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12 Beds and Bedframe Ideas for A Perfect Bedroom

There no better way to show your style and personality than through bedroom decor! To make a fair point, our beds take up most of the space in our bedroom, so why not make it the centerpiece? There are a million ways to spice up your bed on a budget!

We’ve compiled some of the best trends and ideas for 2021 (Or Beyond) to make you build your perfect bedroom! More on that later, For now, Don’t sleep on the 12 Beds and Bedframes Ideas for A Perfect Bedroom. After you enjoy the video and finish reading the post, as always, check on the source links inside the reference area to complete your learning experience

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12. Make A Statement with Colorful Bedding

12.Integrate Colorful Bedding Pieces to Make A Statement by simphome.comBed linens come in a dizzying variety of styles, textiles, and colors! The great thing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a piece that speaks your soul!

Bed covers make a huge impact on setting the tone of your room. Choosing your bedding is a great way to set the mood in your bedroom, whether you want it to be fun and whimsical with colorful prints and patterns or luxurious and classy with solid monochrome linen.

We love how this bedroom makes the purple textured blanket the centerpiece of the room! The light pink walls and bed frame are artfully given depth with the choice of patterned pillows and comforters.

11. Go for DIY Vintage and Natural

11.A Rustic Pallet Bed with A Headboard by simphome.comA pallet bed and headboard are timeless, and it adds a rustic and industrial feel to any room! DIY enthusiasts on a budget will love this budget-friendly design solution.

Do you see how they used the slats as extra shoe storage? That’s what we call ingenuity!

10. Go with a Classic Metal Bed Frame

10.Metal Bed Frames by simphome.comA personalized bedroom doesn’t always have to be boisterous and overwhelming. You’ll be surprised how a classic piece, like a metal bedframe, has enough versatility to give personality to any bedroom!

Homeowners will probably associate metal bedframes with retro designs, but you’ll be surprised that there are now many styles available to suit any bedroom scheme! Remember that it’s all in the structure and the finish.

We adore how these textured pink walls complimented the metal fixtures around the room! The black metal bedframe complimented the industrial edge displayed in this bedroom, brimming with subtle personality hints.

We also love the pop of color from the mini chair, as well as the patterned beddings that give warmth to the room!

9. Say Goodbye to Outdated Bed Risers

[amazon box=”B01G8RK7QA”] Add a touch of class and luxury to your bedroom by investing in a high bedframe! Don’t waste your effort and money on bed risers.

We love how high-rise bed frames (literally) elevate a room’s style! There’s a wide variety of innovative foundations and bed frames designed for functionality, stability, and support.

This highly-rated bed frame from Zinus is reliable and robust. You can take it from the 1,000+ reviews that this 12-inch Compack Bed frame is stable, user-friendly, and hassle-free!

8. Out-of-this-World Solutions

8.Bed Frames for A Galactic Invasion by simphome.comThe future has spoken! Throw away your bulky and outdated bed frame for this psychedelic and galactic headboard!

We absolutely love this otherworldly and iridescent bedframe by Urban Outfitters. The headboard looks like it belongs on a museum wall, doesn’t it?

One thing familiar that is almost certain,
Choosing a modern and chic headframe is a simple and hassle-free solution to dressing up an otherwise dull bedframe!

7. Build your Own Hidden Murphy Bed

[amazon box=”B00CYPV29W”] Whether you live in a tiny home or you’re just looking for some additional storage space, a DIY hidden murphy bed may be the best solution for your bedroom!

We love how Murphy beds can incorporate convenience and functionality without compromising your style. Choose to design your bedroom with your choice of finishes, fixtures, and shelving on your Murphy bed.

Homeowners can maximize their space by incorporating shelving on the interior or their Murphy beds! There are a ton of ways to customize your Murphy bedframe to include additional storage space.

For a reliable foundation and fixtures, we recommend this robust Queen Size Deluxe Murphy Bed Kit Create-A-Bed. The package is complete with a hardware kit and comprehensive written instructions and videos on how to install your Murphy bed.

