quality of these planters isn’t really all that good.
Still, when you set them up properly, they make for a great decorative accent for your home. You can play with the height of your pipes and toggle them for a nice creative look. The key is to set up the pipes in such a way that they really bring the overall personality of your garden to life. You also have to paint the pipes to make them fit in more smoothly with their surroundings.

Idea No.6 Use Hanging Flowerbeds on your Windowsills

If you have windows surrounding part of your garden, you can also employ hanging flowerbeds by the windowsills. You can also put succulents on the space outside the window.

The Final Word on Garden Ideas

Your garden really is a blank slate. Think of it as a blank piece of canvas that a master artist would project his or her imagination on. In this case, you’re projecting your personality and sense of style in your garden. There’s just so many directions you can go. There really are no fixed formulas. The key here is to turn your garden into an extension of your home. Your home, of course, is an extension of your personality and sense of style.
With a little bit of imagination and creativity and some simple resources, you can turn your garden into something that people would talk about for a long time to come and the best part is you didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to pull it off.

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10 DIY Flower Garden Planter and Containers:

If you haven’t already play the video

10. Upcycle Laundry Basket idea

10. Upcycle Laundry Basket via SimphomeRecycling waste around you is the best way to get what you need on the cheap as well as saving the earth. If you have some unused or broken laundry baskets at home, don’t throw them away in the trash can as they can make great planters for your beautiful flowers.
Turning a laundry basket into a planter is such an easy project. The first thing you need to do is taped up any crack that you find in your broken laundry basket. Then, cover the slats of the basket, so the dirt that you’re going to add into it will stay in place. After that, wrap one or two pieces of burlap around the basket until it is completely covered. Attach a rope around the basket to accentuate its look, and tie a knot.
Now, your planter is ready to host your beautiful flowers.

9. DIY Headboard Flower Bed idea

9. DIY Headboard Flower Bed via SimphomeAre you an apartment dweller who has no space for a garden? You can try to make this flower bed.
Again, this idea entails unused items which will make you get a fabulous planter in an affordable price. First, you need to get two headboards. If you don’t have any, try to find it in a flea market near you.
You’re going to need to cut one of the headboards, so one of them is shorter than the other. Then, you can begin to make a box that will be used to hold the dirt and flowers. Make sure that the bottom of the box has some holes for perfect drainage. Therefore, you might want to opt for slats for the bottom. Once the box is ready, attach it to the taller headboard.

Then, take the legs of the shorter headboard, and attach them to both sides of the box. Paint the box and back board red while the legs yellow to cheer up your balcony. Even if your plants are not in flower, the cheery red and yellow will set a tone for your small garden or balcony immensely.

8. Mini Garden idea for the entryway

8. Great Hospitality via Simphome 1Sometimes living in urban areas gives you no choice but to get by with the limited space. As a result, you cannot have a beautiful flower garden that you have been dreaming of as the entryway is completely paved. Although you have no yard to grow some plants, you can still purchase some containers to make your dream come true.
This porch, for example, is small yet attractive. It sports a number of small containers with some geraniums and impatiens, welcoming you or your guests with a great hospitality. They line up on the left side, allowing people to adore them without blocking their way. The ivy grown across the front door emphasizes the dramatic look of the entrance.

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7. Bring Pops of Colours to your garden

How to build an Awesome Tire Planter via thumbnail 1Growing various kinds of plants for your front yard landscaping is a great idea since they can amp your garden up with their vivacious colours. However, some plants don’t bloom all the time, which will make your garden look bland.
You can tackle this problem by making these beautiful planters out of some unused tires. You just need to get some tires, and cut one of its open sides to resemble the shape of a flower. Then, paint them vibrant red or any eye-catching colours that you like.
By making these planters as conspicuous as possible, you have made them do a double duty. They can be planters that host some beautiful flowers or shrubs and become a great adornment when your plants aren’t blooming.

6. A Chandelier Planter mini hanging garden idea

6. Chandelier Planter via Simphome

Add a little bit of classic touch to your porch by making this chandelier planter. Before turning it into a planter, you need to remove all electrical/wiring from it. Then, attach terra cotta saucers on each “arm” of the chandeliers using epoxy putty and glue for good drainage. After that, attach the pots.
Let the glue dry before spray painting them. Once the paint and glue dry, you can grow your plants there and let them amaze you while you are having a respite in the porch after having a lot on your plate.

