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10 DIY Desk and Table Ideas for a Home Office

Working at home has become a popular activity that many people do as a part of their daily routine. Although you don’t work in a real office, you’re still demanded to be professional when carrying your job at home.
Therefore, a comfortable home office is in need. For that same reason, these are 10 DIY desk and table project Ideas for a home office to support your work activity. DIY stuff means that it’s designed to meet your requirements, which is different from the bought-store ones.

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10. Desk with Sawhorse Legs Project idea | Homedit

10.SIMPHOME.COM Desk with Sawhorse LegsYou wouldn’t have guessed what this desk was made from. It was actually an old wooden door that nicely got upgraded for this DIY home office project.
As you can see, the desk was constructed with sawhorse legs, which makes it a bit different from some common desk legs. A home office desk means that you’re going to deal with electronic stuff and wires.
Therefore, two of these legs were cleverly designed to aid with the cable installation and stuff by creating a hollow. The door can be cut into the size that meets your requirements. You can also sand and paint it to create a smooth and nice countertop.

9. Large DIY Desks Project idea | Homesthetics

9.SIMPHOME.COM Large DIY DesksSmall things in a large number can ruin your day while working if they’re scattered all over the place. A large desk would be a solution to that for your desk office. This L-shaped desk fits the corner after having some modification.
First and foremost, the designer used a dismantle part of an IKEA desk as the top part. It provides the owner ample space for work. One improvised leg is utilized as a simple trick to equip the desk with shelves that can serve as storage. While the other one supports the end of the table.
From the picture, you can learn how to create your own office desk by assembling one part with another stuff to create furniture that doesn’t only looks cool but is also efficient to support your work.

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8. Desk with Extra Hanging Storage Project idea | Familyhandyman

8.SIMPHOME.COM Desk with Extra StorageStorage can’t be separated from a desk due to its tremendous advantages. Above the desk are lumber shelves. They are attached to the wall by using a flange and U-shaped brackets to secure them to the pipe.
Inspired by this image, you can run a copper pipe under the shelf. The bar can be constructed using flanges, and elbows. If the pipe is long enough, you can use a T-shaped joint in the middle to prevent it from bending and some rings to hang extra storage solutions you have such as wire baskets.

7. An Industrial Computer Desk project idea | Thehandymansdaughter

7.SIMPHOME.COM An Industrial Computer Desk IdeaThis industrial computer desk looks simple and sturdy. It has a pretty wide countertop with four shelves below. Here’s how to DIY the desk. You can begin by measuring and cutting all of the parts needed.
First, start from the top part along with boards for shelves, legs, and supports. Assemble and screw each part after drilling holes while clamping them to ease the work. Then, you can stain it with a color that you like.
Secure the feet with corner tie connectors.

For the corners, use large L brackets to hold the shelves and the top surface. Don’t forget to add T straps to secure the legs in the middle.
And before all that steps here are the materials you need to collect:
• One 4’x8′ sheet of 3/4″ plywood
• Nine 2 x 4 boards
• One 1 x 4 board
• Sandpaper
• 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws
• 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws
• Wood glue
• Wood filler
• Clamps
• Speed square or combination square
• Six small angle brackets
• Six rigid corner tie connectors (RTC2Z)
• Two T straps
• Four large angle brackets
• 5/8″ screws
• Paint or stain

6. A Mini Laptop Desk Project Idea | Homedit

6.SIMPHOME.COM Mini Laptop Desk

This desk is definitely what you need for your laptop. It not only saves your space but also looks cute in a way that decorates the room.
And The material used for the desk is only pinewood.
First, Measure the countertop, legs, and riser then cut them with a circular saw. Cut the legs and the front of the riser with a compound miter saw. While for the front edge of the shelf, you can use a circular saw.
Assemble the countertop with glue and screws.
Create holes to join the legs and screw. Paint the desk and you’re done.

5. A Parson Tower Desk Project idea | Ana-white

5.SIMPHOME.COM Parson Tower Desk IdeaThis desk looks similar to the aforementioned one. There are four main steps you can follow in this project. First, glue and screw the trim to the shelves. On each of the legs, drill one pocket hole at the top. That’s where you’re going to secure the top.
The next step is to put the tabletop on top of the towers. Finally, screw through the pocket holes until the tabletop attached to the towers nicely.
To complete this project, here is the cut list that you should follow.
Cut List:
1 –> 1×16 @ 57″ for the desk top.
4 –> 1×16 @ 15″ for the shelves.
10 –> 2×2 @ 15 1/2″ for the trim perpendicular to desktop.
8 –> 2×2 @ 15″ for the trim parallel to desktop.
8 –> 2×2 @ 28 1/2″ for the legs.
2 –> 2×2 @ 60″ to be used as the desktop side trim.

4. A Birch Aluminum Desk Project idea | Instructables

4.SIMPHOME.COM Birch Aluminium DeskLet’s start planning the size of the desk before executing the task. Firs, cut the legs with 29” long. Then, cut the acrylic to have the same size as the top. You can use a jigsaw to cut aluminium and bend it into 90 degrees.
Drill four holes on the plywood and give a drop of glue and insert the nuts.
Drill holes on the legs in the center for the hanger bolts.
Sand all of the wood pieces.
Attach the legs and metal panels by screwing the legs into the Tee nuts.
Remove the aluminium edge and acrylic.
After peeling off both sides of the film, put the acrylic on the table.
Lastly, screw down the edging. There you’ll get your shiny desk ready to be used.

3. A Crib to Desk Project idea | Alittlelearningfortwo

3.SIMPHOME.COM Crib to Desk IdeaDo you have an unused crib at home? Don’t throw it away in the trash can as you can give it a second life by turning it into a desk.
First, You need to get rid of the drop side panel of the crib. Set the base to the highest point. Paint one of the sides of the particle boards with chalkboard paint. After that, put the particle board chalkboard side up into the mattress base.
You can add a wipe board and a container by installing some hooks on the crib side. If one day you want to use it again, it can be set back like it once was, which means you don’t have to buy a new one.

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2. An L-shaped Desk Project idea | Handmade-haven

2.SIMPHOME.COM L shaped DeskThe L-shaped desk is pretty attractive with double X bases, isn’t it? It should also give plenty of space to work with such a spacious countertop. Such a simple design shouldn’t give you a hard time to compete.
To make this desk, you’re gonna need:
7 –> 2x4s @ 8ft
2 –> 1x2s @ 8ft
7 –> 2×6 @ 8ft
1 –> 2×3 @ 8ft

Lastly number 1. A Mid-Century Modern Desk Project idea | Remodelaholic

1.SIMPHOME.COM Mid Century Modern DeskBeing sleek and simple are what Mid-Century modern furniture is all about. And if you are a big fan of this style, this desk will meet your need immensely.
To make this desk, you just need to make a slim box for the top by assembling 2 – 3/4″ x 16″ x 48″ pine panels with 1 – 1″ x 3″ x 8′ board that has been cut into 3 pieces with 16″ long used as the sides and divider. Install the peg legs, and that’s it!

So, you just enjoy 10 DIY desk and table ideas for a home office that consist simple, easy, yet stylish proposal that can make your home office looks efficient, comfortable and professional at the same time. Take one for yourself, and share your opinion using comment area available under this post.

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