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10 Clever Platform Bed Ideas with Storage

Some people think that laying the mattress directly on the floor can help them save more space. Nothing could be further from the truth.
However, raising the mattress a few inches off the floor using a bed frame can significantly impact. It would be better if it is featured with drawers or shelves that help you organize things. So, check out these 10 clever platform bed ideas with storage. They are not only practical but also stylish. For more explanation, follow the links inside the reference area as usual.

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10. A Contemporary Bedroom Concept with a lot of Storage

10. Contemporary Bedroom with a lot of Storage by simphome.comSqueezing a closet or wardrobe into a tiny bedroom is challenging. In fact, It can be an impossible mission sometimes. But, it is not going to happen if you make the storage yourself. This platform bed, for instance, offers you style and functions because it has a large headboard that features cabinets that flanking the bed and two other cabinets that float over the pillows. You can also find two niches acting as side tables where you can set down your book or phone. Under the bed are some drawers that you can use to stash away your blankets and flat sheets.

The cabinets and drawers feature shaker doors and a crisp white finish for a more contemporary look. But, if you are into modern flair, you can remove the trim, paneling, and pulls.
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9. How To Get Bookshelves Under The Bed

9. Bookshelves under the Bed by simphome.comConstructing a platform bed is not always arduous. It can be as simple as turning two Ikea Expedit into a bed frame. You will also need two 4x4s, two 2x4s, a piece of plywood, T brackets, nails, and screws to build the base.
First, begin with assembling the 4×4 posts and 2×4 brace using T brackets. Make sure that the posts are a bit taller than your Ikea Expedit. Next, Cut the plywood and attach it on top of the base. Make sure it is an inch smaller than your mattress.
Once the base is ready, wrap it with black felt. Secure it with a staple gun. After that, slide the bookcases right under the plywood. Finally, top them with your mattress.
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8. How to convert Cabinets to A Platform Bed

8. Cabinets to Platform Bed by simphome.comAre you craving a platform bed with storage but do not want to build it from scratch? Here we have another brilliant IKEA hack that you should try. First, you need to get IKEA SKETION kitchen cabinets, and some framing lumbers.
You will need to use three of the widest cabinets and put them along the side of the bed. To form the steps, Get four cabinets in various heights.

Begin with assembling all cabinets. Ditch the back of one of the largest units so that you have access to the storage underneath. After that, arrange the cabinets meticulously on the floor. You may want to use furniture glides so that they will not scratch the floor. Next, screw the pieces together along with a small angle iron at the bottom to make the corner stays together.

Now, install the 1×4 framing boards. You will also need a 2×4 at the center to make sturdier support once your framing board is completed. Do the simple math to figure out the spacing between the lumbers. Top the platform bed with your mattress, place rugs on each step, and inspect it for more add-on.

7. The Modern Platform Bed with Drawers

7. Modern Platform Bed with Drawers by simphome.comA sleek platform bed can result in an elegant and simple look of the modern-style bedroom even though It does not have any sophisticated design. Still, it is stylish.
You can get this platform bed in a home improvement store. However, making it yourself is not impossible. You just need to build the base frame from 2×4. After that, you will have to construct the bed frame from 2×4 lumber and ¾” plywood.
This platform bed features a few drawers. Therefore, you need to cut the piece on the inside of the bed shorter. It also has to have a half-lap joint on its end. This feature allows you to install extra plywood panels and mount them to the inner drawer slide of the platform bed.

6. The DIY Platform Bed with Extra-Large Storage

6. Peek a Boo by

If you have a small bedroom, this platform bed will be your top-notch choice. It features view open shelves to store your books and large hidden storage space.
The secret magic of the bed is a twin simple mechanical system that you can adopt after following the Simphome link. With the gas pistons on both sides of the bed, you can lift the bed frame effortlessly beside accessing the storage space underneath it. You can use this area to stash away your seasonal clothes or less-used items. Once you are finished, you just need to pull it back down.

5. The DIY Platform Bed Idea with Casters

5. DIY Platform Bed with Casters by simphome.comRearranging the furniture is one of the best ways to makeover your bedroom. However, it will be challenging to reposition the bed as it tends to be bulky and heavy. Well, it will not happen if it has casters.
For instance, this platform bed has two open shelves that help you store things and features casters. These small wheels enable you to push and move the bed more easily.

If the idea is new to you, choose caster wheels with a locker. If necessary, follow the next product feed to find some of the finest that you can acquire as quickly as estimated next 3 days physically after you order it.

4. A Simple Platform Bed with Shelves

4. Simple Platform with Shelves by simphome.comIKEA EXPEDIT shelving unit is highly versatile. You can use it to build a platform bed like this in the picture without breaking a bank. You just need to get 5 EXPEDIT shelves to make the base. Arrange them thoroughly and make sure there are not any exposed gaps.

After that, build the bed box. Use corner braces on the inside to make them stay sturdy and in good shape.
Top the base with the bed box. Secure it to three of the bookcases using the EXPEDIT wall fasteners. This way, the bed, and your mattress will not shift uncontrollably. Also read: 10 Ideas How to Get the Best out of IKEA BESTÅ Unit

3.  A Modern Farmhouse Platform Bed Idea

3. Modern Farmhouse Platform Bed by simphome.comDo your King-size bed needs a bigger frame?. Give it extra built-in storage.
To make a platform bed like that, you can begin with building two under-bed storage boxes. They will look like tall bookshelves. After that, craft the headboard and footboard. Assemble them, and you are ready to install the slats.

2. The Minimalist Platform Bed Idea

2. Minimalist Platform Bed by simphome.comThis platform bed will round out your Scandinavian bedroom style since it comes in a minimalist design concept. You can paint it as you please. But if you want to preserve the natural look, stain and coat it with polyacrylic as necessary.
To make it look more stylish, you can remove any drawer pulls. Or Cut out one corner of each drawer. This way, they will stay flush with the frame harmonically. Also read: 12 Minimalist Bedroom Organization Tips

Lastly, Number 1. The Platform Bed for Kids

1. Platform Bed for Kids by simphome.comYour little princess will love this platform bed. To make this one, you will need poplar board, ¾” plywood 4’x8’, ¼” plywood 4’x8’, ½” MDF 4’x8’, ¼” beadboard 4’x8’, drawer slides, drawer pulls, white primer, paint, and Simphome link for the detail.

If you happen to have a new small bedroom, consider one of these 10 clever platform bed ideas with storage. They will help you get a good night’s sleep and keep your clutter at bay. As a result, you can have a more organized sleeping area and a healthier mental state.
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