5. A Wheelbarrow Planter idea

5. Wheelbarrow Planter via SimphomeNever blow off an unused wheelbarrow because this waste can turn into a fabulous flower container. You just need to tweak it a little bit by adding posts or something that can support it and don’t forget to drill some holes at the bottom for better drainage.
Since a wheelbarrow is quite spacious, you can grow different kinds of flowers on it. Try combining annuals and perennials with different colours and shapes like pink roses with blue salvias for a long-lasting charm. Well, harness your creativity to pair the plants!

4. Cinder Block Planter idea

4. Cinder Block Planters via SimphomeIf your home adopts modern flair, you might want a simple flower garden with some no-fuss plants which are void of colours. Then, these cinder-block planters are for you.
This planter is actually a raised bed that holds some low-maintenance plants. To create a more dramatic look, some smaller blocks are attached on the sides of the raised flower bed, and they become mounted planters.

3. A Tire Planter idea

3. Tire Planter via SimphomeEmbellish your porch with this DIY tire flower planter that looks like a wreath. You only need to spray paint an old tire, drill 6 holes into the bottom to allow the water to drain, then lined the bottom of it with fabric weed barrier along with a few pieces of Styrofoam. Now, you are ready to grow some plants in it and hang it on the wall of your porch.

2. A Bike Planter idea

2. Bike Planters via SimphomeTurning an old bike into planters is a classic way to improve your curb appeal, but it always works like a charm.
There is no clear boundary of creating a bike planter. You only need to let your creativity go wild. You can either paint the bike to add pops of colors to your garden or simply leave it that way for a more rustic look.
Picking the right containers is your next way to go. There are various kinds of planters that you can choose from. You can use wooden boxes, rattan baskets, mesh baskets, or wired-metal baskets to host your plants. After that, you need to get creative with the flower combinations.
Since the planters will be raised a few inches – or even one foot – off the ground, climbing plants like roses, Bougainville, or English Ivy would work well. Combining it with some lilies and geraniums would perfect the look. Again, the choice is yours!

Lastly number 1. Make a Centerpiece flower bed

1. Make a Centerpiece via SimphomeEvery story has its main character –a strongest one that can influence the other actors – and so does your garden. It does need a centerpiece that can be the strongest character in your garden.
You can create this look by growing shrubs or flowers in a certain pattern. You can repeat the colors intermittently to create a cohesive look. Then, pick a taller plant or fountain that is put in the middle that becomes the main actor of this drama.

So, These 10 DIY flower garden ideas have proven that you can still get a beautiful garden that you have been dreaming of even if you have no space to grow some plants. More importantly, these exquisite ideas will not cost you a fortune.
I hope


10. Upcycle Laundry Basket | Elizabeth Joan Designs
9. DIY Headboard Flower Bed | My Repurposed Life
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7. Bring Pops of Colors
6. Chandelier Planter | DIY Show Off
5. Wheelbarrow Planter | iVillage | Bob vila | The Seasonal Home
4. Cinder Block Planters | Bob Vila |
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3. Tire Planter | DIY Show Off
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1. Make a Centerpiece | Home BNC

25 Another Garden Planter and Container Ideas:

5 Clever Planter Ideas From Unused Items:

Feeling a little crafty and crave some gardening inspirations? With a little creativity and imagination, you can grow plants pretty much from anything and anywhere. Transform those empty bottles, old tires, and rusty buckets into a wonderful display for your lovely plants.

1. Shell Planters

1 Shell2BPlantersSeashell planters are hands down the most clever planter idea from unused items anyone could ever come up with. This idea only takes you minutes to make regardless of your craftiness level.

You just have to collect some medium or big sized seashells from your beach vacation and turn them into this straight-out-of-nature planter so your summer memories will last a little longer.

Plant small cactus or succulents in these seashell planters to bring a nautical or mermaid touch to your space. Don’t forget to pinch in some pebbles and moss to elevate the look!

