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Whether your home is modern or classic, curb appeal plays an important role in creating a mesmerizing view that can either make your neighbors envy you or help you feel more relaxed after engaging in the hurly burly of the rush hour. However, some homeowners aren’t lucky as they only have little – or even no – space to grow plants.
Don’t let small space become a great obstacle for you to get the curb appeal that you have been longing for. Next, I’ve summed up for you 10 DIY flower garden ideas and containers which are perfect for any garden despite its size.

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10 DIY flower garden ideas and containers via Simphome.com Featured pinterest image
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10. Upcycle Laundry Basket idea
10. Upcycle Laundry Basket via Simphome
Recycling waste around you is the best way to get what you need on the cheap as well as saving the earth. If you have some unused or broken laundry baskets at home, don’t throw them away in the trash can as they can make great planters for your beautiful flowers.
Turning a laundry basket into a planter is such an easy project. The first thing you need to do is taped up any crack that you find in your broken laundry basket. Then, cover the slats of the basket, so the dirt that you’re going to add into it will stay in place. After that, wrap one or two pieces of burlap around the basket until it is completely covered. Attach a rope around the basket to accentuate its look, and tie a knot.
Now, your planter is ready to host your beautiful flowers.

9. DIY Headboard Flower Bed idea
9. DIY Headboard Flower Bed via Simphome
Are you an apartment dweller who has no space for a garden? You can try to make this flower bed.
Again, this idea entails unused items which will make you get a fabulous planter in an affordable price. First, you need to get two headboards. If you don’t have any, try to find it in a flea market near you.
You’re going to need to cut one of the headboards, so one of them is shorter than the other. Then, you can begin to make a box that will be used to hold the dirt and flowers. Make sure that the bottom of the box has some holes for perfect drainage. Therefore, you might want to opt for slats for the bottom. Once the box is ready, attach it to the taller headboard.

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Then, take the legs of the shorter headboard, and attach them to both sides of the box. Paint the box and back board red while the legs yellow to cheer up your balcony. Even if your plants are not in flower, the cheery red and yellow will set a tone for your small garden or balcony immensely.

8. Mini Garden idea for the entryway
8. Great Hospitality via Simphome 1
Sometimes living in urban areas gives you no choice but to get by with the limited space. As a result, you cannot have a beautiful flower garden that you have been dreaming of as the entryway is completely paved. Although you have no yard to grow some plants, you can still purchase some containers to make your dream come true.
This porch, for example, is small yet attractive. It sports a number of small containers with some geraniums and impatiens, welcoming you or your guests with a great hospitality. They line up on the left side, allowing people to adore them without blocking their way. The ivy grown across the front door emphasizes the dramatic look of the entrance.
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7. Bring Pops of Colours to your garden
How to build an Awesome Tire Planter via Simphome.com thumbnail 1
Growing various kinds of plants for your front yard landscaping is a great idea since they can amp your garden up with their vivacious colours. However, some plants don’t bloom all the time, which will make your garden look bland.
You can tackle this problem by making these beautiful planters out of some unused tires. You just need to get some tires, and cut one of its open sides to resemble the shape of a flower. Then, paint them vibrant red or any eye-catching colours that you like.
By making these planters as conspicuous as possible, you have made them do a double duty. They can be planters that host some beautiful flowers or shrubs and become a great adornment when your plants aren’t blooming.

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6. A Chandelier Planter mini hanging garden idea
6. Chandelier Planter via Simphome
Add a little bit of classic touch to your porch by making this chandelier planter. Before turning it into a planter, you need to remove all electrical/wiring from it. Then, attach terra cotta saucers on each “arm” of the chandeliers using epoxy putty and glue for good drainage. After that, attach the pots.
Let the glue dry before spray painting them. Once the paint and glue dry, you can grow your plants there and let them amaze you while you are having a respite in the porch after having a lot on your plate.

5. A Wheelbarrow Planter idea
5. Wheelbarrow Planter via Simphome
Never blow off an unused wheelbarrow because this waste can turn into a fabulous flower container. You just need to tweak it a little bit by adding posts or something that can support it and don’t forget to drill some holes at the bottom for better drainage.
Since a wheelbarrow is quite spacious, you can grow different kinds of flowers on it. Try combining annuals and perennials with different colours and shapes like pink roses with blue salvias for a long-lasting charm. Well, harness your creativity to pair the plants!

4. Cinder Block Planter idea
4. Cinder Block Planters via Simphome
If your home adopts modern flair, you might want a simple flower garden with some no-fuss plants which are void of colours. Then, these cinder-block planters are for you.
This planter is actually a raised bed that holds some low-maintenance plants. To create a more dramatic look, some smaller blocks are attached on the sides of the raised flower bed, and they become mounted planters.

3. A Tire Planter idea
3. Tire Planter via Simphome
Embellish your porch with this DIY tire flower planter that looks like a wreath. You only need to spray paint an old tire, drill 6 holes into the bottom to allow the water to drain, then lined the bottom of it with fabric weed barrier along with a few pieces of Styrofoam. Now, you are ready to grow some plants in it and hang it on the wall of your porch.

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2. A Bike Planter idea
2. Bike Planters via Simphome
Turning an old bike into planters is a classic way to improve your curb appeal, but it always works like a charm.
There is no clear boundary of creating a bike planter. You only need to let your creativity go wild. You can either paint the bike to add pops of colours to your garden or simply leave it that way for a more rustic look.
Picking the right containers is your next way to go. There are various kinds of planters that you can choose from. You can use wooden boxes, rattan baskets, mesh baskets, or wired-metal baskets to host your plants. After that, you need to get creative with the flower combinations.
Since the planters will be raised a few inches – or even one foot – off the ground, climbing plants like roses, Bougainville, or English Ivy would work well. Combining it with some lilies and geraniums would perfect the look. Again, the choice is yours!

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Lastly number 1. Make a Centrepiece flower bed
1. Make a Centerpiece via Simphome
Every story has its main character –a strongest one that can influence the other actors – and so does your garden. It does need a centerpiece that can be the strongest character in your garden.
You can create this look by growing shrubs or flowers in a certain pattern. You can repeat the colours intermittently to create a cohesive look. Then, pick a taller plant or fountain that is put in the middle that becomes the main actor of this drama.

So, These 10 DIY flower garden ideas have proven that you can still get a beautiful garden that you have been dreaming of even if you have no space to grow some plants. More importantly, these exquisite ideas will not cost you a fortune.
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