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10 Built-In Bathroom Shelving Ideas

For bathroom storage, a built-in shelf helps organize stuff nicely and neatly, making it look well-organized without a mess or at least minimal.
To give you the inspiration and tips on making them, we have come up with the best-selected ideas of 10 built-in bathroom shelving ideas. Enjoy it! And if you feel incomplete about these next ideas, follow the link pasted inside the reference area.

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10. Shelves next to the shower

10. Shelves next to the shower by simphome.comPlanning on creating bathroom shelves next to the shower may turn out remarkable, considering the functions and aesthetic value and a bathroom design.

To make these built-in shelves, measure the space you will use to build the storage and determine how many sections you want to make. Secondly, purchase 1×2’s and a sheet of plywood. Cut the wood based on the size. Next, sand and stain the wood. Don’t forget to use coarse sandpaper to create a smooth surface.
After that, measure and nail your 1×2’s in place to start installing the shelves. Attach your plywood to your 1×2’s measurement.
Next, cut and attach the front piece of wood. This way, you may use leftover cedar ceiling planks to cut it to fit the size. And the last step is to add baskets. Well, enjoy utilizing the built-in shelves you have made yourself.

9. Recessed Shelving

9. Recessed Shelving by simphome.comIf you have no enough space in your bathroom, creating recessed shelving seems to be a good idea to take into account.
Unlike many other shelves that protrude from the wall, this shelving will stay flush with the existing wall, so it will not gobble up much space in your small bathroom.
This shelving fits much of the modern bathroom due to the simple design that employs clean-lined edges. To add such an opening up effect, you can use glass sheets instead of wooden boards. Just ensure they are sturdy enough to host your towels.

8. DIY Built-in Bathroom Shelves in the Basement

8. DIY Built in bathroom shelves in the basement by simphome.comThere is no reason not to love this design since it would be functional and appealing. Besides, it is pretty simple to make.
This shelving offers ample storage space since the dimension is 13 inches in height and 14 inches in depth. Thus, cut 1×2 boards for the place where the shelves sit. Measure and draw the lines to attach the boards.
Next, screw the 1x2s into the studs and cut the plywood 13 inches by 14 inches. Place the plywood shelves on the ledges and nail or screw them. This way, you can add the trim to the front.
Once the shelves are up, install the molding around the opening. Caulk along the edges to allow the shelves to meet the wall. Paint in crisp white to match the toilet and beadboard, and you are good to go.

7. Built-in Toilet Paper Holder

7. Built in Toilet Paper Holder by simphome.comThis built-in toilet paper holder serves you double duty. It hosts a roll paper towel while providing a small shelf to set down your phone or other small items. More importantly, you will not bump into it because it does not mount from the wall.
Do you want to make it? So start selecting a toilet paper holder to determine how much space you need. Get the dimension measured based on your desired measurement. Cut the board down and give a frame around the box. Screw the boards and joint them.
Next, add the toilet paper holder to the shelf. Finally, install the unit as you want.

6. Install a Shower Cubby

6. Install a shower cubby by

If you want integrated storage to keep your shower well-organized, clean, and tidy, install a shower cubby and keep it so aesthetic.
This modern shower cubby offers sufficient storage for shampoos and soaps. It even looks sleek with marble tiles that camouflage to match the shower chamber immensely. Besides, nothing can beat the elegance of marble.

5. Classic Clutter Solver

5. Classic Clutter Solver by simphome.comThis shelving enhances the modern flair of this bathroom. Two shelving units flank a large frameless mirror on both sides. They not only offer additional storage space in the grooming area but also dress up the mirror.
The built-in design makes them rest snugly in the wall without taking up more space. Do not add more accessories since simplicity is the hallmark of modern style. However, you can always install glass doors to prevent the grooming essentials from falling from the shelves.

4. Built-in Bath Cabinet Idea

4. Built in Bath cabinet by simphome.comThis built-in bath cabinet will just fit your perfect space to keep all the bath stuffs organized and reachable. Start the project by selecting the area where to locate the cabinet. Build the box first, attach the top and bottom and the back as well. Cut the face frame, align, and clamp the face frame.
Continue by drilling the pocket screw holes around the outside of the cabinet. Mark the hinge hole centers and center the hinge mounting plates on the marks.
Next, screw the hinges to the door. Mark and cut out the dimension on the wall. Cut the horizontal lines and remove the drywall sections. Nail the doubleheader together and screw in a metal angle bracket. Next, nail and level to stud. Install the cabinets and the doors. Well done.

3. Mini Built-ins Idea

3. Mini Built ins by simphome.comThe bathroom vanity is one of the spots that tend to collect clutter. How often do you leave your brushes and toothpaste on the countertop? How many times do you lay your toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen there? It must be countless times.
You have to end it soon by installing built-in shelves by the vanity. It may be a big project because you have to make a large niche in the wall. The good news is it will not make you down because you can get functional shelves that stay flush with the wall and a stylish one that complements your modern bathroom.

2. Storage for Small Bathroom

2. Storage for Small Bathroom by

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to creating built-in storage while you have only a small space in your bathroom. Just incorporate a cabinet tower on a banjo countertop, especially if the countertop goes from the vanity to the toilet.
Make a double shelf to store your small items. If the shelves sit next to the toilet, you can use them as an excellent spot to store paper towels.

Lastly, Number 1.DIY Built-in Shelf for Small Bathroom

1. DIY built in shelf for small bathroom by simphome.comThis one is another built-in bathroom shelves idea for a small bathroom. Most importantly, you can try to make them yourself.
First, cut the board to size to create the frame. Next, you need to trim it so you will have a good design of bathroom shelves. Finally, install them in the desired space in your bathroom.

Keep in mind that creating or adding built-in shelves for your bath stuff is not as complicated as you may think. Think about saving some space by not mounting them outward and the sleek finish flush with the interior. Besides, some of these 10 built-in bathroom shelves are even DIY friendly. So get inspired!



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