2. Kettle Planters

2 Kettle2BPlantersThere is no restriction to what you can use to décor your garden, and tableware is definitely not an exception! Build your own miniature indoor or outdoor garden with unused kettle planters. Freshen up your kitchen area and porch by planting herbs or edibles. Put in some rocks and punch holes to make sure the roots can get fresh air.

Simply put the planters on a table or hang them and anyone will adore the vintage look created by this silvery display!

3. Ice Cream Bowls Planters

3 Ice2BCream2BBowls2BPlantersHere is another clever planter idea from unused items that you can’t possibly ignore! Copper-plated bowls bring a touch of elegance that will help you build a fancy Victorian atmosphere into your dining room. Small plants such as cactus and succulents make a perfect company for this classic and timeless dinner table ornament.

4. Hanging Colander

4 Hanging2BColanderSay goodbye to those boring brick-colored terracotta pots! Colanders make an unexpectedly unique planter when painted with bright, vibrant colors. Bunch together spring flowers inside the planters and hang in your porch.

Ask your grandma for unused colanders or nose around for very inexpensive ones at local thrift stores and flea markets. Psst, they also make a great last minute Mother’s Day gift idea and even a housewarming gift!

5. Wellington Boots Planter

5 Wellington2BBoots2BPlanterDo you or your kids have outgrown rain boots? Give them a new purpose in your garden rather than throwing them away immediately. Prepare a mix of potting soil and compost to fill the boots up right to the tip. The number of flowers you can plant depends on the sizes of the boots themselves. Beauties like marigolds and pansies make a perfect pair for these planters, but you can always plant anything you desire.

Recycling unused items to make planters will bring you a satisfaction that you can never get anywhere.
Not only it is great for space and money saving, reusing old possessions instead of buying new ones will also declutter your house. You also give a positive impact to the environment by putting them to another good use in your garden. Hope that clever planter idea from unused items can inspire you all.

5 Fun DIY Planter Ideas For Limited Area:

Are you tired of seeing concrete right after you come into your dorm? Feeling a little out of touch with nature? Need a little green in your life but you don’t have room for the hanging garden of Petunia? Look no further because we have collected 5 fun DIY planter ideas for limited area that will give your room a nature touch. Don’t let limited space prevent you from trying out your green thumb and creativity.

6. Market on a Table

simphome market on table
Small plants such as cherry tomatoes and chillies are eye-catching as well as edible. When potted together on a table, they will transform a tiny patch of porch into a lively farmer’s market-in-your-porch. Mix and match the colours to provide a vibrant look. If you want something more challenging and artistic, paint your terracotta pots with unique designs to give them a more DIY touch. Source

7. Pocket Herbs

simphome pocket herbs
Hang an old canvas or over-the-door shoe organizer on a fence or wall, and then fill the shoe spaces with potting soil and herb plants. Voila! You have yourself a homemade, self-regenerating wall of fresh herbs for your cooking needs. Make sure to move them to a bigger planter once they are bushy. Source

8. Recycled Hanging Garden

simphome recycled hanging garden
Recycling is a great way to save money, space, and our Mother Earth. This recycled hanging garden idea is perfect for those who live in dorms or apartments with open windows or you can just hang your plants on the balcony if you have one. You just need to choose the containers that you want to use (we prefer milk cartons or Pepsi bottles to make eco-friendly planters), cut off the top, poke four or five drainage holes underneath, and attach a length of wire to properly hang your plants so that they will grow as they should. This is great for flowers, herbs or many vegetables and is surprisingly space saving and a really cute way to show off those plants. It doesn’t get more DIY than that! Source

9. Tiered Garden

simphome tiered garden
Tiered gardens are great for those who are into architecturally proportional decorations but only have small outdoor spaces. If you only have minimal space for flowers or veggies, you can create a great tiered garden from a number of terracotta planters. Once stacked, you can just plant whatever you want in the planters. You will have space for as many plants as you want depending on how many planters you use. This is a great DIY idea for filling up empty corners on your front yard and bring that proud look on your face whenever someone admires your mini masterpiece of a garden. Source

10. Terrarium

simphome terrarium
The idea of having your own micro garden that you can put in your bedside can be a little too difficult for some, but the terrarium is in fact the simplest and easiest DIY planter idea for limited area to make and maintain. Throw in a handful of pebbles, earth, ferns, and moss into a glass bowl and you have yourself a garden for your bedside. Source

5 Planters Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbors Envy:

Unique, easy and fun planters can bring an impressive change to your outdoor space. Almost anything can be used to make gorgeous containers for your lovely plants. If you want to transform your garden into a head-turner, check out these amazing planter ideas that will make your neighbor envy! Probably..

