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35 DIY Ideas How to Turn Blank Wall into Storage Space

Storage and organization are essential for a modern home because saving space is necessary, making your room look bigger, tidier, and also more comfortable. Wall storage ideas are the best for saving space and will go a long way toward keeping your room organized.
If you think you are lacking storage, look around. You might be missing out on tons of potential storage space on your walls. Try these 10 DIY ideas on how to turn a blank wall into storage space to take advantage of your empty wall (include the bonus ideas). To fill in your missing detail, follow the link inside the reference area.

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10. Make Cooking Easier

10. Make Cooking Easier by simphome.comFloating shelves are an excellent addition to almost any room in the house. Still, they seem to be a favorite in kitchens because they make it easier to pick up items. At the same time, they also give you extra perches for displaying decor in a task-centered room.
In this design, the understated and relaxing reclaimed wood floating shelves are enhanced by the arrangement, which carves out a modern and charming feel to the perfect kitchen.
The lower shelves are a perfect place for your favorite coffee mugs, everyday plates, bowls, as well as glasses.

9. Rustic Kitchen Wall Storage

9. Rustic Kitchen Wall Storage by simphome.comThis kitchen wall storage seems to be simple and easy to make. Yes, that’s right! You just need to prepare some supplies by buying them in the nearest shop or a dollar store. But it would be better if you shop around your house to find an unused cutting board. You will also need 1 wood box with lid, 1 breadboard, wood glue, white paint, and paintbrushes.
First, glue the box to the cutting board with a paintbrush. Position the box on the breadboard and let it dry. Wipe off any excess glue while it’s still wet. Let it dry entirely before continuing to the next step.
Now your kitchen wall storage is ready to paint. Add a little paint to your brush. Move the paintbrush across your surface in the grain direction. You will have a rustic finish in minutes with a painted surface. Let the paint dry completely. Make sure to paint each edge of the breadboard. It will show when you hang it on your wall.

8. Create a New Style of Gallery Wall

8. Create a New Style of Gallery Wall by simphome.comMake gallery walls deeper by laying out patterns with floating shelves rather than hanging framed artwork. In this living room design, offset compositions, and metallic materials are quite conspicuous. You can also fill your living room with decorations and toys.

7. DIY Tree Bookshelf

7. DIY Tree Bookshelf by simphome.comLet’s forget about the old, boring, simple bookshelves your parents used to have and focus on more creative designs. It’s time to think innovatively and find new ways to display your book collection.
This tree bookshelf has a simple design. You can make it with basic DIY skills. All you need are ¾ inch plywood (for the tree), 2 inches Deckmate screws, brown paint, glue, polyurethane, and some essential tools to help the items into pieces.
First, you need to cut and glue the plywood together. Next, measure the length of each branch, then cut. Prep and attach all the braches to the background. Sand down the front side of the braches and paint or stain them to your desire. Let it dry!

6. Fold-down Desk

6. Fold down Desk by

If you are endeavoring to look for a home office idea that takes small space but actually is very functional, consider this fold-down desk design. This idea will give you workspace and enough shelves to display all items you need, some cheerful floral and other accessories. Here you have already maximized your blank wall.

5. Floating Drawers

5. Floating Drawers by simphome.comFloating drawers are a great way to enhance the bedroom space as you don’t need extra room to make them. You will use your blank wall instead.
The shelf is the ideal size for storing clothes, books, alarm clocks, tablet devices, or a glass of water. Also, you can hide other items out of sight in the drawers to help keep your bedroom clutter-free.
Handcrafted from solid wood, they are ready to assemble with the kit provided, so all you need to do is hang them beside your bed. What’s more, it’s only 29 cm wide! So if you are looking for narrow bedside drawers max 30cm, they are a superb solution.
And, if you want more storage, why not hang five or six for a very contemporary floating chest of drawers?

4. DIY Wall-Mounted Desk Idea

4. DIY Wall Mounted Desk by simphome.comTry to make a wall-mounted desk with a pull-out extender. Instead of a fold-down, you can use a pull-out extension to craft the desk. This technique guarantees that you have something to rest your hands on as well as your books when you are ready to read, study, or work.
Your school or work supplies and everything you need can place within easy reach as you sit down and work. You can push back this desk when you don’t need it anymore.

