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10 Furniture Layout for a Small Bedroom

The trickiest problem that you may deal with in a small bedroom is managing your limited space. You wish you could cram the furniture you need while earning the ultimate comfort you desire. It may seem not very easy, but it does not mean you cannot do it.
To achieve this goal, you need to know how to arrange and balance your bed, wardrobe, chair with other non-essential furniture pieces that you already crammed in your space. Therefore, check out these 10 furniture layouts for a small bedroom that you can adopt without consulting with any interior designer first. As always, follow the Simphome source link pasted inside the reference to dig your learning material deeper.

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10. A Symmetrical Look Arrangement Idea

10. By Simphome.combachelor chris nguyen A Symmetrical Look Arrangement IdeaThis one is the most common layout used by many bedroom owners regardless of the size. It focuses on bringing an asymmetrical look by placing the bed at the center of the room’s longest wall.
The bed usually acts as the focal point. Therefore, it is generally under a large window or painting. Then, two bedside tables or nightstands flank it on each side. This layout enables you to have easy access to both sides of the bed when you tidy it up.

9. How To Handle A Queen Bed in a Small Bedroom

9. Queen Bed in a Small Bedroom by simphome.comAs a good rule of thumb, you have to keep down the furniture to a minimum in a small bedroom. However, you may need a queen bed for specific reasons, making you wonder how to squeeze it into limited space.
It is possible to have a queen-size bed in a small bedroom. Still, you have to know the best layout for it.
Placing a queen-size bed in the center is common.

However, it can be big trouble because it can result in an enormous loss of space. You can also try making the bed stick to the walls opposite the entrance. This way, you will think that your bedroom is relatively spacious. To minimize the need for storage, you can also consider a queen platform bed idea instead of the conventional ones.
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8. Angled Your Bed

8. Angled the Bed by simphome.comIf you are reluctant to place the bed directly under the window while you do not have much space left, this layout should be suitable for you.
This layout is unique. Instead of shoving the bed against two walls in the corner, you angle it. It means you make it sit across the corner, leaving a little space behind the headboard. Angling the bed into the corner allows you to have clear views of the door. Some people believe it is good according to Feng Shui principles.

However, this position is a bit tricky as you leave wasted space behind the bed. You can consider adding a curtain, a shelf, or a screen behind the headboard to deal with that challenge. Even better, you can put a table behind the headboard so that you can set down a lamp and other favorite knick-knacks of yours.

7. Another Solution for A Corner Bed

7. Another Corner Bed via Simphome.comThis one is another way to tap into the corner of your small bedroom – shoving the bed against two walls.
It is one of the most common layouts used in a minute sleeping space, even in an apartment space.
Hugging two walls in the corner means you can have more floor space.
However, it will be awkward for those who share a bed.

7. Another Solution for A Corner Bed via Simphome.comother angle

You will only have one open side, making it hard for you to get in and out. If the bedroom features a single-size bed like in a kid’s room, this layout will work like a charm.

6. The Furniture Layout Idea For a Small Square Bedroom

6. Simphome.comFurniture Layout for a Small Square Bedroomimagemyregisteredsite.comArranging the furniture in a small-square bedroom can be challenging since most beds are rectangular. But it is not always the case. To begin with, place your bed adjacent to a solid wall. This way, you can anchor it to the bedroom. You can also set a large painting or photograph over the headboard to produce a focal point.
You can pair it with a floating shelf by the bed if necessary.
This piece of furniture will offer you ample space to store your smartphone. You can also set down a lamp and a book on it. More importantly, it will not gobble up the floor space.

5. Place the Bed Against the Window

5. Place the Bed Against the Window by simphome.comSome people think that placing the bed directly under the window is an atrocious idea. They believe it can lead to several problems, such as poor sleep and potential health issues. Therefore, they tend to avoid this position.
Unfortunately, a petite bedroom does not allow you to do it.

For this reason, you do not have any other choice but to situate the bed under the window. Well, if you cannot avoid it, at least you can alleviate it. The simple one, you can use a headboard or window coverings to minimize the adverse effects.

4. The Storage Solution Under the Bed

4. Storage under the Bed via Simphome.comThe most common problem in a small bedroom is cluttered and space management. It means you do not have much room to store your collection securely and conveniently. Therefore, going vertical is your greatest bet.
Investing in a platform bed with a lot of storage underneath is your next go-to idea. You can still have both a comfortable bed and some shelves to get things organized without taking up the floor space. To continue with this idea, browse 10 Bedroom Built-in Storage Ideas that Simphome already released. Or these 10 Smart Built-In Storage Ideas for The Bedroom

3. The Bedroom Home Office Combo Idea

3. Bedroom Home Office Combo by simphome.comSqueezing a bed into a small bedroom is a bit difficult, let alone incorporating a home office in it. But it is not always a big deal. You can always work comfortably in your room despite the size.
Instead of investing in a large office desk, you can place a nightstand beside your bed. It will serve you double duty. You can also hang a mirror over it to reflect yourself, and simultaneously, you get a dressing table where you can demonstrate your makeup skill and improve it over time.

Since you need many workspaces here, opt for a wall-mounted lamp rather than a table lamp. This way, you can work comfortably during the bright or dark day. Do not forget to round out it with a chair. To kick it up a notch, personalize it with your favorite accessories.

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2. Ditch the Bulky Wardrobe

2. Ditch the Bulky Wardrobe via
Image: IKEA

Having a wardrobe is a terrific idea because it helps you stash away your clutter. However, the bulky design makes it impossible to be in your bedroom without conquering the space.
If that is the issue, you need to opt for an open closet system. It is highly flexible and versatile since you can add as many shelves and racks as you want. More importantly, you will still have much room left for other items.
Some people choose to place their open closet system over the bed’s head to replace the headboard. But if you do not feel comfortable sleeping under hanging clothes, you can put them next to your bed. To upgrade it, use pegboard or consider hanging curtains with a tension rod to conceal it.

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Lastly, Number 1. Invest in a Loft Bed

1. Invest in a Loft Bed via Simphome.comIf floor space is limited, you should go upwards by using a loft bed concept. This type of bed enables you to have a lot of room underneath. As a result, you can have a study room, a game room, or even a closet in the same spot. All you need to acquire is some tension rods or Closetmaid organization solutions.
So, A little sleeping space is not a dead end. With These 10 furniture layouts for a small bedroom, you can re-arrange the bedroom utilities you have more properly. As a result, you can get a more comfortable room that you have been longing for.


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