11. Antique Birdcage Planter

simphome birdcage planter
Bring back the 80s atmosphere by giving your garden a vintage touch with this antique planter. Create fun display for your plants with repurposed items like an old birdcage to achieve a distinctive look that no one else in the neighborhood will have. All you need to do is to clean out the cage and put vibrant colored flowers in it. This is surely a no-brainer planter idea that will make your neighbor envy. (via sobiosolocalsopositive)

12. Barrel Planter

simphome barrel planter
If you are more into a countryside and cowboy themed garden, you must consider this beautiful barrel planter. Even if you are living in a tiny apartment, a small sized wooden barrel filled with potting soil can make a lovely home for your favorite seasonal flowers. This is a classic and timeless piece to build a wonderful rustic garden look. In fact, barrels are basically shaped like containers already so there’s not much effort you need to do to turn them into lovely planters. (via cottageatthecrossroads)

13. Wishing Well Planter

simphome wishing well planter
Give a magical touch to your garden with this easy-to-make wishing well from recycled tires. If you’re lucky enough, your neighbors will give them out for free or you can scavenge around the block. Just stack a couple of them, drill drainage holes, put a roof on, and you’re good to go! This wishing well looks great with bright colors but you can always use your imagination and creativity to paint them in any design you like. (via howtospecialist)

14. Hanging Herb Planter

simphome herb planter
Repurposing old items is a win-win solution for your crafty soul and your pocket. Not only you will save money, but creatively reusing junks will also save our Earth! This project is all about giving a new purpose to used cans or baskets into the most amazing and gorgeous planters you can make your own. Throw in some potting soil and veggies or herbs, voila! You have your own edible garden in your front yard and make your neighbor jealous. (via homebnc)

15. Terracotta on the Wall

simphome teracotta planter

Lining your terracotta pots on the ground is the most boring thing a green thumb could possibly do. Don’t waste your time planting your best flower collection on them because no one would even care to take a second glance. Instead, elevate your potting level by hanging them on your wall. Hang some vines as well to make a natural frame to add a little more ‘green’ decoration. (via remodelista)

Generally, a neat and well-organized garden will add its own aesthetic to your home. No matter how much outdoor space you own, even the smallest garden area will make any head stop and stare for a while. With a proper care and planning, you can transform your front yard into a masterpiece that will impress anyone and greets you warmly when you come home.

5 DIY Clever Living Walls and Vertical Garden Ideas: Some Clever Inspirations:

Just because you have small garden, it doesn’t mean that you can’t perform these DIY clever living walls and vertical garden inspiration. Vertical garden idea is great when you want to add greeneries to your personal property but you don’t really have a lot of land to spare. Some of these ideas are simply genius and smart, and they are easily implemented for any kinds of land, property, and even homeowner types. Next on our list is 5 DIY Clever Living Walls and Vertical Garden You Must Check: Some Clever Inspirations by your list maker,

16. A Vertical Planter Box Idea

5 Vertical Planter Boxes Simphome com
Make sure that you have several wooden boxes for the plants. Any materials will do but wooden boxes are considered quite versatile – in terms of usages and also style. If you want to paint them, feel free to do so although some homeowners are okay with the natural wooden colors. You can attach those planter boxes on the wall in any arrangement that you like. In this example, the boxes are coming in uniformed rows and columns. However, you are basically free to manage the layout or patterns on the wall. Managing these DIY clever living walls and vertical garden initiative is pretty easy and nice, and it helps your garden too.