The hardware is engineered to have a piston design that ensures smooth operations. Homeowners will love that this versatile vertical Murphy bed hardware is strong enough to support Queen size mattresses up to 12 inches thick.

6. A DIY Convertible Sofa with Storage

6. How to build A Convertible Sofa Bed with Storage by

We’ve got another space-saving savior for you – convertible sofas! Before you turn away at this idea, we want you to know that even amateur DIY enthusiasts can get the job done!

Imagine how this space-saving convertible sofa bed can be a great addition to tiny homes or an apartment. While most sofa beds are expensive, going DIY will make the prospect more affordable!

For under a thousand dollars, you can make a convertible sofa from scratch – complete with mattresses and covers! With this budget, you have more than enough to buy the needed materials: five sqm of fabric, seven sqm of plywood, 75 m wooden board, and two mattresses.

Start with your DIY sofa, get your mattresses and use them to measure the wooden board and build the couch’s base. From here, you’ll have to build the convertible mechanism that allows the back cushion to slide in place. Some DIYers even choose to outdo themselves by adding extra storage space!

5. A Convertible Coffee Table and Folding Bed Combo

We’ve got the ultimate space-saving solution for homeowners living in ultra-tiny spaces!
Do you live in a single-room apartment or a studio? You don’t have to choose between entertaining guests and getting a comfortable bed.

Go for this convertible coffee dining table and a folding bed that will elevate both your dining experience and your sleeping needs. Watch how homeowners can easily slide this ingenious piece of furniture into a compact coffee table, and it doesn’t end there. Easily lift the coffee table to get a generously sized dining table enough for inviting your closest friends!

4. A Hassle-free and Straightforward Bed Design

[amazon box=”B073WR319C”] Making a classy statement doesn’t mean you have to go overboard on design, budget, and effort! Believe us when we say that you can achieve an elevated bedroom through convenient and budget-friendly solutions.

We’re glad to find a growing list of reliable and stable bed frames on the market these days. Many of these bed frames are easy to set up and tool-free, but they don’t fall short on style and sturdiness.

This affordable Amazon Basics 14-inch or 18-inch steel platform bed-frame with tool-free assembly can accommodate up to six mattress sizes – from twin beds to California king beds! The bedframe is strong enough to hold the weight of individuals up to 250 pounds.

3. A Unique DIY Bunk Bed Idea for Kids

Storage Drawers in Built in Bunk Beds .jpgThis stunning bunk bed is nothing like you’ve ever seen before! We love how they made the most out of the shared space by incorporating storage space into the bunk beds’ design.

This offset bunk bed is made from lumber and plywood for the foundation, ladders, guard rail, and drawers. The talented DIYer also used drawer slides and knobs, euro hinges, and pocket holes to complete the hardware kit.

Near completion,
Don’t forget to invest in some oil-based primer, paint, and matte finish liquids to complete the look of your bunk bed!

2. Turn your Bathroom into a DIY Spa

2.DIY 3 Tool bed by simphome.comWe’re firm believers in the saying “less is more.” The next item on our list only uses three tools to make a functional and chic bed frame!
With just a ¾-inch plywood board, shelf brackets, and mini wax polyacrylic, you can build a solid and reliable bedframe in under four hours!

You can request help from your local hardware store to cut your plywood board into the preferred size. Simply fit the plywood to your cushion, double up the brackets for safety, then assemble the bed!

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Finally, Number 1: Improve Your Lightings

DIY Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands .jpgWhen it comes to combining design and functionality in the bedroom, bed lighting might be the perfect design solution.

We love how this DIY bed frame incorporated storage and lighting into the design. Not only will floating lights save you some valuable counter and floor space, but they’re also the most luxurious gift for nocturnal readers who love to enjoy a good book in the dead of the night!

We love how the DIYer used wood and black accents to provide a modern edge to the room.


A bedroom makeover won’t be complete without the star of the show – the bed and the bedframe! Make your room into a place of relaxation, style, and self-love with our unique interior design ideas!

DIY bedroom design can get overwhelming with all the fixtures, storage, and small details to think about. Try one of these design and storage ideas from Simphome to help your home reach its full potential!

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