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10 Family Room Sectional Ideas

The family room is a fun area where you and your family or friends can gather during special occasions. You could spend your leisure time having small talk, reading some books, or just watching your favorite shows on TV.
More on that later, in the next list and the video, you would be able to find 10 inspiring family room sectional ideas that will not only turn your living space more comfortable but also upgrade the view of your interior immensely.

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10. The Space Matters

10. The Space Matters by simphome.comConventionally, The family room has high traffic as people would go back and forth continuously. Therefore, you should make the ideal space into a count. Optimizing the available space would depend on the layout of sectionals. It should not be either too close or too far.
The space between your sectional and chairs should be 30″ to 36″ because it enables you to maintain the conversation comfortably while having enough room to walk out or in.  The maximum distance will be 8′ to 10′.

As you might be sitting there for quite some time, drinks and snacks might be necessary. Thus, a table with a proportional top should be able to hold them. The ideal space between the coffee table and your sofa should be 14″ to 18″. This way, you can reach your snacks and remote and stretch out your legs comfortably.
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9. Add a Rug

9. Add a Rug by simphome.comThrow pillows can complement your sofa immensely. They spread some tones to color the sectional. You could put them on the left, middle, or right side of the couch.
However, you should not overwhelm the sofa, though, as it wouldn’t look pretty. To make the floor looks nicer, lay a rug that reaches under the sectional. This way, you can ground the seating and define the area of your living room.

8. The U-Shaped Sectional

8. U Shaped Sectional via Simphome.comA u-shaped sectional has the idea of making one another closer. This way, it can build an intimate relationship with family or friends.
As a good rule of thumb, a round coffee table would be the best friend of your u-shaped sectional. You can also use a circular ottoman to put down your remote and drink. Do not forget to top it with a tray to get things more organized.
Putting a bookshelf is just a smart move. Even if you’re really into books, it can be nice furniture that adorns the family room. The books can be another way to make your guests feel at home besides serving food to them.

7. The Curved Sectional

7. Curved Sectional via Simphome.comA curved sectional offers a unique look that you can adore. Besides, you can find several reasons why you should opt for this sofa.
If you happen to have an enormous living room like the one in an open floor plan, a curved sectional will be a great choice. It can instantly fill in the vast space in a more elegant way comparing to a bulky couch. Furthermore, today’s curved sectionals come in sleek designs that will bring modern vibes to your home.
The unique shape of a curved sectional provides more seating than a traditional sofa. Besides, it also allows you to rearrange it easily according to your taste.
The common problem that you might deal with a curved sectional is awkward situations that influence the interior when you shove it against a corner. You can place a tall indoor plant like a palm tree or a banana tree to fill in the space to overcome it. Putting a small table with a vase would also do.

6. The Elegant Sectional Idea

6. Elegant Sectional Idea by

With such a spacious space, it’s possible to have this sectional sofa idea with some other tables adjacent to it. This room has a robust and elegant ambient from many aspects: the building, sofa, and even ceiling.
The idea comes with a dense gray tone covering almost the entire space. Each table also has a plant or flowers on it. Behind the long curtains, a spectacular view adds an interesting point to this room.
The arrangement allows you to walk from the sectional to the table behind. It’s because the space between the sectional and windows are wide enough for the duty. There are also blinds and curtains for the same type of windows.

5. A Simple yet Stylish Idea

5. Simple yet Stylish by simphome.comChoosing a style of particular furniture is what makes your room has its characteristic. You can go with a modern, classic, or stylish one. But what matters most is how it goes along with things that already exist there.
This sectional idea shows simplicity by showing minimalist furniture in terms of number. It leaves the extra reusable room you can advantage. You can also opt for splitting your sectional into two, which spreads more seating.
The enormous windows with curtains that are dangling over bring an elegant ambiance and stylish influence to the living room interior.

4. An Alternative Living room layout idea with Sectional

4. An Alternative by simphome.comA sectional is more than just furniture on which you sit on. But it can also function as an alternative bed that you or your guests can use. When you have been through a rough day, you might fall asleep as soon as you throw yourself on the sofa.
Complete with a fireplace or the TV, you can use the space as the center of activity, during the gift-giving or premier league. To adopt the idea, first count the number of your invitee and adjust the number of your couch pillow afterward. And if you don’t have enough sofas for the project, you can replace them with kitchen table dining sets.

3. The Advantage Of The Layout

3. The Advantage of Layout by simphome.comWith huge window glasses surrounding the sectional, the idea produces a lovely view in the living room. It feels so spacious and lively. The layout of the sofa is facing the opposite of the windows.
If you want to mount a flat TV on the wall, consider mounting it at not more than 30 degrees, although the height will depend on the size of your TV.
You should mount a 42″ TV about 56″ from the floor. If you use a 55″ TV, mount it 61″ from the floor. For a 70″ TV, you should mount it 67″ from the bottom to the screen center. This way, you can enjoy your favorite show comfortably.

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2. Add A Coffee Table To Complete Your Sofa

2. Add a Coffee Table by simphome.comIt feels comfortably warm just by looking at this sectional picture. It looks so soft and cozy with cushions and throws pillows on it. Moreover, as there is a fire pit on the corner, you can position the sofa near it.
This room section comes in gold and brownish tone. There is an ottoman and a coffee table near the sectional that would be helpful when you need to take cups of hot chocolate or coffee to the room. If you want to make it simpler, you can change the ottoman and coffee table with a large table to disrupt your movement too.

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Lastly Number 1. Add Ceiling Fans

1. Add Ceiling Fans via Simphome.comAs the most indispensable piece of furniture in the living room, you need to pay attention when decorating the remaining space you can have access to. The embellishment has to focus on your sectional.
First, try hanging art behind the sectional to accentuate it. You can also opt for three mirrors to create a focal point. Besides, they can reflect the light and make a small space look bigger.

Lighting is also essential in your living room. But it has to focus on the seating. To achieve this goal, you can use a ceiling-mounted light. Even better, you can also install two ceiling-mounted lights with fans like that on the picture that is not only functional but also able to provide your interior a cool breeze during an uncomfortable season.
Those are what make this living room feels special. These 10 family room sectional ideas are an excellent example to create a layout while comparing the design that suits your living room.



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