17. Sole Vertical Structure

4 Sole Vertical Structure Simphome com
In this method, you create your own separate and sole wooden structure without attaching anything to the wall, fence, or other existing structure. It is a handy idea when you want to have a separate and independent vertical garden structure. You need to create the structure first – feel free to use wood or metal – and then have mesh wire for the potted plants. Basically, you are free to create any design that you like. This example is only an inspiration of how to make an independent vertical structure.

18. Hanging Platform

3 Hanging Platform Simphome com
Stacking these platforms and connect them with metal rods or construction will create appealing look without compromising space. On the wooden platforms, provide a hole so it can accommodate the pots. You can place this construction on the corner or any limited space. The DIY clever living walls and vertical garden idea is great for indoor and outdoor, including the garden land and the porch.

19. Trellis Container Idea

2 Trellis Container Simphome com
If you don’t have a lot of land for gardening, this construction will be handy. You need to construct the major frame, add hooks, prepare the containers (including painting them), and voila! You have your stylish vertical garden. If you look at the details, these hooks aren’t attached firmly. Simply hook it on the structure and you can hang the containers nicely.

20. Stacked Open Shelves

1 Stacked Open Shelves Simphome com
Living in apartments means that you have zero garden or land for gardening. Why not making use of the wall on the porch or verandah? You can install open shelves and stack them from the bottom to the upper area. As long as the shelves are sturdy and solid, they can be used to accommodate several potted plants. It would be even better to paint those pots to create stylish outcome and look. These 5 DIY clever living walls and vertical garden ideas I already mentioned are mostly super easy yet super stylish. Isn’t it?

5 Clever Vertical Herb Garden Ideas Worth Doing while Saving up Space:

Some clever vertical herb garden ideas worth doing are available for those who like gardening so much but having problems with the limited space. Who says that gardening is only applicable through horizontal manner? If you have small space or limited outdoor area, choosing vertical garden is actually the best way. If you are focusing on the herb garden (which don’t really need a lot of space), these ideas can help. A lot.

21. Wooden Vertical Platform

1 2BWooden2BVertical2BPlatform via2Bsimphome com
It creates an appealing visual effect. If you are crafty enough, you can make your own platform. Make use of old planks or boards, and you should be able to create such an interesting display area. If any of your friends is skilled enough, you can ask for their help. This kind of platform has several functions. First, it is a nice additional accessories to your outdoor area. Second, it contains your herbs very well. Third, it helps you save up space – and also money, if you decide to make one for your own. Don’t you think it is a clever vertical herb garden ideas worth doing? Source

22. Stacked Baskets

2 2BStacked2BBaskets via2Bsimphome com
Do you generally use baskets to hold and organize your items? Why not using baskets to hold the herbs? Choose wicker baskets and stack them – just like shown in the picture. First of all, the stacked arrangement will definitely help you save space. Second, wicker baskets are inexpensive, and you can have as many as you like to accommodate your herbs. You can also water the herbs and let the porous container to remove the excessive water. Third, you can have different stacks of baskets for different herbs. Pretty neat, huh? Source

23. Ladder Vines

3 2BLadder2BVines via2Bsimphome com
If you take a look at this arrangement, it looks like the mini version of a wall ladder, right? Well, if you grow vines at home, you know that they need the right platform so go up. With several sticks and some ropes, you can create your own mini ladder and help your vines to grow. It is a super easy project, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. Source

24. Another Hanging Garden Idea

4 2BHanging2BGarden via2Bsimphome com
Another clever vertical herb garden ideas worth doing is to hang your potted plants. If you have solid overhead structure, you can consider hanging your pots so you don’t need to make any garden bed or whatsoever. Depending on your preference, you can come up with any hanging arrangement that you want. Just make sure that the overhead structure is strong enough to accommodate the weight. If the potted plants get too heavy, then the overhead structure may not hold up. Source

25. Vertical Wall Mounted Boxes

5 2BVertical2BWall2BMounted2BBoxes via2Bsimphome com
Old crates, unused planks, or old boards can be used to make these boxes. Arrange the boxes in vertical layout to save up space. If you seriously have limited area, consider the wall mounted manner. If not, you can lay the foundation boxes on the ground. Feel free to create any creative or interesting layout. As one of the clever vertical herb garden ideas worth doing, you can improve the look of your garden while making sure that you have enough herb plants. Source

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