3. Simple Cubby Chic Wall Storage

3. Simple Cubby Chic Wall Storage by simphome.comDo you have old wooden boxes? Don’t worry. Let’s make it look new and more stylish. Start to smoothen the surface with sandpaper. Clean and give some paint over it. Let it dry completely.
Take some scrap paper, then cut it to each box’s size (some patterns shouldn’t share the same size). Now start to glue the wallpaper pieces with double-sided tape. In the end, fill your new wall storage with favorite treasure, souvenirs, and anything you want to.

2. Floating Baskets Storage

2. Floating Baskets Storage by simphome.comBaskets are beautiful and practical, so you must find a way to include them in your bathroom storage. If you deal with a small space, hanging them on the wall might be a quick solution.
Highlight the cheerful yellow walls with some pretty wall baskets. These small baskets will hold the light and small items that can easily litter your bathroom.

Lastly, Number 1. Craft Mason Jars If Necessary

1. Mason Jars by simphome.comDo you have an obsession with mason jars? Mason jars are just adorable. There are so many ways to combine them into your home and interior. You might use them for some bathroom storage, perhaps. Well, let’s talk about how to make mason jars craft with basic DIY skills.
First, stain your wooden board up and let it completely dry. Use a drill bit to produce a pilot hole in the wood that you will use to screw in the hose clamp. Use it to make a hole in the hose clamp, too.
After you’ve created the hole in the wood and hose clamp, line them up, and screw the hose clamp into the wood. Repeat 3 times or more until all hose clamps are attached.
So, These are 10 DIY ideas on how to turn a blank wall into storage space that could help you re-organize, re-style, or maximize your wall. They not only offer storage solutions but also embellish the space nicely.




5 Creative Hanging Shelving Idea for Small Bedroom:

Your bedroom is your safe haven. A simple shelf can add a lot of definition to your unadorned wall, not to mention if it can also function as storage. If you feel like doing a little remodeling to your little sanctuary but are also tight on budget, We give following nice offers.

1. Chains and Hooks

With simple chains and hooks, you can turn your old wood boards or planks into a nifty piece of storage and simultaneously adorn your wall with decoration. Attach four hooks on the ceiling to hang the chains and make tiered-shelves by fastening the chains on all the four sides of the boards. This creative wall storage idea for small bedroom room will surely add so much personality and warmth. (via pennstateupua)

2. Floating Mantel Shelf

floating mantel shelf
A mantel shelf will add a lot of interest to your plain living room and you can nail one without having to buy them at IKEA. You will only need three 8 feet 1” x 12” oak boards, dark walnut stain and wood glue. Cut all your boards in half to create six 4 feet boards and sand them to smooth any rough edges. Stain each board with a sponge brush and stack them with a 2” overhang on each side after they are dry. Apply wood glue once stacked as needed and use clamps to secure them. (via remodelaholic)

3. Timeless Classic

timeless classic
Two-tiered open floating shelves seem to give off a classic vibe in any room they are installed. Choose plain planks with approximately 3ft wide and with 2” thickness for the best looking and most sturdy shelves. In addition, if you are worried attaching them with brackets would shatter the beauty of the shelves because of their stark difference in colors then you might want to fasten them with screws into studs. Polish the woods in dark walnut stain and seal them with Hemp Oil. These spots are perfect to display your frames or vintage vase decorations. (via southernrevivals)

4. Your Magazine Holder is a helper

magazine holder
Think outside the box all the time and you might come up with totally unique ideas. If you still got a tiny space left in your bedroom wall but it’s not big enough for a cabinet or drawer you can use your used magazine holder! That’s a convenient solution if you happen to have one which is made out of wood. Better stain it first and mount it on the wall by putting it on its side with nails. This cute tiny storage is the perfect spot for your small items like keys, chains, or loose changes. (via designsponge)

5. Make the Most of Your Perimeter of Bedroom Wall

bedroom wall
Storing all your book collection in a mahogany vertical bookshelf might make your room look overcrowded if you don’t have a walk-in closet and use ordinary wardrobe instead. You can use the empty space below your ceiling to store your books, and all your other stuff by building shelves along the entire perimeter of your bedroom walls right under the ceiling. (via womansday)

5 Cheap DIY Hanging Shelving Ideas for Small Bedroom:

Homeowners are nowadays in the market for affordable shelves for they can add so much definition to a plain and bare wall. Not only do they function as storage but they also double as wall décor. That’s like killing two birds with one stone. This is 5 Cheap DIY Hanging Shelving Ideas for Small Bedroom by

