10 Small Space Ideas to Maximize Small Bedroom

Not all homeowners are blessed with spacious bedroom where they can invest in any furniture they like without worrying about making it cramped. Some homeowners have to get by with limited space, which means they have to downsize all furniture that is prone to make their bedroom become smaller.

If your bedroom is rather small, don’t worry! Here are 10 small space ideas to maximize small bedroom. So, let’s check them out!

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10. Add Drawers under the Bed
10 Add Drawers under the Bed via simphome

Some people think that staying as close to the floor as possible is the best way to survive in a small room. Well, nothing could be further from the truth!
Trust me! You can expand the opportunity of organizing your bedroom better by raising your bed a few inches off the ground. By doing it, you will be able to add a few drawers under your bed. You can make a few drawers with slides – just like this bedroom.

You can also opt for a few boxes with casters for less arduous under-bed storage.

9. Bed and Closet Combo
9 Bed and Closet Combo via simphome

Don’t have a closet? No biggie! You can still organize your clothes and shoes well despite the limited space. Try investing in this bed and closet combo.
This bed is raised about 4 feet, so it has sufficient space for a closet underneath.
It features a small door that allows you to have an easy access to the closet.
The hydraulic support bars help you make sure that the bed is at the desired angle while you are tidying up the closet or taking your outfit.

Next to the bed are steps that provide an access to the bed.

8. Multipurpose Storage Cube
8 Multipurpose Storage Cube via simphome

Thrift stores and flea markets can be great places to find treasures. Not the real ones, though. I mean some used things that can become fruitful furniture if you tweak them a little bit. You can even make an ottoman from a secondhand cube that you can find in a thrift store.
To turn this cube into a fruitful ottoman, you need to prime it and let it dry for about 24 hours. Then, put two coats of black latex using foam roller.
After that, apply a coat of polyacrylic.
Now, it’s time for you to upholster it by attaching high density foam on top using spray adhesive which is reinforced with staples. Cover the foam with fabric and secure it with staples. Hide the staples using white ribbon. Finally, add four casters at the bottom.

Thrift Shop Storage Cube Transformation idea


7. A Bed with Adjustable Height
7 A Bed with Adjustable Height via simphome

Merging bedroom and living room is a common way to maximize the space of an undersized home. You can separate them using a curtain or any other room divider, or you can go with this smart idea.
If you have limited floorspace, try going vertical. This bedroom is unique. The bed hangs as close to the ceiling as possible during the day, so you can have a conversation with your guest at a sectional sofa underneath.
When it is time for you to hit the sack, you can pull the bed to move away from the ceiling, and sleep. Even better, if your friend wants to stay for a night, you can lift the bed a little bit, and transform the sofa into a comfortable bed.

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6. Corner Closet without Doors
6 Corner Closet without Doors via simphome

The closet is one of your must-have items as it can keep your bedroom organized. However, some closets tend to be bulky and take up a lot of space. Therefore, you need to ditch your closet.
Having no closet is not the end of the world. You can still store your favorite outfits. You only need to make some shelves in the corner of your bedroom, and add some curtain rods in them, so you can hang your T-shirts and trousers without compromising the space.

5. Above-the-Door Shelf
5 Above the Door Shelf via simphome

Every space in your bedroom is important, including some spots that you think they are awkward, like the space above the door.
The space between the door and ceiling offers you a potential storage space. You only need to make a wall-mounted shelf above the door to host some less-used items that you might need someday.

4. Wall Art and Hidden Jewelry Box
4 Wall Art and Hidden Jewelry Box via simphome

If you are an artist who wants to have your very own personal mini gallery right in your bedroom, try this picture frame that does double duty as a jewelry box. You just need to frame corkboard with plywood, install hinges at the bottom, and a cabinet door latch at the top to hold the jewelry door.
You may also need to attach some small hooks to the corkboard that help you hold your necklaces and bracelets in place. Finally, you can attach your masterpiece on the door of this jewelry box.

3. Bedroom Storage Towers
3 Bedroom Storage Towers via simphome

If you still have sufficient space in your bedroom, don’t shove the bed against the wall because you are going to make these twin shelves. These are actually two identical open-shelves that are connected with another shelf that looks like a bridge.
To make these shelves, you are going to need to cut the plywood into some pieces and assemble them to form the boxes. You will also need to add a cleat to sides to attach the shelves. And for the bridge, you need to assemble two pieces of plywood to form an “L”, then attach it to both towers.

2. Above-the-Door Closet
2 Above the Door Closet via simphome

This is another brilliant idea to stay organized without taking up a lot of space. Try making your own closet above the door.
The area above the door is often left wasted. Now, you can use it to store your clothes. You only need to make some open shelves above the door and add a curtain rod in each shelf. You will also need to install a library ladder that allows you to reach your above-the-door closet more easily and safely.

1.DIY Corner Shelves
1 DIY Corner Shelves via simphome

Don’t waste every potential corner you have because they can incorporate additional storage solutions. These shelves can host your favorite plants well. And the most important thing is it is easy to make.
You only need to cut 45-degree angle on the end of 1”x3” boards. Then, assemble the pieces to form a 45-degree triangle. Mount the triangular shelf to the corner walls using wall anchors after being painted.

Now you know that a small bedroom doesn’t limit you in style. It expands your creativity instead. Try applying one of this idea and add a twist as you need, and you’re good to go.
Staying in style?
You’ve got it!
Holding the clutter at bay?
They’ve got you covered!

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