10 Long and Narrow Bathroom Layout ideas

People opt to live in a small house for some reasons. Maybe they have a limited budget or simply a small family that does not require a lot of space. Whatever the reason is, a tiny home tends to have a narrow bathroom.
You might think that a small bathroom is not a big deal. But when it comes to furnishing it, you will find it a bit tricky. But no worry, though, in the list style video, you will find 10 long and narrow bathroom layout ideas that you can copy, experiment with, and tweak around later.

They will show you how to deal with awkward spaces well and if you need more detail related to the list, follow the provided exclusively for you and your friend inside the reference area.

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10. The Seamless Large Mirror

10. Seamless Large Mirror by simphome.comOne of the foolproof tricks to make a small room look bigger is installing a large or larger mirror. When natural or artificial light hits the mirror, it reflects the light and makes the room feel airier. Therefore, it would be better if you installed it opposite the windows.

For a long and narrow bathroom, install a full-length mirror along the wall. Even better, you can try to purchase a seamless mirror like this one on the image.
This bathroom, for example, features a full-length mirror that lies along the wall. Besides, it stays flush with the interior and producing a seamless and luxurious interior look.

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9. Alleviate the Awkward Length with Built-In Shower

9. Alleviate the Awkward Length with Built In Shower by simphome.comArranging furniture and fixture can be quite hard in a long and narrow bathroom. However, you can do some things or tricks to alleviate the awkward situation. One of the best tricks is by placing a built-in shower at the end of the room.
When you do this, you have the chance to shorten the length of the bathroom. This way, you will find it easier later if you want to integrate a new feature or add on to the bathroom space. Furthermore, you can optimize the usage of the width of the room for new vertical storage solutions.

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8. The Rustic and Modern concept

8. Rustic and Modern by simphome.comThe typical layout you can apply in a long and narrow bathroom is putting an essential thing at the room’s end. It can be a shower, a toilet, or a bathtub. This way, you will have something to focus on, making you think that space is not that tiny.
This bathroom, for example, places a bathtub at the end of the room. A large window nests nicely on the wall, producing an immense focal point.
For visual interest, this bathroom combines modern and rustic flair style. You can find a white exposed brick wall on one side and a sleek tiled wall on the opposite side. It also has a distressed vanity that enhances the vintage look.

With the essential thing as the centerpiece, you can arrange the remaining features aesthetically with this adaptation. Since it is long and narrow, keeping the shower, toilet, and vanity on the same side is your recommendation.
As a good rule of thumb, white is always the go-to color for small spaces like this.

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7. The Clean and Crisp Concept

7. The Clean and Crisp Concept via SimphomeHaving a small bathroom means choosing the proper layout and furniture to get the most of the space. This bathroom, for example, used to have a large linen closet to the left of the door, and it took up some valuable space.
The makeover agent has changed this long and narrow bathroom cleaner and crisper by taking out some elements. You cannot find the sunken bathtub anymore. Instead, you can see a free-standing one with curvy edges.

You also see new vanity lines on the wall standing on the opposite of the tub nicely, delivering a sleeker transition to the next wall. Besides, it also offers a more spacious countertop for the guests.
The bulky linen closet has gone. Now, you can only see a ceiling-height cabinet on top of the vanity. It helps the owner store towels and toilet papers without taking up valuable floor space.

6. Trick to win A Narrow Attic Bathroom

6. Narrow Attic Bathroom by

Many people use their attics as storage rooms. The truth is you can turn it into anything you want, including a bedroom and a bathroom as well. Building a bathroom in the attic is possible. Even though you might have to deal with the long and narrow one, just install a large window or roof light to turn your room airier, bigger, healthier with access to more natural light.

Painting the walls in your bathroom white is another step you can take. It is your go-to color for any room, especially for a small and narrow one. When combined with simple trim, crisp white can result in a more contemporary look.

5. Get United

5. Be United by simphome.comMaking a seamless transition in your bathroom is crucial, especially if you are dealing with an awkward space. You can achieve it by covering the walls and floor with the same materials and patterns.
This bathroom, for example, features marble tiles covering the walls and flooring, making them flow into one being. The sleek countertop and toilet match them well. To round out the look, you can add simple mirrors with clean-lined edges that reflect the design.

4. Built-In Shelves in the Shower

4. Built In Shelves in the Shower by simphome.comThe lack of space is a ubiquitous problem that people with a long and narrow bathroom have to deal with. Therefore, incorporating innovative storage solutions would be your greatest bet if you’re one of these people.
This idea would cost you minor rebuilding, but it will benefit your bathroom essentials and hygiene in the long run. Since it is built-in storage, it does not mount and protrude from the wall and cause you some possible accidents later.

3. Do not Leave the Door Untapped

3. Do not Leave the Door Untapped by simphome.comEvery inch in your long and narrow bathroom is valuable. Thus, do not leave it untapped. You can even use the door as an extra storage solution. Just hang a rack on it, and you get towel holders without taking up more space. To help you with the job, you can get the Umbra Bungee Over The Door Towel Rack or the relevant alternative.

2. The Minimalist Narrow Bathroom Idea

2. Minimalist Narrow Bathroom by simphome.comLess is more. This saying immensely represents this long and narrow bathroom. The minimalist design in this small space is big in style. The floor and walls come in the same finish, producing a united look.
Wall-mounted fixtures allow this bathroom to have more floor space. The final touch comes with a clear glass panel that split the shower area and the toilet. And because of its transparency, it turns the bathroom appears bigger too.

Lastly, Number 1. Over-the-Toilet Shelves

1. Over the Toilet Shelves by simphome.comAdding some floating shelves over the toilet is a terrific idea you can try to deal with and win the narrow bathroom. Since they mount from the wall, they do not ruin the floor space and influence your space to appear neater, more organized, and more spacious as well.

So, Those are 10 ideas that you can copy to manage your long and narrow bathroom layout. They will make your small bathroom appear to be visually bigger and look more appealing when done correctly. As a result, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after cleaning yourself up later.

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