6. Valuable Old Frames

old frame
Did you know frames can function as more than just for displaying photos? Turn your used frames into full functioning storage shelves that you can use to stash your books or display your knick-knacks and your shelves will double as wall décor. All you need to do is make a box from wooden panels and glue it on the frame. Without having to rob your bank account, this creative hanging shelf idea for small bedroom will totally beautify your safe haven. (via womansday)

7. Glass Window Shelving

glass window shelving
If you are not into wooden shelving because of the color, then try glass shelving instead! It will look even more alluring if you position it by the window and display your glass menagerie there or your pots. Make a tiered-shelving or experiment with different styles as long as it fits your mood. However, it might be a little difficult to clean if you opt for glass shelves instead of wooden ones. (via woohome)

8. Ring and Rope Can Make It Dope

ring and rope
Make the most of your wooden planks by turning it into minimalist floating shelves. Drill four holes on each side of the plank and insert a rope and fasten it so that it will stay in place. Gather all the ropes into one and fasten them into a ring hook to create a triangle-looking shelf. This one goes well for a contemporary design. Paint them in white or any other color of your choice. You might want to choose maroon ropes if you happen to have white wall. (via myhomedecorguide)

9. Floating Shelf with Long Doubled C Hooks

floating shelf
A three-tiered shelf hanging on the ceiling will surely make an eye-catching decoration for your bedroom. The long double c hooks themselves already have their own magnetism. Make sure the color of the hooks goes well with the color of the boards. Black hooks totally match white boards but you can also pair yellow with brown. These floating shelves will give off industrial-style vibe. Under the ceiling shelves often get overlooked, but this is a look that you should totally try for your small bedroom. (via homebnc)

10. Chain Your Shelf

Another under the ceiling shelving that might be great installed under your ceiling room and right by the bed or by the window. If you are not a fan of using hooks then chains might be right up your alley. Two-tiered wooden shelves secured with chains on the side are perfect to stash your small trinkets and knick-knacks. Attach the chains on the ceiling with hooks. (via ikeahackers)

5 Creative Hanging Shelving Idea For Small Bathroom:

We can tell how someone keeps their own personal hygiene with only one peek at their bathroom. So, decorating and organizing your bathroom is just as imperative as adorning the other parts of your house. Buying cute and expensive furniture is the quickest and easiest option but it always sets you back so you should definitely try to make one on your own.

11. Floating Baskets on the Wall

floating basket
Your wire baskets must be tired from sitting on the floor all the time. Come up with a ground-breaking revolution by turning them into floating shelves to store your toilet papers, towels and your shower caddies. Mount them into the wall with screws and drywall anchors. Use washers and a drill to secure them in place. This creative hanging shelf idea for small bathroom is a complete no-brainer. (via stylebyemilyhenderson)

 12. Archetype of Coziness

Wooden shelves really are practical and go well in pretty much any room. If you are looking for simple towels and shower caddies storage then you might want to install open shelves from wood boards. Everyone has basic supplies such as screws, nails, drill and measuring tape lying around at home so you literally only need to get woods. You need to build support frames and glue them together first. Stain your board or paint them with the color of your choice. Attach your frames to the wall by screwing them into studs and glue the top shelf piece to both shelves with Liquid Nails. You can put your towels and wicker baskets there or simple little toiletries. Basically anything! (via sweetyhomee)

13. Don’t Throw Your Old Pallets!

old pallet
If you have an empty space above your sink and are wondering what to put there to make it less basic, we highly recommend you to build these easy floating shelves out of pallet. Create wood strips from your pallet by removing the center pieces with the back of a hammer. Reuse the center of the wood strips and nail them to the side of the pallet which will later become the bottom of one of the shelves then saw off each end of the pallet. Be careful when choosing what color to paint your shelves and make sure it matches the entire design style of your bathroom. Pick a light to medium gray stain for a beach-y, nautical look or medium English chestnut brown if you are going for a rustic look. (via lemonslavenderandlaundry)

14. One-Tiered Shelf above the Sink

one tiered shelf
That little gap between your cabinet and sink is a potential spot for more storage. If you have a wooden plank at home, repurpose it as an additional space to store your lotions, toothbrush, tooth paste and face cleanser. Mount it on the wall with brackets or you can opt for compartments instead for a more substantial slotted box. (via acultivatednest)

15. Wall of Baskets

wall of basket
Another way of finding different use for your baskets. Make simple DIY shelves by hanging your baskets on a rod. First, hang two parallel rods or towel bars. Next, simply fasten the baskets with a rope or cut some ribbon and thread it through your baskets and tie them to the rods. (via dreamingindiy)

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